Thursday, September 3, 2015

Well, That was a Fine, How Do You Do!

Todays run was supposed to be seven miles with five at tempo.  Tempo for me is 9:35 to 9:55.

Mile one. 
Yay!  I am with friends and we are running. So happy to see everyone.  10:46

Mile two.
Find the speed you feel good at and push it.  9:37

Mile three, and TMI.
Had to work harder for this one and then realize, unexpectedly, I need to find a restroom.  This 43 year old #motherruner is having a leakage problem.  WTH!!! I delivered both babies by C-Setion!!!  Finished in 9:42.

Found bathroom.  Car keys fall out of unzipped pocket right into the toilet.  Seriously!  You have got to be kidding me!

Mile four.
Start out ok but suddenly feel the need to throw up.  I slow down and at the end of the mile, I dry heave on the side of the road wondering what the hell I am doing here. Garmin says 10:22 but Strava says 8:14.  Pretty sure Garmin is right but the Strava time would explain my wanting to puke. And cry, but mostly puke.

Mile five.
I tell BRF#1 that I am taking this one easy.  She runs ahead and I watch her run off into the sunset.  Yeah, I am that dramatic today. And no, there was no sunset.  I run/walk this mile and realize I am walking faster than I am running.  So many things wrong with that.  13:28

Mile six.
I start to feel better physically and decided to just run this mile at the pace that gets it done.  Mentally, I am questioning every thought I have ever had about running another marathon.  What makes me think I can do this again?  Why do I do this to myself? How in the hell is the woman pushing the jogging stroller on the other side of the road going faster than me?  Dammit! Just call off he marathon. You did one. One is good.  12:36

Mile seven.
I turn off my watch.  I walk to my truck.  It's a cool down mile and I can't run much slower than I already did.  I smile when I see my truck which I have named Sunshine, BTW.  I get in truck. Blast the A/C and turn on the radio.  Bon Jovi's, Born to be my Baby is on. I smile again.  I calm down.  I can run another marathon.  It is 90 today and I know damn well that I would have had a better run if it was cooler.  I didn't give up even though I wanted to with every step I took.  I will keep moving forward.  After a good cry and a shower.

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole