Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Winter, It's Not Me, It's You

It finally hit me.



I have been fine. I have been bundling up, wearing my Yaktrak, smiling and taking pictures and averaging fourteen miles a week.

That is, until this week.

I don't know what happened.  Kids are on vacation from school this week and Mr. RWM is home. We have no real plans and I have no excuse for not running.  I did have a run planned on Monday with BRF#1 but Gracie got sick and wanted me.  That will always come first, but that was MONDAY!  And on Wednesday, it hit 30 degrees. A freaking heat wave here in Rhode Island and I still didn't run!

I have been rethinking my racing schedule for the year too. Mostly, because I just don't feel like I will ever be able to run over ten miles again.  Yeah, I know that isn't true, but that is where I am.  The only race that I am actually registered for is the Philadelphia Broad Street Run on May 3. Luckily, it only goes up to 10.

I have be eyeing a half marathon in April, but if I don't get some decent long runs in, it just won't happen.  Maybe I should just pull the plug and register?

I am sure this rut will be short lived and I know I will come out of it.  I think I am just over, -10 wind chill runs.  Maybe a few good ones on the treadmill will help. Oh wait, is that such a thing? You're right, I still would rather run outside.

What are you giving up?

Ok, lets do this! Lets finish out the winter strong. Who's with me?!

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Champagne Saturday

Mr. RWM and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day. I think before kids, we went out to dinner if we weren't flying somewhere. No cards, no flowers, sometimes chocolate but not really as a gift.  It is just who we are.

We certainly love each other and when he is not on a trip, we are usually together.  We like to be with each other.  All. The. Time.

This brings me to New Year's Eve. We have a get together every year and people usually come with food, and champagne.  We get enough champagne that we have some left over after the New Year is rung in.

This year we decided to drink some on the first weekend after New Year's Eve.  Then we decided to do it again the weekend after that.

And then, a third weekend.

I had said that I loved that we did this the last several weeks and that we should keep it going.  Mr. RWM agreed.  We decided to call it Champagne Saturday.  Although, depending on the weekend, we have had it on a Friday and a Sunday and once on a Monday, thank you snow day.  Sometimes we have snacks, sometimes we don't.  Sometimes we watch a movie and sometimes we don't.  You get the picture.

On a run with BRF#1 I told her about Champagne Saturday. I told her how much I loved it but I guess it is silly since we aren't really celebrating anything.  BRF#1 was quick to say that we were celebrating.  We were celebrating the life that we have made together. The beautiful children we have. Our wonderful family and friends.  The love and support that we give each other.

Bam! Those words hit me hard. Yes, we have a lot to celebrate so why not do it every week.

So our plan, 52 weeks of Champagne Saturday.  And this year, Valentines Day happens to fall on a Saturday. So I guess we will celebrate Valentines Day after all.

Tell me, do you celebrate Valentine's Day?  Any traditions that you want to share with us?  

On the running front, man is it cold! I am still getting out there and have had some pretty decent runs.  The eight miles on Tuesday was tough.  BRF#1 was with me and I was very thankful for that.  My four miles yesterday made my face hurt.  And more snow is coming!  It's all good though, I do prefer running in the colder temps which is something I never imagined me saying.
After a cold, tough 8 miler. Maybe we are smiling.  Maybe.

Ice queen pants by Skirt Sports! My new favorite.  Warm and cozy! 

The Downhill in my neighborhood.  I thought I would die going up.  It was very slow but I will admit, this run made me really feel like a BAMR!

What are your favorite running conditions? Are you still getting snow and running outside?  Or have you been hitting the treadmill?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole