Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's All Good, I Ran Today

You know those bad days.? The ones when you just can't get it together and the harder you try, the worse it gets?  Well, that is how my morning started.  Actually, it started yesterday, but after a bad nights sleep with crying kids, it got worse.

I woke up wanting to get right back into bed.  After, I started moving and had my first sip of coffee, I wanted to run.  I had a whiny little girl and my son was crying that his throat was so sore you would of thought he was dying.  A run, I thought, was not in my future.

As soon as I got the kids in the car for our 40 minute drive to the doctor, they started to attack each other.  They were mean and loud and it was becoming apparent to me, that maybe they were not as sick as they claimed to be.

Walking into the doctors office, my son started crying again.  The pain was so bad he said.  Well, guess what?  There is nothing wrong with them except a little cold.  His throat is sore and a little red, but that is just from the drip being caused by not blowing his nose.  Sorry gross, I know, but at least you don't have to live with him.

My daughter just didn't want him to get all the attention so she had to play along too.

Back in the car, 40 minutes later and he is at school.  I still had an hour before I had to drop off my daughter at preschool, so we headed to Panera Bread for lunch.  We shared a bread bowl with broccoli cheddar soup.  More on that later.

Today's weather in Rhode Island, was really nice.  It hit 57 degrees and, well, for a January day, I didn't want to miss it.

As soon as I got home, I changed and headed out for a much needed run.

I have been running on the treadmill and was told to take it easy, 1 to 2 miles and walk if I have to.  Once my feet hit the payment, I was in heaven.  It felt good to be out there, fresh air, perfect temps.  A weight was instantly lifted off my shoulders.  I was going for the two miles.

I did, however, hit a small snag.  Remember the bread bowl?  Yeah, well, it felt like a brick in my stomach.  Bad choice before a run.  It slowed me down and just made me all around uncomfortable.  I walked just a little but finished what I set out to do.  By the time I got home, I felt like a different person.  I was ready for the rest of the day.  It was not my longest or best run, but that two miles was all that I needed.

I have said before that running has changed my life.  It helped me get healthy and it made me stronger, mentally and physically.  It never ceases to amaze me how powerful a run can be.  A run cannot solve every problem, but it comes damn close.

The rest of the day was very uneventful and I am now lying on my couch in front of the fire.  It is peaceful and I am feeling very grateful today.

Do you run to clear your head?  Does a stressful day help you have a better run?  What won't you eat before you run?  Have you ever fallen for your kids tricks?  This was the first time for me, BTW, but they really got me.

If you haven't checked out Shubeez yet, they are having a great contest on their FB page.  All you have to do is tell them the name of a race you are running this year.  Good luck if you enter!

Run Strong, Think Big!

Monday, January 28, 2013


First, thank you all so much for reading, liking and following.

This was really fun and I have another giveaway coming up in February.

If you haven't heard yet, I am a Shubeez affiliate.  I love these little pieces of bling! They look so cute on my running shoes.  I encourage you to look at their site and if you do decide to dress up your shoes, I hope you click on the name Running While Mommy at checkout.

Now on to the winner of the Tough Chik cap!

Drum roll please...

Congratulations to Lori Deyoe or aka, Grain Girl!!!

Please send your address to, and I will get it to you ASAP.

On to some running news.  I am still taking my running slow, kinda doing a run/walk thing.  Staying on the hamster wheel for a little longer but I am really looking forward to getting outside.

I will be doing the Chilly Cheeks Virtual 5k this coming weekend.  If you haven't seen this virtual yet, check it out.  The medal cracks me up and the prizes are awesome!  I am crossing my fingers that I win the Allied Medal Hanger.  (please pick me, please pick me, please pick me)

Have a good one!

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Monday, January 21, 2013

My First Giveaway!

This contest is now closed.

So here we are, something I wasn't sure I would like to do but when the opportunity came about, I couldn't pass it up.

You all know I am a Tough Chik.  I first joined this group in 2012 and am happy to say that I am a member for 2013 also. (sorry registration is closed, but I will be sure to tell you when it opens again)  I have met, in person and virtually, some very wonderful women.  They have inspired me and kept me motivated.  It is a great resource for questions about running, biking and swimming.  Along with anything else that comes along that we may want to discuss.

If you are not familiar with Tough Chik, here is what they are all about.

All the products that I have so far, I love.  My daughter even has a t-shirt that she loves to wear.  Easy to use website, well made clothing and fast delivery.

One of their newest products is a military style cap.  I love this cap!  It is black with the words Tough Chik embroidered in red.  It is soft and fits great.  There is an adjustable velcro strap.  You want one, I know you do.  Tought Chik was kind enough to give me one, and one to give to one of you!

Now, I am not computer savvy, so no Rafflecopter here.  LOL.  I am going to pull names out of a hat the good 'ole fashioned way.   And yes, it will be my Tough Chik hat.

Here is how you get your name into the hat.  First, you need to follow this blog and like the Tough Chik facebook page.  They are so close to 2000 likes and I know you can get them there.  Let them know I sent you.  Super simple.  Be sure to comment below so I know you did it.

If you would like more chances to win, then all you need to do is like my FB page,  follow me on twitter and follow Tough Chik on twitter also.  That will get your name in the hat four times.  Again, please comment below to let me know you did it.

And for my running while dude readers,  I bet there is someone special in your life that would really enjoy a Tough Chik hat.  She will look super cute in it, I promise.

Here are a few pics:

Me and my little tough chik!

Cute, right!

Ok, this giveaway will be open for a week.  Ready, set, go!!!

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Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm A Guest Blogger Today

Good morning everyone.  Happy Friday!

 I had a pretty rough week, actually it was not a great two weeks but who is counting.  My kids have given me a run for my money, my son was moody, had trouble sleeping and was just not "right."  Yesterday, he came home from school in a better mood and had his first good night's sleep in a couple days.

Mr. RWM was away for most of this time, which always contributes to a harder week for the kids and I.  They miss him and so do I.  This family works best when it is four of us not three.  Luckily, this was an odd week as Mr. RWM is not usually gone for that long.  We survived and everything was better as soon as he walked in the door.

This brings me to todays post at Fit Moms and Full Plates.  Dani and Pam are the writers for this blog and Dani is also a fellow Tough Chik, Sweet Pink Ambassador and fellow Rhode Islander.  They are doing a series about being a mom and finding the time to train.  What keeps us motivated and who inspirers us.  Their goal is to show moms that making time for your own health and wellness is just as beneficial to your family as well as to yourself.  I was happy to do this post as I joke that I am a "part-time single mom."

This post comes at a great time, because through all my struggles this week, I still made time for some pretty good workouts.  Bottom line, it can be done if you want it.  I hope you enjoy my post on Fit Moms and Full Plates as well as some of their past posts.  You will find lots of motivation and ideas there.  Have a great weekend!

Run Strong, Think Big!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Ass Is Kicked

Spin has always been one of my favorite classes.  It is tough, makes you work and you sweat, ALOT.  Tonight, after a very long break from it, I went to the 5:15 express class.

Express seemed like a good idea to me as it is only 30 minutes, or so I thought.  I had the kids with me and there was dinner and homework still to be done.

Let's back up a bit.  I have always done this class in sneakers but was very curious about spin shoes.  Does it really make a difference?  I asked fellow blogger and friend, Laura who not only runs but is a spin instructor.  Oh, and now we can add Boston Qualifier to her resume.  Great Job Laura!

I wanted to know if there was anything special I should know about buying spin shoes.  There really isn't, just try them on, make sure they fit and go.  I went to a local bike shop and they had a huge selection.  I spoke with a guy who got a few pair out for me, but there was really no difference in how they felt so I bought the ones that looked the best.

Ok, so tonight I pick my bike adjust it to the right setting for me and then I have to clip my shoes in.  No problem, right?  Well, no problem for my right foot but for some reason, it took a few tries to get my left foot clicked in.

Once it was in, I thought it would be a good idea to see if I can get them off.  That was much easier but I had to put my left foot back on.  Again more than one try.  I guess I will get used to it.

Right away, I knew they felt good and I can feel the difference in how I peddled.  Not sure how to explain this, but before the spin shoes, I focused a lot on my foot during class.  I would think about where it was, and how I was pushing on the pedals.  I would adjust it constantly.  But tonight, once my foot was in place and I knew it wouldn't move, I was able to concentrate on my legs and relaxing my upper body.  This made a huge difference!

Now, this class is hard.  You work your ass off!   In fact I sweat as much in spin as I do running and I would say that as far as workouts go, this is what I want to do if I can't run.  I was hurting and it felt good, but I was watching the clock.   When it came time to what I thought would be the cool down, we  kept going.  It turns out the Spin Express is 45 minutes not 30 and you know what?  First I was mad, and then I was excited.  That's right, bring it 15 extra minutes, you got nothing on me.  Ok, not really, my legs hurt and so does my you know what, but I really do feel good.

Do you spin?  Do you wear spin shoes?  Does it kick your ass too?
Baaahaaahaaha, but don't worry, you won't actually die.

In other news, TMI coming.  I lost my first toe nail and two more are ready to go.  I have read on other blogs about it being a proud runner moment. but I am sorry.  I am not proud.  I am a mani/pedi kinda girl and it does not thrill me to have not so nice looking feet.  At least it is not flip flop weather.

Ok, that is it for now.  Check back next week because I will be hosting my first giveaway!  Woohoo, you won't want to miss it!

Run Strong, Think Big!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What's In Your Gym Bag?

So, I am going to be spending more time at the gym then usual with my running less while I get my hip and back straightened out.  Usually, I get there, workout and then head home for a shower and continue on with my day.

It occurred to me yesterday, when I had finished working out and had 40 minutes before I had to pick up my daughter, that I could of showered and picked her up without stinking and offending the other moms.  That would not of been enough time to get home, shower an head to her school, but it is plenty of time without the drive home.

So, I am going to start packing a gym bag.  This got me thinking about what goes in a gym bag.  Silly? Maybe.  I know I need soap, shampoo, clothes and a towel, but what am I missing?  Anything you can add?
Is this yours?

Share your ideas with me here or on my FB page.  And for fun, take a pic of yourself during your workout and then after you are showered and dressed.  I know I look like a completely different person after I clean up.  LOL  I will post pics too.

Run Strong,Think Big!

My Christmas present and new gym bag.  Love it!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Bringing In the New Year, Frosty Style

Sorry, this is a few days late.

The party that started here in November has come to an end, so the last couple days I have spent "taking my house back."  Another words, cleaning, laundry and de-Chirtmasfing.  There is just a little more to do, but I am close to "normal."

New Year's Eve, as you know, is my favorite night of the year.  We invited friends to our house to celebrate and it was so much fun.

Food was awesome and the drinks did not stop.  And for the first time, we had people stay until midnight!  This thrilled me!
Me and Mr. RWM

Our kids were party animals and they rang in the New Year with us.  My son, was asleep right after, but my little one wanted to keep going.  She sure is funny, but after about 10 minutes she was down for the count.
Little party animals!

I was in bed by two, which is really late for me, but with no where to go on the 1st, this was not a big deal.  I knew everyone would sleep in.

By 10am, I was up and having coffee and I knew I wanted to go down to the  town beach to participate in the Pier Plunge.  I did this for the first time last year and thought I would be one and done.

I told Mr. RWM that I was going to which he replied, "Really?!, are you serious? Again!?"

Yup, get dressed because I need you to take pictures!

My daughter was already up but it took a little coxing to get my son up. Once he started moving though, he said he was running into the ocean with me and put on his swim trunks.  Ummm... ok, sure.

I was pretty sure he would back out, but I went along with it.

We registered and found a few friends.  I was glad to have the company.

The beach was covered in snow.  This was a big difference from last year when it was 60 degrees.  This year it was 38!

Last year, I only had flip flops with me and that was a mistake.  My toes hurt because they were so cold and that was one of the worst parts.  This year, I had warm boots for my son and I.  It made a huge difference!

Again, I thought as my son took off his jacket he would back out, surely he would when his bare feet were in the snow.  No, I was so wrong.

With just a few seconds to go, we lined up and counted down from 10.  Then we were off!

It is a bit of a shock when you get into the water.  It was cold and I looked down at my son and told him he could go back, that he did a good job.  I wanted to go in a little further but he said he was coming with me.
Little man is in the green and I am holding his hand.

We went in a little further and it was at this time I realized the water was up to his chest.  It gets harder to breath the longer you are in and it was clear to me that it was happening faster to him then it was me.  I knew we had to get him out so I said,  "Woohoo, you did great!  Let's get out of here!"

We ran out, bundled up in our towels, jackets and boots, snapped a few pictures and got to the car as fast as we could.
Freezing but smiling!

Once in the car, I realized that my son was probably the youngest person there.  They had prizes for the oldest and I bet we missed out on a prize for being the youngest.  Oh, well, there was no getting out of the car now.

Once home, we both took a long, hot shower and then headed to his best buds house.  Best Buds mom ran into the ocean with me which is why I like her.  Clearly, we are both nuts!

My son is a rockstar and has already said he wants to do it again next year.  I guess this will be our new, New Year's Day tradition and I think that is wicked cool!

So, now on to some workouts.  No running yet. My workouts are basically doing the exercises that my PT has put together for me, which I can do at home but I will get back to the gym on Monday to step it up a bit.

I am registered for a virtual race that I will do on Monday.  This will be my first for my 13 in 2013 and I am looking forward to it.  She extended registration until the 6th, so you still have a chance to join in if you want.  I plan to run/walk it on the treadmill as this will be easier on my body.

I hope your New Year is off to a good start!

Run Strong, Think Big!