Thursday, January 7, 2016

Goals, Sort Of

It's a new year.

I have been reading blogs with 2015 recaps and 2016 goals.  I have been on the fence about what I want to write about.  BTW, you all kicked butt last year!

A yearly recap sounds nice but I would write a few words and then just link you back to the original post. Not that I don't think you are interested. I know you are, that is why you are reading right now.  So maybe just a few links to the highlights....

I had one goal for 2015. Run a sub five hour marathon.  I registered for Philly, hired a coach, got a fantastic plan and I actually pulled it off.  I am very proud of that race and smile every time I think about it.
And that, pretty much, covers 2015.

Goals are good to have. Most of you reading this have a goal for 2016 already. I am struggling with that right now.  If you run with me, and know how much I ramble, then you have heard me talk about a bunch of different things that I want to do this year. They range from a 28 minute 5K to an ultra marathon.  All things I will do eventually, but what will it be this year?

I don't know.  And I am ok with that.

I am registered for a half marathon in March. That will keep me motivated and in shape during the long, cold winter months. Not sure if I will go for a PR there. That will depend on the quality of training I pull off this winter.

I am also signed up for the Philadelphia Broad Street Run, May 1.  I absolutely loved this race last year and am really looking forward to this one again. I am fundraising as part of Team Last. They are just a fabulous group of people and I can't wait to see them all again. This race I will run to have fun, but I am looking for a course PR for this one. I know I could have run better last year and now that I am familiar with the race, I think I can do that too.

The Narrow River 5K is the week after Broad Street. This is the race that brought me to tears last year.  It is not an easy course and if I PR at Broad Street, I am guessing my legs will still be tired but I am still aiming for a Sub 30 there.  I will just do my best and try not to cry...

After that I have nothing planned.  And again, I am ok with that. Things like Marine Corps, Vermont, and the RI Six Hour have been talked about during the runs with the girls.  BRF#1 is running Boston this year and we are all really excited for her. What will I actually do is still on the table and I will let you know as soon as I figure it out.

Till then, I would love to hear about your 2016 goals? Maybe you will inspire me to try something new.

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole

Here are a few highlights from 2015. Thanks for joining me for another year!

Speaks for itself.
These ladies! All of them inspire me.

Yes, I am quoted in Tales From Another Mother Runner!

I think I can say, I got it!


My I Run 4 buddy Wyatt. He is with me every step I take.

Me and BRF#3 before the Narrow River sufferfest.

Because, fun!

Professor Badass

Where we run. #soblessed

The Blessing

My best boy!

Because, fun outfit!

So much rain!

A little bike ride. 
Our wall.

The Iron Cowboy!

Be kind!

Love this one!

Run Philly Gang

Didn't scare us!


Our tradition. Mimosa's after races.

Happy finishers!

The very incredible Emily

My savior.
Before the Newport Bridge Run

Dinner the night before Philly


Eight marathons between the five of us.

Yeah, that.

Two thumbs up!

Best way to start the morning!

Final total, 1054.7

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Buttonwoods 5K Recap

When I signed up for the Buttonwoods 5K, it seemed like good idea at the time.

The race was scheduled for 10 am on New Years Day. We have a party the night before, which is always a good time and this year did not disappoint.  In fact, I wasn't in bed till after two. I had three glasses of champagne at midnight. My alarm was set for 7:30.
Happy New Year from me and Mr. RWM!

I woke up in a fog.  I got dressed and headed down for coffee.  Food, ugh, I just did not want to eat.

I decided to take breakfast with me and headed out to meet BRF#1 who was, thankfully, doing the driving.

Getting to Warwick City Park was easy. We parked, grabbed our numbers and shirts and went back to the warm car for awhile.
I love this shirt. It is a short sleeved T-shirt and so very comfy cozy.
BRF#1 wanted to do two warm-up miles. I wanted to go back to bed.

I sucked it up and ran one mile with her. At that point, I felt like I could eat and once I did, the shakes went away.

There were 101 runners. I do love a nice, small race.  I had no idea what the course was like and was pleasantly surprised to learn it was all on a bike path.  It was a loop and well marked, with rolling hills.

I had no real goal for this race. Basically, I felt horrible and thought finish upright would be a big accomplishment.  That became my A and only goal.

We lined up, got a few instructions and the horn went off.

My first thought was take it easy and just get comfortable.  I also thought, that should always be how I start a race.

I was surprised when it didn't take long to feel comfortable and when I looked at my watch, I was running a 9:45 pace.  I finished the mile in 9:39.

The second mile was the toughest part of the course. This was where most of the rolling hills were. We just kept going up and down.  I surprised myself again when I passed two people on two different hills. I may have smiled when I did that.  Mile two, 10:01.

Mile three is where I started to confuse myself with math. Could I sub 30 this race? What does this mile need to be?  I was sure it had to be under 10:00, duh, so that is what I aimed for.  I ran that third mile in 9:27.
Smiling and two thumbs up! Who would have guessed!

With just point one mile to go, I took off and passed a man who I basically followed the whole race. I saw BRF#1 cheering me on and then Mike who said something along the lines of you will sub 30.  I saw the clock read 29:56 and crossed the line.  My official time was 29:57 and I could not be happier.  It's not a PR but it is one of my best 5k's of all time.

BRF#1 ran a cool down mile and I decided to just walk and check out the snacks.  I placed 6/9 in my AG and BRF#1 placed third with a time of 25:21.  Our friend Mike place 4/12 with a time of 21:41. I say it was a good day for everyone!
Me and of course, BRF#1

And my buddy Mike!

Overall, I loved the course. It was run well and I would do it again. I will have to give it some careful consideration as our yearly New Years Eve party gets bigger, however, this may have to be a new tradition.

How I went from waking up feeling like crap to having a pretty decent race, is a mystery to me.  Too much champagne and not enough sleep should have done me in.  Hmmm... Maybe I need more champagne in my life?

Hope your new year is off to a great start!

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole