Monday, December 30, 2013

13 in 2013 Year in Review

When I committed to 13 races in 2013, I knew very little about it.  I was sure I could do it. I ran 10 races in 2012 and I already knew that I would be running my first marathon in 2013.  My thought was that I would use some of the races as part of my training.

So a little background.  Jill Conyers, blogs at Fitness, Health, and Happiness.  Jen Clement Schomaker, blogs at Marathon Mom.  They first started this challenge by doing 12 races in 2012.  Just twelve people signed up for that one!

In 2013, they had 800+ runners participate! So happy that I was on of them. I am already registered for 14 in 2014 and so far, there are 406 runners joining me.  Are you one of them?

So here is my breakdown of races for my 2013 challenge.  I originally included virtuals but changed that when I knew I would run enough "live" races.

So not counting Virtuals, I ran 19 races.

1. Ocean's Run 5K:  Ran this with Elaine and had a great time! Kids ran in the fun run too. It was Gracie's first race ever!

2. Shamrock Shuffle 5k:  Local 5k, just a few miles from my house. Nice race but what made it extra special was the fact that it was George's very first 5k race. He did an excellent job and it was one of my proudest mommy moments to date.

3. BRMS Coyote Chase 5k:  Super fun race and VERY family friendly. George's second 5k and Gracie's first one mile race. It was cold but she was a trooper!

4. Newport 10 Miler: Loved this race!  Absolutely beautiful course and well run. On the fence about it this year because of timing, but it's not off the table yet.

5. Narrow River 5k:  Second year running this race. Nice, local race and I PR'ed.

6. 10k By the Bay: My very first 10k race.

7. Glow Bash 5k and Scavenger Hunt:  Super fun time with Beth and Sally!  How can you not love running through a city dressed in glow sticks!

8. Camire's Firecracker 4 Miler: Not my best race. Felt horrible through the whole thing but finished.

9. The Blessing: Second year running this. Lots of friends and fun.

10. Run 4 Kerri:  First time for this one.  Started out strong and then lost it but finished. Would definitely do this one again.

11. Shawn Nassansy Memorial 5k: This was a trail race that was not well marked.  It was also George's third race.  It was a great day because I was with some very special friends!

12. FirmMan Half Marathon: This was a half ironman that I ran as part of a relay team.  I had a goal of 2:30 which I did not get.  It got hot and I just wasn't as ready as I thought I was. It was a nice course through my town and I would do it again.

13. Harvest Wine Run:  Just a fun day with my friends. Unless they lower the cost, I would not run it again.

14. Women Run the Sanity Chase Obstacle Course: What can I say? The most fun I ever had in a tutu!

15. Free to Breathe 5k:  My friend Sally is very involved in organizing this race and Beth and I wanted to support her. It was a fun race but not the best decision the day before my 18 miler. I would do this race again though, just need to check my race calendar first!

16. Newport Half Marathon: Ran this race as part of my 18 miler.  Three miles before and two miles after.  I had a really great day and Beth got me to a half marathon PR! Thanks Beth! Already signed up for this one again in 2014.

17. Run for the Pumpkins 5k: Ok, you all know this was an excellent day!  First sub 30 5k and first place AG award.  Thank you Michael C!

18. Newport Pell Bridge Run:  Third year for this race and for me. Love it and plan to do it every year.

19. Philadelphia Marathon: Yeah, well you all know this was my main goal. The race that motivated me for the year. I loved everything about this weekend. The expo, the kids run, the marathon, and especially the family and the friends.  If I was local, this would be on my race calendar every year.

There you go! The challenge was for 13 races and I ran in 19. I don't plan to go overboard this year, just really want to run my 14 and stay well.  I am already signed up for four half marathons and still working on the rest of the year.

Because we only get Mr. RWM's schedule a week or so before the new month starts, I plan to sign up for most races last minute. It got a little stressful and expensive having to rely on baby sitters for races.  Not sure how this will work, but I think I will be fine.

I know it has been a while since I posted. Besides not running, Christmas took up so much of my time. Mr. RWM was away most of the month and once the holiday hit, we have had company and honestly, we don't' stop the celebration until January 3.

I feel pretty good though and plan to run soon.  I have enjoyed every minute of this December but I am looking forward to some normalcy in another week.

We have a kid friendly New Year's Eve celebration at our home and I look forward to that every year. The last two years, I have done the Polar Bear Plunge, and last year, George joined me.  I would be ok if we skipped it this year, but George is pushing for it. It might be a last minute decision, and you all will know as soon as I know.

Happy New Year my friends!

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

12 Days of Skirtmas

Ok my SkirtSports fans, I am so excited to tell you about their 12 Days of Skirtmas giveaway!  Wait till you see the prizes, they are just awesome!

You can win fitness accessories, running and outdoor gear, not to mention some of the cutest SkirtSports items that they have.

So how do you enter? Well click right here!

Cool stuff, right!

Good luck to all of you.

Just for fun, if you have a picture of yourself in Skirt gear, post it on my FB page and tag SkirtSports so we can both see how cute you look.

The above picture is one of my favorites!

And now and update on my foot.  I am feeling better but getting fat. Ok, so the fat part isn't true but you all know what I mean.

I am still out for December as far as running goes, but I am hopeful that I can start the year off with a short easy run. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Run Strong, Think Big my friends! ~ Nicole

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Stupid Foot

As most of you know, my right foot has been hurting very much since my marathon.

I knew I had Planter Fasciitis, but after the marathon, the pain was unbearable and the outside of my foot also hurt.

I waited a week to run and after that 6 miles, I could not walk the rest of the day.

We were pretty close to Thanksgiving so I waited to see my doctor until after the holiday.  I left the doctors office and got x-rays taken.

So here is what is going on. I have PF, which we knew and now I have a heel spur. Apparently, they go hand in hand. The pain on the outside of my foot is basically just bruising and overuse because I was compensating for the heel pain.  

I have some exercises to do, foam rolling, stretching, roll with golf ball, massage and I sleep with a night splint.  We are also going to tweak my inserts.  No running at least through the rest of the month.

I am not going to lie, I am pissed.  I know it could be worse and there are people who can't run or even walk for that matter.  I am doing my best to stay positive and keeping an open mind.  I will live vicariously through all of you, so please keep telling me about your races and your training.  

I am also pulling strength and inspiration form my I Run 4 buddy Wyatt.  In case you missed it on FB, here is his latest update

He is a little rock star!

Ok, so not the happiest post so I will leave you with some of the fun things we did this weekend.  My reasons for everything.  No matter what, the only thing that really matters is that we are happy and healthy and together.  This is a magical time of year for our little ones, and we are so blessed by their smiles and love.

A conversation with Santa.

My boys!

Me and my best girl!

Well, three out of four smiles isn't bad.

The real Santa, by the way!

His favorite animal, a penguin.

So stinking cute!

My babies.

Our tree.

So there you have it, the good, the bad and the super cute!

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Yes, I Am Still Talking About My Marathon

Just a fun post with numbers.   Wait, did I just put fun in the same sentence as numbers?

Ok, so here we go.

2012, the year I decided to run a marathon. I was standing at the finish line of Nike Women's watching my friends cross the line and knew I would run one in 2013.

Midnight, April 1st. The time I registered for the Philadelphia Marathon.

Midnight + 5, April 1st. First tears shed because, OMG, what did I just do!

Training plan picked, 18 weeks it is!

July 14, day 1 of training plan and my Dad's birthday.

Week 5 of training. Wake up, can't stand up straight.  Miss three of my training runs before my back is better.

September, first 100 mile month ever!  Also, 9-19-13, first run over 15 miles.  Did. Not. Die!

October, first sub 30 5k and first place AG award.  

7 days.  The time it took to come down from the high from my first sub 30 5k and AG award.  Who am I kidding? Still flying high.

September 29th.  My first ever 20 mile run.  The day, you realize it is possible and then cry because you have to do it again, plus 6.2 more miles.  Then you smile again, because, Yay, Taper!

349.43, miles I ran during training including marathon.  Does not include bike.  

260 miles between my home in Rhode Island and Philadelphia, PA.

4 pounds.  How much weight I lost during training. Yeah, I thought it would be more too.  I think my miles to Laffy Taffy ratio was off.

55, number of days I ran in 18 weeks.

3, number of asthma attacks I had running during training. 

1 pair of shoes.  Yup, just one and they are officially retired.  For those of you who don't know, they are Asics GT-2000's.  They make me happy!

Toe nails.  Haahaa, what toe nails? Ok, during training, one turned black, fell off and grew back.  By the time I was finished running my marathon, 5 toes were black, including the one that had just grew back.  So, depending on how you look at it, the answer is either 5 or 6 toe nails lost.

Ice Baths.  Believe it or not, just one during training.

43. Times I wanted to quit.  

0. Times I quit.

Have no freaking idea!  How much money I spent on, races, gear, hotels, etc.  Probably better if that stays a secret for all parties involved.

Countless. The number of tears I have shed in 18 weeks. However, I think I smiled more than I cried.

Also countless, how many times I told someone I was running a marathon.

15,914, my number for the marathon.

Chip time, 5:23:10.  Garmin time 5:16.  Neither of those times were my goal, but I am happy none the less.

Crossing the finish line of your first marathon,


Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole