Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Yes, I Am Still Talking About My Marathon

Just a fun post with numbers.   Wait, did I just put fun in the same sentence as numbers?

Ok, so here we go.

2012, the year I decided to run a marathon. I was standing at the finish line of Nike Women's watching my friends cross the line and knew I would run one in 2013.

Midnight, April 1st. The time I registered for the Philadelphia Marathon.

Midnight + 5, April 1st. First tears shed because, OMG, what did I just do!

Training plan picked, 18 weeks it is!

July 14, day 1 of training plan and my Dad's birthday.

Week 5 of training. Wake up, can't stand up straight.  Miss three of my training runs before my back is better.

September, first 100 mile month ever!  Also, 9-19-13, first run over 15 miles.  Did. Not. Die!

October, first sub 30 5k and first place AG award.  

7 days.  The time it took to come down from the high from my first sub 30 5k and AG award.  Who am I kidding? Still flying high.

September 29th.  My first ever 20 mile run.  The day, you realize it is possible and then cry because you have to do it again, plus 6.2 more miles.  Then you smile again, because, Yay, Taper!

349.43, miles I ran during training including marathon.  Does not include bike.  

260 miles between my home in Rhode Island and Philadelphia, PA.

4 pounds.  How much weight I lost during training. Yeah, I thought it would be more too.  I think my miles to Laffy Taffy ratio was off.

55, number of days I ran in 18 weeks.

3, number of asthma attacks I had running during training. 

1 pair of shoes.  Yup, just one and they are officially retired.  For those of you who don't know, they are Asics GT-2000's.  They make me happy!

Toe nails.  Haahaa, what toe nails? Ok, during training, one turned black, fell off and grew back.  By the time I was finished running my marathon, 5 toes were black, including the one that had just grew back.  So, depending on how you look at it, the answer is either 5 or 6 toe nails lost.

Ice Baths.  Believe it or not, just one during training.

43. Times I wanted to quit.  

0. Times I quit.

Have no freaking idea!  How much money I spent on, races, gear, hotels, etc.  Probably better if that stays a secret for all parties involved.

Countless. The number of tears I have shed in 18 weeks. However, I think I smiled more than I cried.

Also countless, how many times I told someone I was running a marathon.

15,914, my number for the marathon.

Chip time, 5:23:10.  Garmin time 5:16.  Neither of those times were my goal, but I am happy none the less.

Crossing the finish line of your first marathon,


Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole


  1. Talk about it all you want! I love it... even all the numbers! I guess I should keep better track of all that because it really is interesting and very fun to reflect on. I've never had black toenails and for that I'm happy!

    1. Thanks Sharon. Yes, I keep track using, Daily Mile and Strava. For the marathon, I also wrote everything down in a calendar. It was fun putting it all together.

  2. My favorite part?

    "43. Times I wanted to quit. 0. Times I quit." Oh, yeah.

    I loved reading this. Loved it.
    I've missed you.

    Wonderful. Keep on running. Keep on talking.

  3. Great list! I am missing running since I haven't been doing it much due to pregnancy. It hurts so bad when you can't run :-( Good luck with the foot issue!

    1. Thank you! I will know more about the foot tomorrow.

      Congrats on the pregnancy. How much longer to go?

  4. YEAH! Loved reading this. I'm still talking about mine too and thinking about it every single day.

    1. Thanks! Keep talking about it! You earned it!

  5. Loved this post! Awesome! "How many time quit = 0", what a great line! You just ran for 5 hours, you can talk about it as much as you want, well deserved!

  6. I've never read your blog, but this morning's blog hopping found me here. Congrats from a fellow runner! I have to echo that the 0 quit line is perfect!

    1. Welcome, so glad you found me. Thank you for the kind words!

  7. I had to re-read this for the toe nail quota. 6, impressive, and yes having it go black twice during training counts as two!!

    1. Ha I thought so too. It is actually the third time I lost that one and it always goes first.

  8. I love your finish line picture. Makes me well up with happiness!