Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Fourth week of training is done!  There are five more weeks until the Newport 10 Miler and I am feeling pretty good.  Also, Mr. RWM has the day off, so I will officially register this week.  Who else will be there?

Here is how the week went:

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - 4 miles

Wednesday - 10 mile bike ride

Thursday - 3 miles and strength training

Friday - rest

Saturday - 5 miles

Sunday - Rest, but not really.  I took the kids rock climbing and had a bit of a workout just helping them.  It really was a great time and my kids can't wait to go back.

As you can see, I only got four real workouts in this week and I am disappointed in that. I didn't miss a run, but the cross training is very important and I need to get more focused on it.

I am really happy with my runs though this week. Especially my 3 mile and 5 mile.

My three was done on the 'mill, but I had a great time. (in my head)  I felt good and enjoyed it.

Now, for my five, first I need to mention that I got a Garmin.

My friend, Kate, told me she had a Garmin 405 to sell.  It has been sitting in her closet for two years and never used.

After looking at a few reviews, talking to a couple friends, I decided the price was right and I wanted it.

Have you ever owned a watch that is smarter than you.  LOL.  Mr. RWM read the book for me and then showed me how to use it.  I was excited to head out the door for my first run with it.  I was also excited to be running my longest distance since December.

The first mile never seems to be good. I walked out the door and started up the dreaded hill.  I also spent a good chunk of time, looking at my new toy to make sure it was working.  When I hit the first mile, it was exactly where I thought it would be and I knew I loved my Garmin.  Now, how do I not focus on it the whole time and just run?

I chose a different route, which also proved not to work for me.  There are a lot of commercial buildings and not much scenery.  If I was going further, it would of gotten nicer, maybe for my 8 miler.

At 1.5 miles, (TMI coming up), I got cramps.  Now, this is unusual, as it is not my "time".  To top it off, they killed me.  I doubled over in pain and then to make matters worse, I got hot flashes.  Serious hot flashes.  It was 35 degrees with a killer wind hitting me and if I could, I would of striped down and just let the cool air hit me.  No lie!

I really can't explain why this happened and I hope it never happens again.  I am sure it is a hello and welcome to your 40's kinda thing, but it sucked.

I pulled it together and ran and right as I hit 2.5 miles, they went away.  Just like that. Hot flashes and all.  In fact, I had to put my jacket back on.

Since this was the half way point, I turned around and headed home.  I was still trying to wrap my head around the horrible first couple miles when I thought about a friends daughter who had ran the Phillies 5k a few hours before my run.  It was her first 5k and you all know that I have a special place in my heart for kids who run.

Charlotte was supposed to run with her mom Linda, who just two weeks ago, broke her foot.  She was devastated that she couldn't run with her daughter, but Charlotte still wanted to do it.  They run to raise money for Autism, which their youngest child, Alexander, has been diagnosed with.  Before heading out for my run, one of the last things I read, was how Linda was able to cross the finish line with Charlotte and how proud she was of her.  This brought tears to my eyes, I was so happy for them.

Thinking about this, while I was running got me in a zone and my last two miles were wonderful!  It warms my heart to see kids work hard and finish what they set out to do.  And to know they are running for a cause that is near and dear to their heart, well, that is just awe-inspiring!  This also got me thinking about Shawna and Haley.  Not a run goes by that they aren't in my thoughts.

Charlotte ran for her brother on Saturday and I am sure she will do that again.  However, she also ran for her mom who had to sit this one out, at least until the last .1.

Here is what you don't know.  I have never met Linda or Charlotte but I went to high school with Shane, Linda's husband.  They are a family that works together to raise money and awareness for Autism and they do that as the Reilly Regiment.  Cool name, right?  I am hoping to meet them at the Philly Marathon in November.

So, I guess what I am trying to say, is thank you Charlotte.  Thank you for running for a special cause and making your family proud.  Thank you, for the inspiration to get me through my longest run since December.  Thank you for running for those who can't.  Please send Charlotte a virtual high-five!

It really was a good week.  I get to run with KB at least once this week, hopefully more.  We have a long weekend coming up and we will probably rock climb again and maybe see the Croods?  Have you seen it yet?  What did you think?

What or who inspires you?  Have you ever run for someone other than yourself?

Run Strong, Think Big ~ Nicole

Thursday, March 21, 2013

In My Head for Three Miles

Ok, 3 miles, here we go.

It really is nice outside, cold but sunny.  I just didn't want to deal with the cold.  Hamster wheel is fine.  Man, I definitely put too much faith in a groundhog.

Ok,  nice pace, feeling good.

What's on the tube?  Ahh, I hate these talk shows.

Oh, good song, Playing with Fire, Lita Ford.  Hmmm, what was that fire song For the Love of Running mentioned yesterday?  Need to look that up, maybe I can have a fire playlist.  Maybe I should learn how to make a playlist.

Ohh, hottie on TV.  Adam Levine, singer right?  Hmmm, cute.

Half a mile, cool.

Maybe I should of run outside.  It is kinda nice out.

Mr. RWM, seemed mad when I was leaving.   Was he, not sure.  Why would he be mad.  I did leave him with Gracie and he had to get her to school, but that shouldn't bother him.  Hmmm, hope he's not mad.

Huh, what song is this?  Not one of mine, where did it come from.  What, what did he just say?  Nice, Bullshit and Party.  Fun, I love to bullshit and party.  Oh, yeah, Kate is having people over tonight.  Should I go?  Oh, I know where this song came from.  Andy.

This Adam Levine guy looks to skinny in that suit.  He should just be interviewed shirtless so I can see his tattoos.

One mile.  Oh no, where is my water?!  Shit, it's in the car.  What do I do? Go get it or keep going?  Water fountain?  Shit, I am thirsty.  Ok, come on, three miles you will not die!

Not dying, good.

Dinner, what's for dinner?  Oh, man, I really need to go to the grocery store and I should do it today.  I hate the grocery store.  Hmm... Tacos, yes, I have all the ingredients for tacos.  Dinner is solved and I can put off the shopping for another day.  Ugh, meat is frozen, shoot.  Ok, that is what the microwave is for.  Man I hate the microwave.

Oh, Michael Jackson. Nice, Andy again.  "wanna be starting something"...  "its too high to get over"... Hmmm, high,  runners high.  Not feeling that now.  Have I ever.  No, don't think so.  Is it real?

"Ma ma se, ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa"  Wait, what?  What the hell does that mean?  Shit how long is this song and how many more times is he going to say that?  Ok, you are coming off my iPod.

Ok, good, Alice in Chains, much better.

Oh, yeah, remember the time you passed the D and D and the next thing you knew, you were running under the towers at the beach?  Yeah, it seemed like minutes, but that is at least 4 miles right?.  That must of been a runners high.  That was awesome, need to feel that again.

Still feeling good.  Wonder if I can keep this pace for the whole marathon?  Yeah, right, in your dreams sister.  Well maybe if you were high on running.  Haha, high, I crack myself up.

Nice Fuel, good song.  Thirsty, where is my water.  Stupid.  Oh, sweat in my eye.

Need to run 5 miles on Saturday.  In December I ran 7 miles and that was my last "long" run.  No that can't be right.  December, January, February, March...  Yup, my longest run since December has been 4 miles.  I am going to call that vacation.



Wonder if I can get someone to run with me on Saturday?


I should blog about this.  No, who wants to read your silly ramblings while on the 'mill.  Well, that is what my blog is, right?  Me rambling on about running and my family.  Huh, do I ramble?  Ohh, I should add Ramble On to my playlist.

Need to learn how to make a damn playlist.  If I go home and blog, I definitely wont' make it to the grocery store.

Blog, grocery store, blog, grocery store, blog, grocery store.  And the winner is...TACOS!



I can't believe how good I feel on the hamster wheel.  Must be my new shirt.
My new shirt.

Damn I love these new sneakers too.  I wonder if I should buy a bunch more, just in case.  Hmm, what would Mr. RWM think if bought like 2 or 3 pair at $100 a pop.  I am thinking he won't like it but he may surprise me.  Is he mad?  Maybe I should of taken Gracie to school and then ran.  No, no, of course he isn't mad.  Why would I think that?  He was smiling when I left, right?  I know he thinks I am nuts for wanting to run a marathon, but he has always been supportive.  It's all good.

How many pairs of shoes will I go through between now and the marathon?

Should I got to Kate's tonight?  Wonder if Ethel will be there.  I love to bullshit and party with Ethel.

Nice, half mile to go.  Can you go faster?  No, why would you do that.  You feel good.  Go faster!  No, stay here.  No, go!  Ok, just a little.  Nice this feels good too.  Ok, just a little faster.  Awesome, go, go go!  And done!  33:50  This run was awesome!!!

Walk a little.  Oh, I love this song.  Cinderella, Coming Home.  Yes, that is how I feel about the Philly Marathon.  I am coming home.  Ahh, feels good to walk.  Wish I had some water.

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Super Proud Mommy and a Recap

Ahh,  I am sitting here, legs up with coffee and still high from this mornings race.

First, let talk training.  Week three is done!

Monday - 2 miles

Tuesday - rest

Wednesday - 10.5 miles on bike at gym

Thursday - unplanned rest day.

Friday - 4 mile run with KB.  Also played basketball and rode bikes with George.

Saturday - Sorta rest day.  This was a crazy busy day with the kids activities and I got nothing done.  However, I didn't stop and hardly sat down.  That has got to count for something, right?

Sunday - Shamrock Shuffle 5k  Three rest days were not in the plan.  I got all my runs in and ran more miles than were scheduled, however, I really need to stay on track with the cross-training.  Not cross-training is how I ended up injured and I can't let this happen again.

Now, you all know that George has been running on and off with me since December.  He has really enjoyed it and kept saying how he wanted to run in a race with me.

I went through some of the upcoming 5k's that I thought he might be ready for and when I suggested the Shamrock Shuffle, he really got excited for it.  He told me he had the perfect shirt for the race.  This cracked me up!

Saturday night, we both laid out our race outfits.  He went to bed excited and fell asleep later than I had hoped for.

I slept great, was up on time and ready to go! I went in to wake George up and he was already up and smiling.  He too, was ready to go!

We ate a nice breakfast and waited for Elaine to get here and the three of us were on our way.

This race started and finished at North Kingstown High School so there was plenty of parking.  We got our numbers and shirts and then ran back to the car to drop the shirts and jackets off.

It was a bright and sunny day but a little colder than I thought it would be.  I was glad that I grab gloves at the last minute.  George chose to keep his sweat jacket and gloves to run and I am glad he did.

We lined up towards the back with Elaine, KB and Mary.  It was so nice to have friends there to cheer George on.
At the start!

There were 501 people participating in this race and I think I heard them say it doubled since last year.  That is pretty cool.

George held onto my hand until we were on the road and the crowd started to break up.  We quickly lost our friends but they had their own races to run.  My sole purpose today was to help and have fun with George.

We ran the first mile with no problems and I could tell he was having fun.  We talked and laughed a little. At the top of a small hill, you could see a sea of people, mostly dressed in green.  George just love that and said it was cool to see it.  I just smiled.  Little things we may take for granted, like the awesomeness of a crowd of runners in front of us, but not my George, he totally took it in and loved it.

This race had two water stops which was cool.  For a 5k, you are lucky with one, right?  We got water and he walk up to the trash can and threw his cup away.  He was concerned about the cups on the side of the road.  I told him not to worry about it and that the awesome volunteers will take care of it.  It's all part of the race and that someday, we will volunteer at one together.

Mile two, we passed a few people but about half way into it, he asked if we could walk.  Of course we can!  I explained to him that the first time I ever did this, I had to walk to.  It's all good, no worries.  Walking didn't last long though and we were running again.

One of the cool things was the people along the course who cheered George on.  Everyone who came close to us, told him, "Way to go!"  I think he was taken aback by that, and didn't always know what to say to these lovely strangers.

Mile three, was by far our slowest.  He did most of his walking here.  I was fine with that. I did not want to discourage him in any way.  I told him we could run, walk, skip and even pretend we are airplanes if that is what we need to do.  He laughed at that, then skipped.  It was cute.

When we rounded the corner and saw the school, he got really excited!  People were cheering and we saw my good friend Jenn who was already finished.  She yelled and cheered for Michael and that really fueled him.  Just a little further and he saw Mr. RWM and Gracie.  He was waving like crazy yelling, "Look, Daddy is here!"  I got a little teary.
Seriously, look at him running into the finish.  My boy is flying!

We had to loop around to the finish.  I told him to just go if he wanted and he took off!  I stayed right behind him, cheering him on.  On the side lines were our friends and family also yelling for him.  It was so awesome to see and hear!

Now, I have always been proud of my kids.  They are kind, smart, super cute, and hard-headed.  They can make me laugh my ass off and then make me mad as hell.  I suppose those of us with kids, all feel the same way.  However, seeing George take an interest in what I do, work hard and then see it through, is my proudest moment to date.  I know there will be more and I know Gracie will make me just as proud and I look forward to all of it.  There are plenty of times I feel like I am messing up as a mom, but today showed me I am doing something right.

Once we got through the finish, we were met by our friends and family.  I also got to meet in person Beth Runs RI.  I so loved meeting her and we got some great pics of all of us.
At the finish!
Me and the girls!

We hung out for a bit and then headed to Gillian's for the after party.  Everyone with a race bib got one free beer.  Nice!  It was so great to talk with our friends and get to know Beth a little better.  Once the place started clearing out, we were able to get a table and eat a super delicious lunch of corn beef and cabbage, shepherds pie, Guinness stew and nachos.  Yes, nachos, what they're not Irish you say?  Who knew?

While George and I were running, he mentioned he wanted to finish in 34 minutes.  Not sure where he got that number, but I was sure we would finish between 35 and 40 minutes.  Our official time, 35:40!  How cool is that!

This was the first time I ran this race.  It was close to home, easy parking, nice course, wonderful volunteers and just all around fun.  We will be back next year for sure!

Did you run a St. Patty's Day race?  Did you dress up?

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ocean's Run 5k Recap

OK, so week two of training is done!

Here is the breakdown:

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - 4 mile run with KB while pushing the stroller.  It was really nice run on the bike path.  Later, that afternoon,  my son wanted to run with me, so we set out for a 1 mile run around the neighborhood, with me, again, pushing the stroller.  He did a fantastic job!

Wednesday - 18 mile bike ride

Thursday - I woke up to find this happened.  I was psyched!  I set out for the gym for some strength training and a run.  My run was fantastic!  4 miles on the hamster wheel and I loved every minute.

Friday - Yoga for runners

Saturday - Rest

Sunday - The Ocean's Run 5k

Now, lets talk about this.  This was my first official race of the year.  I was really looking forward to this race, as it is to date, my favorite race.  If you remember, I completed my first half marathon at this one in September.  Not only does it hold a special place in my heart, it is run well, with great volunteers, plenty of water and fuel stops, and a nice spread at the finish.  It is put on by Tri-Mom Productions and they just do a fabulous job!

I was a little disappointed that they changed the date because I was just not ready for a half marathon.  I didn't want to miss it though, so I signed up for the 5k.

Elaine signed up to and my kids were signed up for the kids fun run.
Before the race.

The day was supposed to be sunny and 48, but at the start it was cloudy and windy.  It is a small race.  This year there were 119 people running the 5k.  We lined up and Mr. Running While Mommy got this great pic.

We took off and I told Elaine to just go if she wanted to.  She stuck by me.  I felt like it was a fast pace for me but I felt good.

The very beginning of the course is pretty flat and once we are on the road, we are running past the ocean.  It was breezy but we were warming up pretty fast.

This race has a water stop at every mile which really is a nice thing.   At the first stop and mile one, Elaine said we were at a 9:57 pace.  Really?!  This is clearly my fastest mile ever.  Could I keep it up?

It was great to run with someone.  I do enjoy my alone time but sometimes you just need a friend to talk to and today was one of those days.  It was also nice to see that I could hold a conversation and run faster than I had before.

Our pace was steady and I was sure I would hit a PR.  However, in mile three, my stomach really started to hurt!  I was sure I was going to be sick.  Elaine keep saying we are so close, you can do it.  I had my doubts but kept up.

The .1 mile marker was a wonderful sight, but I was still feeling sick.  I was very determined to finish and not get sick, that I didn't even smile when we passed a photographer.  Can't wait to see that picture, LOL.

I didn't do anything different to feel sick, except run faster than my usual speed.  I also suspect, I made myself a little nervous with excitement of possibly hitting a PR.

Coming down to the finish, I saw Mr. RWM and my son.  I held out my hand for a high five and then we crossed the finish line.

My best 5k time to date was 31:49.  To my disappointment, my time for this race was 32:46.  It didn't make sense.
Coming up on the finish line.  Honestly, I hate this picture of me, but look at Elaine!  Both feet off the ground!

We met up with my friend Deb, who thought the same thing.  Her GPS, said she ran 3.2 miles.  Hmmmm...

We got a few snacks and watched the last of the 5ker's and the first of the half marathon runners come in. My kids at this point had enough and wanted to leave.

They did have fun though.  They both ran .3 miles in the kids run.  My son, who is 7, came in third and the two boys that beat him were 9.  I say that is pretty good.  They both got some pretty cool medals too.
M coming into the finish, with two kids trying to pass him.
The smallest RWM coming into the finish!
My little runners!

Later, that evening, I got a message from Deb who found out some interesting facts.  The 5k course was in fact 3.2 miles.  Right away, Mr. RWM did the math for me.  For an actual 5k, my time would of been 31:44 which is in fact, a 5 second PR.  Woohooo, I'll take it!

Let me be clear, this was clearly written on the web site and I would of saw it if I had clicked on the course map.  I did not do that as I was familiar with the course having run it in September.

I have never been one to really focus on speed but I do realize I need to add a little more speed work into my routine.  And maybe, just maybe, I will hit a 30 minute 5k.  We will see...

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Winner, Winner!!!

A big thank you to everyone who entered my Shubeez giveaway.  I had fun and am excited to be able to share this fun product with all of you.

I am happy to announce that number 163. Shannon Oakes is the winner!

Shannon, please send your address to runningwhilemommy@yahoo.com and I will get it to you ASAP.

For those of you who would like a shubeez, I encourage you to check out their deal for March.  All three Shubeez for $9.99!  You can find them here.  And remember to click on the Running While Mommy affiliate at check out.

Blog post and pics of todays race will be up by Tuesday.  Thanks for all the kind words and messages!

Run Strong, Think Big!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Follow This Mother. Me!

Just wanted to share this link with my readers who are not on FB.

I am sure most of you know who SBS and Dimity are, and to me they are the rock stars of the running world.  I was so thrilled when I was asked to answer a couple question for their Follow this Mother series.

I started writing this blog to stay accountable but I would never have gotten this far without you!

Thank you my friends!

Run Strong, Think Big!

Follow This Mother

Oh. and don't forget, there is still a Shubeez giveaway going on here!  Good luck!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Who Want's One!

First week of training is done!

I have to say, I forgot how much I liked having a plan.  I knew what I was doing each day for this week, I didn't even have to switch any days around.  Here is the breakdown.

Monday - Stretch and strengthen

Tuesday - 3 mile run

Wednesday - It called for 30 minutes cross training.  I had PT and worked with her for a bit and then just did more strength training.

Thursday - 2 mile run which I did at the gym.  I questioned whether or not I should of gone for 3, but decided to trust the plan and just add a little speed work.

Friday - Rest

Saturday - 3 miles. which is considered my long run for this week.  I was happy to be able to run with Elaine for this one.  We had to push the girls, which is approximately 70 extra pounds, but it was so worth it!

Sunday - The plan calls for cross training.   Sunday's are tough for me, so I woke up early and did a yoga class from On Demand on Fios.  Not as good as the Yoga for Runners class that I love, but it was good enough to finish up the week.

I say pretty good week, yeah!

Now, on to a giveaway!

You all know I am now a Shubeez Affiliate and couldn't be happier.   I fell in love with this company as soon as I started reading about them.  Honestly, I can't say it any better than they did, and trust me, I sat here and tried to put it in my own words.  Just go here and see for yourself.  My favorite part is, "Your shubeez is a constant reminder of why you lace-up and a unique symbol that will spark interest/encourage others to get involved."  Beautiful, right?
Me and my Shubeez!

Right now you can order a 13.1, 26.2 and pink ribbon for cancer but others are being developed as I type!

One of the cool things about being an affiliate, is I get to spread the word by just someone asking what is on my shoe.  It is a great way to start a conversation, and it also motivates me to do more and help where I can.  It can be for charity or just helping someone lace up for the first time.  It is why I continue to do what I do.

I have a 13.1 shubeez that I would love to give to someone.  I am very excited to be able to do this giveaway.  I waited for a few weeks but now I feel it is the right time.  I am in training, loving it, have a goal of 26.2, and support and love of so many people, including my fellow shubeez affiliates.

So here we go!  I finally added rafflecopter to my site as I hope to have a few more giveaways in the future.  It is pretty easy to enter.  Not all the entries are mandatory, so don't worry if for instance, you don't have a twitter account.  You can enter at the bottom of this post.

If it is a 26.2 or a pink ribbon that you really want, then head on over to Shubeez.  You can easily order one for yourself or as a gift.  When you are checking out, there will be a drop down box with all the names of the affiliates.  I hope you will click on Running While Mommy to show your support.

I wish you all good luck!

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole
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