Thursday, March 21, 2013

In My Head for Three Miles

Ok, 3 miles, here we go.

It really is nice outside, cold but sunny.  I just didn't want to deal with the cold.  Hamster wheel is fine.  Man, I definitely put too much faith in a groundhog.

Ok,  nice pace, feeling good.

What's on the tube?  Ahh, I hate these talk shows.

Oh, good song, Playing with Fire, Lita Ford.  Hmmm, what was that fire song For the Love of Running mentioned yesterday?  Need to look that up, maybe I can have a fire playlist.  Maybe I should learn how to make a playlist.

Ohh, hottie on TV.  Adam Levine, singer right?  Hmmm, cute.

Half a mile, cool.

Maybe I should of run outside.  It is kinda nice out.

Mr. RWM, seemed mad when I was leaving.   Was he, not sure.  Why would he be mad.  I did leave him with Gracie and he had to get her to school, but that shouldn't bother him.  Hmmm, hope he's not mad.

Huh, what song is this?  Not one of mine, where did it come from.  What, what did he just say?  Nice, Bullshit and Party.  Fun, I love to bullshit and party.  Oh, yeah, Kate is having people over tonight.  Should I go?  Oh, I know where this song came from.  Andy.

This Adam Levine guy looks to skinny in that suit.  He should just be interviewed shirtless so I can see his tattoos.

One mile.  Oh no, where is my water?!  Shit, it's in the car.  What do I do? Go get it or keep going?  Water fountain?  Shit, I am thirsty.  Ok, come on, three miles you will not die!

Not dying, good.

Dinner, what's for dinner?  Oh, man, I really need to go to the grocery store and I should do it today.  I hate the grocery store.  Hmm... Tacos, yes, I have all the ingredients for tacos.  Dinner is solved and I can put off the shopping for another day.  Ugh, meat is frozen, shoot.  Ok, that is what the microwave is for.  Man I hate the microwave.

Oh, Michael Jackson. Nice, Andy again.  "wanna be starting something"...  "its too high to get over"... Hmmm, high,  runners high.  Not feeling that now.  Have I ever.  No, don't think so.  Is it real?

"Ma ma se, ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa"  Wait, what?  What the hell does that mean?  Shit how long is this song and how many more times is he going to say that?  Ok, you are coming off my iPod.

Ok, good, Alice in Chains, much better.

Oh, yeah, remember the time you passed the D and D and the next thing you knew, you were running under the towers at the beach?  Yeah, it seemed like minutes, but that is at least 4 miles right?.  That must of been a runners high.  That was awesome, need to feel that again.

Still feeling good.  Wonder if I can keep this pace for the whole marathon?  Yeah, right, in your dreams sister.  Well maybe if you were high on running.  Haha, high, I crack myself up.

Nice Fuel, good song.  Thirsty, where is my water.  Stupid.  Oh, sweat in my eye.

Need to run 5 miles on Saturday.  In December I ran 7 miles and that was my last "long" run.  No that can't be right.  December, January, February, March...  Yup, my longest run since December has been 4 miles.  I am going to call that vacation.



Wonder if I can get someone to run with me on Saturday?


I should blog about this.  No, who wants to read your silly ramblings while on the 'mill.  Well, that is what my blog is, right?  Me rambling on about running and my family.  Huh, do I ramble?  Ohh, I should add Ramble On to my playlist.

Need to learn how to make a damn playlist.  If I go home and blog, I definitely wont' make it to the grocery store.

Blog, grocery store, blog, grocery store, blog, grocery store.  And the winner is...TACOS!



I can't believe how good I feel on the hamster wheel.  Must be my new shirt.
My new shirt.

Damn I love these new sneakers too.  I wonder if I should buy a bunch more, just in case.  Hmm, what would Mr. RWM think if bought like 2 or 3 pair at $100 a pop.  I am thinking he won't like it but he may surprise me.  Is he mad?  Maybe I should of taken Gracie to school and then ran.  No, no, of course he isn't mad.  Why would I think that?  He was smiling when I left, right?  I know he thinks I am nuts for wanting to run a marathon, but he has always been supportive.  It's all good.

How many pairs of shoes will I go through between now and the marathon?

Should I got to Kate's tonight?  Wonder if Ethel will be there.  I love to bullshit and party with Ethel.

Nice, half mile to go.  Can you go faster?  No, why would you do that.  You feel good.  Go faster!  No, stay here.  No, go!  Ok, just a little.  Nice this feels good too.  Ok, just a little faster.  Awesome, go, go go!  And done!  33:50  This run was awesome!!!

Walk a little.  Oh, I love this song.  Cinderella, Coming Home.  Yes, that is how I feel about the Philly Marathon.  I am coming home.  Ahh, feels good to walk.  Wish I had some water.

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole


  1. This is so funny. I was going to blog about what I think about when running too. Great minds... happy trails!!

    1. Thanks! You should blog about it, I would love to read it.

  2. I was going to blog about it too! Must be pretty common with us writer/bloggers. :)

    1. Yeah, it must be. You should do it.

  3. Replies
    1. Sorry, I'm not sure how I got in here. Help!!!

  4. I really have to teach you how to make a playlist...

  5. You are totally awesome~~~~~

  6. This is hilarious and exactly what my mind sounds like when I run! I was just reading an article in Runner's World about how a runner's mind is like a monkey's. A million random thoughts running through our heads as we run:) So many distractions! Glad you got your run in and so glad you figured out dinner and didn't have to go the grocery store;)

    1. I am going to have to check out that article. My thoughts really are all over the place when I am running, but at least it is entertaining. LOL Yes, tacos for dinner and I decided to go to Kate's for her party. Should be a good night.

  7. This cracked me up and so sounds like me when I'm on the mill :)

  8. Hey! Did you put some kind of chip in my head? How did you know?

  9. Sounds familiar! Except mine would have to have "bump up the speed, just .2 mph" multiple times, because I reach a point where I don't care how hard it is, I run as fast as I can to get done!!! I get so bored on the 'mill most times!