Thursday, March 7, 2013

Follow This Mother. Me!

Just wanted to share this link with my readers who are not on FB.

I am sure most of you know who SBS and Dimity are, and to me they are the rock stars of the running world.  I was so thrilled when I was asked to answer a couple question for their Follow this Mother series.

I started writing this blog to stay accountable but I would never have gotten this far without you!

Thank you my friends!

Run Strong, Think Big!

Follow This Mother

Oh. and don't forget, there is still a Shubeez giveaway going on here!  Good luck!


  1. Congrats on getting featured on AMR! I'd be totally starstruck!
    --Sarah, yet another mother runner.

    1. Thank you, and yes, I am starstuck too. I am still coming down form the high.

      Just took a look at your blog and really enjoyed hat I read. Thanks again!