Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Fourth week of training is done!  There are five more weeks until the Newport 10 Miler and I am feeling pretty good.  Also, Mr. RWM has the day off, so I will officially register this week.  Who else will be there?

Here is how the week went:

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - 4 miles

Wednesday - 10 mile bike ride

Thursday - 3 miles and strength training

Friday - rest

Saturday - 5 miles

Sunday - Rest, but not really.  I took the kids rock climbing and had a bit of a workout just helping them.  It really was a great time and my kids can't wait to go back.

As you can see, I only got four real workouts in this week and I am disappointed in that. I didn't miss a run, but the cross training is very important and I need to get more focused on it.

I am really happy with my runs though this week. Especially my 3 mile and 5 mile.

My three was done on the 'mill, but I had a great time. (in my head)  I felt good and enjoyed it.

Now, for my five, first I need to mention that I got a Garmin.

My friend, Kate, told me she had a Garmin 405 to sell.  It has been sitting in her closet for two years and never used.

After looking at a few reviews, talking to a couple friends, I decided the price was right and I wanted it.

Have you ever owned a watch that is smarter than you.  LOL.  Mr. RWM read the book for me and then showed me how to use it.  I was excited to head out the door for my first run with it.  I was also excited to be running my longest distance since December.

The first mile never seems to be good. I walked out the door and started up the dreaded hill.  I also spent a good chunk of time, looking at my new toy to make sure it was working.  When I hit the first mile, it was exactly where I thought it would be and I knew I loved my Garmin.  Now, how do I not focus on it the whole time and just run?

I chose a different route, which also proved not to work for me.  There are a lot of commercial buildings and not much scenery.  If I was going further, it would of gotten nicer, maybe for my 8 miler.

At 1.5 miles, (TMI coming up), I got cramps.  Now, this is unusual, as it is not my "time".  To top it off, they killed me.  I doubled over in pain and then to make matters worse, I got hot flashes.  Serious hot flashes.  It was 35 degrees with a killer wind hitting me and if I could, I would of striped down and just let the cool air hit me.  No lie!

I really can't explain why this happened and I hope it never happens again.  I am sure it is a hello and welcome to your 40's kinda thing, but it sucked.

I pulled it together and ran and right as I hit 2.5 miles, they went away.  Just like that. Hot flashes and all.  In fact, I had to put my jacket back on.

Since this was the half way point, I turned around and headed home.  I was still trying to wrap my head around the horrible first couple miles when I thought about a friends daughter who had ran the Phillies 5k a few hours before my run.  It was her first 5k and you all know that I have a special place in my heart for kids who run.

Charlotte was supposed to run with her mom Linda, who just two weeks ago, broke her foot.  She was devastated that she couldn't run with her daughter, but Charlotte still wanted to do it.  They run to raise money for Autism, which their youngest child, Alexander, has been diagnosed with.  Before heading out for my run, one of the last things I read, was how Linda was able to cross the finish line with Charlotte and how proud she was of her.  This brought tears to my eyes, I was so happy for them.

Thinking about this, while I was running got me in a zone and my last two miles were wonderful!  It warms my heart to see kids work hard and finish what they set out to do.  And to know they are running for a cause that is near and dear to their heart, well, that is just awe-inspiring!  This also got me thinking about Shawna and Haley.  Not a run goes by that they aren't in my thoughts.

Charlotte ran for her brother on Saturday and I am sure she will do that again.  However, she also ran for her mom who had to sit this one out, at least until the last .1.

Here is what you don't know.  I have never met Linda or Charlotte but I went to high school with Shane, Linda's husband.  They are a family that works together to raise money and awareness for Autism and they do that as the Reilly Regiment.  Cool name, right?  I am hoping to meet them at the Philly Marathon in November.

So, I guess what I am trying to say, is thank you Charlotte.  Thank you for running for a special cause and making your family proud.  Thank you, for the inspiration to get me through my longest run since December.  Thank you for running for those who can't.  Please send Charlotte a virtual high-five!

It really was a good week.  I get to run with KB at least once this week, hopefully more.  We have a long weekend coming up and we will probably rock climb again and maybe see the Croods?  Have you seen it yet?  What did you think?

What or who inspires you?  Have you ever run for someone other than yourself?

Run Strong, Think Big ~ Nicole

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  1. I know the feeling about the Garmin! You'll get used to it and stop checking it so much, but I still have to force myself to not look sometimes and just run by feel. Great week of workouts!