Monday, October 21, 2013

Run For the Pumpkins 5k Recap

Before I get into the race, let me just recap my week for you a bit.

Tuesday and Wednesday, I ran 3 miles each day.  Both runs were pleasant, and I felt good.  I'm not gonna lie, I am short miles for the week, but I did what I could and I have no regrets.

Thursday, was my long run, 14 miles.  I put it out there that I was looking for company, which I pretty much do for every run now.  Michael of Forward Momentum chimed in and said he would run all 14 with me.  What? Really?  Wait, let me just remind him I am slow, sometimes walk and always cry.  He was still on board!

I can write a post just on this run, but here is the bottom line.  This run rocked!  My watch died in mile three, so I just relied on Michaels app.  It was kinda nice to not look at my Garmin constantly.

I am excited to tell you that we finished in 2:31:16. Just in case you are not a fan of math like me, that is  PR for 13.1. That came out to 2:18.  Not official, I know, but still exciting to me.
Four and half miles into our 14

Now, last week after I ran Newport, George said he wanted to run a race with me.  I got excited and immediately started looking for a 5k near by.  The race that popped out at me was Run For the Pumpkins in Westerly, RI.

This race was put on by the Westerly Track and Athletic Club, which Michael is part of.  I got to ask him a few questions about it when we ran the 14.  He said it was a small race with rolling hills but nice.  Great!

George turned eight on Friday and he just couldn't calm down.  He has so many nice friends, who gave him such nice gifts.

His party was on Saturday and he and his friends had a blast!  He also told me he didn't want to run anymore. He just wanted to sleep in, stay in his PJ's and play with all his new toys. I couldn't say no.  We are on the go so often, I wanted him to have his time.  I still planned on running.

I have to say, I ate so bad on Saturday, plus I drank a couple beers.  I knew I would pay for it while running.

I had told Michael that I had been chasing a sub 30 5k for a while and when I told him George was not going to run with me, he said he would pace me to a PR.  I was game, but had doubts.

My allergies have been bad the last couple days which makes my asthma worse.  That, plus the junk food, made me think I wouldn't make it.

Registration opened at 10.  I was there at 9:50.  Amazing how early I am when I don't have the family with me.

Michael was at the table helping out. He introduced me to some really nice people and I felt right at home.

I had a lot of time, so I sat in the car a little, ate my banana, stretched and ran about a mile for a warm up.
Cool shirt!

We lined up and he gave me the run down about how fast we needed to go.  He does everything in kilometers and I just said OK.  Here we go!

We went out fast. Faster than I have ever run.  My breathing was labored but I was moving forward.  I thought I was feeling better right after the first mile, but by the time we hit 1.5, I needed my inhaler.  It took three tries but once I did it, we walk just a few feet and I was running again.

Michael was awesome. He kept me on pace, and was very encouraging. I was not my usual chipper self with tons of stuff to say.  But he kept saying I was doing great and I really needed to hear that.

In the last mile, my stomach felt like I had a brick in it and I was slowing down.  Michael was telling me what was coming up and how close we were to the finish.  Once we were in the parking lot and the finish was in site, I was able to pick it up.  I saw the clock and heard the cheering and in the finish I went.  Official time, 29:56!
Running into the finish.  Love this one!

I was totally out of breath but was able to hug Michael and then walk to the water and snacks.  I was in shock that we pulled it off.  The course was tough, so many hills.  This should of not been a PR course but it was.  Now I need to find a flat race and see what I can do with that.

As I was eating a bagel and having some water, I noticed that a few people were still coming in but there were very few people at the finish line.  I headed back and was so happy to see a little guy, I am guessing 6 years old and his dad come in.  It was so nice and it made me miss George.

I stayed for the age group awards, something I don't always do.  With just about 60 people though, it really was right after the last runner came in.

I was still feeling pretty high at this point and then I heard my name.  I looked at Michael in shock, walked up to the guy holding the medal and said, "Really?"  He smiled and handed my my medal.  I was, of course, crying.  Not a lot, but I didn't know what else to do.  I looked at my medal and put it on.    I had the women next to me, snap my picture.

I watched the last of the awards but I did not hear what was going on.  I was still thinking this can't be.  It was here I went over to the printed times to make sure I wasn't the only 40 something female runner. I was not, whew!  There weren't many of us, but I don't care.  I was first!

I got a picture with Mike and then we said our goodbyes. I thanked him because I am sure it wouldn't of happened without him.  I truly have some of the best running friends out there and I love everyone of them.

Everyone I met today was so very nice. I hope to see and run with them again.  I love small local races and even though this was a tough one, I would do it again for sure!

For some reason, my chest is still tight and I am coughing a lot.  My voice sounds weird too.  Allergies are new to me and I am guessing that that is all it is. I have five miles planned for today with Mary, and hope I feel ok.  I will let you know how it goes.

Four weeks to the Philadelphia Marathon!

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole


  1. Great job staying in shape and balancing the Mommy life!

  2. Nice meeting you, Nicole, and thanks for coming down to our little Westerly race. Congrats on your PR and 1st place age group medal - that's a challenging course, so you certainly earned it!
    Best of luck at Philly. I ran that as my first marathon ten years ago and really enjoyed it.

    1. Thanks so much Jeff! So happy to hear you loved Philly! It is my hometown, which is why I picked it. Really looking forward to it!

  3. Congratulations and well done! I'd love to break the sub 30 5K as well, and know I need someone to coach me there like Mike did. Wow...4 weeks to go. Do you have the 20 miler coming up soon? This week or next? Going to be pulling for you during that one!!!

    I've only run ONCE since the marathon and it was a huge mental challenge. Hoping some of your awesome mojo rubs off and I can enjoy running sooner rather than later.

    1. Thanks Deb! Yeah, the 20 miler is Thursday. Starting at 9 and hoping to be finished by 1. I can't even imagine what that first run is like after a marathon. Way to go!

  4. I'm so, so excited for you!! Two awesome, confidence boosting races. And your sub-30, fantastic job! That's exactly how a 5k should feel.. it hurts, right? :)