Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Let The Taper Begin!

I did it! 20 miles!

It was not easy, but I did it!

I woke up feeling a little nervous and unmotivated to do this run.  I wanted do it, but I just wanted it to be done.

I had coffee, made the kids lunches and got dressed in my running clothes. When I walked the kids to the bus, it was chillier than expected.

Rethinking my shirt, I put on one that was slightly heavier and grabbed gloves.

Stephanie was the first to arrive.  I was running with her for the first time. She was so nice and I hope we run with her again. I am going to see if she wants to join in on my Monday morning runs with Mary. I think the three of us will be good together.

Once Michael arrived and he gathered his stuff, we were off.  As you know by now, I live at the bottom of hill. I tried running up it on my Sunday run, but was soon out of breath. Since this is the beginning of the run and I was not 100% better, we walked up most of it. It was too early in the run to mess around.

Once we were on 1A, we hit a pretty good pace and the conversation was good.  Mike and Stephanie knew some of the same people, which is such a Rhode Island thing.  Just made me laugh listening to it all.

Stephanie said she was good for 4-5 miles. There is a little bridge 4 1/2 miles from my house which was a good spot for Lori to park and pick up Stephanie.  She was there right on time.

We grabbed some water, I thanked Stephanie for running with me and we said our goodbyes.  Mike and I were then on our way to meet my friend Jenn at the beach. She said she was good for 6 or so.

Soon as we started running again, I realized I forgot to get a pic with Steph. Bummed!

I wanted to run in some different places. Now, obviously I live here and know the streets but I haven't run on all of them.  I asked if everyone was good with running to the Point Judith Light House and then head back. Everyone was on board.

For the most part, the run was good.  It was nice to have such good company and Jenn and Mike were both very motivating.  Getting close to the light house though, my calves and hamstrings were tightening up.  At the light house, I stretched a bit and we snapped a pic.
Jenn, Mike and Me!  12. 43 miles give or take a few points.

We did some of the side streets and looked at the beautiful homes and ocean. It was such a nice day.

The wind on this stretch of road was not good though. It really bothered me.  When we hit 15 miles, I was thrilled and might of gotten a little teary.  I needed to walk here though. Not much, but it felt good.

When we saw Lori this next time, I couldn't say hi to her. I used my inhaler and felt better.  Had some gatorade and refilled my water. The next time we would see her would be at mile 20.

BTW, Jenn was still with us.  She felt good and kept on running.  She is a great runner and friend.  I was so happy to have her stay with us.

These last five miles were the toughest for me. I was slow and wanted to be done!  Everyone was so encouraging and they literally kept me going at this point.

When we hit 18 miles, we were at Jenn's car.  I asked if she was stopping but she said no. She wasn't leaving us this close to the end. Awesome!

I walked a little in this mile and when we hit 19, I had to send Lori a text to tell her we would be ending in a different spot then we had thought.  Then we ran.

It was the last mile, I was feeling so many different emotions. I hurt, but I was happy.  I started to tear up and then I couldn't breath.  We were at 19.5 miles.

I needed my inhaler and quick. I actually struggled to get it out of my pocket and then it took 3 tries before I got it in. It was a little scary not just for me. I may have freaked out Jenn and Mike. They were calm though.  Had to walk here once I was breathing again. but I was determined to finish running.

Once I was able to run again, we did and I ran until my Garmin hit 20.00 and I stopped!

I cried and hugged everyone.  I was so thrilled.  We walked it off a bit and stretched.  Lori picked us up and drove Mike and I back to my house.

Mike and I ran all 20, Stephanie ran with us for 4 1/2 and Jenn, who set out for 6 ran 14 miles!  I have some rockstar running friends for sure!  We finished under four hours too!

The car ride was tough.  My legs felt like they were still moving and hurt.  I wanted to rip them off. Lori helped me into my house and Mr. RWM and my mom were there. I broke down in tears.  Mr. RWM knew what to do and started an ice bath for me. Mom freaked out a bit.  She thought I was hurt and can't understand why I just did that to myself.

Ice bath was good, then I showered and ate a huge plate of Shepherd's Pie, drank chocolate milk and ate four Laffy Taffy.  They are my weakness and favorite candy.  Enjoyed every bite with no guilt!

Mom made a fabulous dinner for us and I was so thankful that I didn't have to do anything.  I was in bed early and slept like a baby.

I woke up feeling sore but what has me concerned is my PF. As soon as I stepped out of bed, I knew I was in trouble. I hobbled to the bathroom and couldn't get shoes on fast enough.  This is not good. It takes so long to feel better. I will continue to stretch, ice, and use the golf ball.  I have the night splint that I can sleep in too.

What are your thoughts on running. Take an extra day or two or just continue on as normal with the taper?

Other than that, I am thrilled. I did something that I was pretty sure was impossible.  I am ready for the marathon and I am really looking forward to it. I know it is going to be a great weekend.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way.  We are so close now.

2 1/2 weeks to the Philadelphia Marathon!

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole

Just for fun, my splits...




  1. Nicole,

    First of all, YOU DID IT. It didn't go as planned (when you wanted to), and you weren't feeling 100% but you still got out there and did it!!!! YAY :) Every time you've asked your body to do a few more miles, it's had them for you. Now you just have 6 (POINT TWO) more miles and you be a marathon champion!!! You'll draw on the strength of the cheering crowd, the volunteers and the other runners to get you through. Listen to your you need more than 2 days? Listen carefully and take care to rest. I have foot issues too, though not PF, so I feel your pain. So glad you had some great support out there running with you!

    1. Thanks! I will listen to my body and do what is right. I am not going to mess anything up now! It is hard to imagine 6.2 more miles, but it was also hard to imagine 20. I know I will find the strength and get it done!

  2. Holy Moly! That description makes me nervous - I am NOT a runner! I like to do a few miles on the treadmill every so often - years ago I worked up to about 8 miles on the treadmill but then tried to run a 5K outside and nearly died!
    I'm impressed by your commitment and training! I love the IDEA of running a marathon - NO - take that back - I love the IDEA of FINISHING - but I cannot picture doing the running to get there! :-)
    What an awesome goal you're working toward! GO kick butt in Phillie!

    1. Thanks Leah! I never thought I could do it either.

  3. Awesome job, Nicole!! You can definitely do the 26. I would rest and cross train (bike) as much as possible for the next week to give your foot a chance to heal. I'm in the same boat... but the good news is that the work is done!

    1. I am hoping with some biking and a little bit of running I will be ok. I feel really good about everything now!

  4. Wahoo! Good for you! How wonderful that you have friends to get through the long runs with :) Enjoy the taper and, most importantly, kick some major butt down in Philly!

  5. Wow! I can't fathom doing 20 miles! My first half is next weekend. I cannot tell a lie, I'm a little envious of you running buddies. I wish I had long run buddies like that. Good luck in Philly!

    1. Thanks! I love my buddies, but I didn't always have them. I just started asking people who I knew who ran. It all just came together and I love it! Most of them I knew but some I met from other running blogs and pages. It's really been fun!