Sunday, November 3, 2013

Oh, You Still Have to Run During the Taper! Oops...

I cannot tell a lie.  I have not run since Tuesdays 20 miler.

Most of you know, I have not been feeling well and I may have run my 20 a little too soon. Also, my PF flared after that run and I thought it would be wise to not run.  I had big plans for some biking but all I banged out this week was walking.  No weights, no yoga, no spin. Oh I did play Just Dance on the Wii and did work up a pretty good sweat.  Such a fun game!

Today, would have been a good day for a run. Who am I kidding?  It still is.  But here is the thing.  Mr. RWM has been away pretty much since September.  He got home late last night and the four of us are together and I don't want to leave them.  We are all in football jersey's and eating football food and just enjoying each other.  I cannot get back the time we lost being apart so I am not going to give up today.

It's that simple.  Family first. Always, family first.  Even though I have taken ten minutes to write this up, my kids are all over me and we are cuddling.
I might of over did the taper this week.  

I have a standing Monday morning running date so tomorrow it is.  I have a race on Sunday, but a fun one which I am really looking forward to.

I will run probably Tuesday and Thursday also.  I should be able to do a couple spin classes too.  Despite the lack of miles this week, I am still feeling pretty good about Philly.  I am not worried or nervous, just really excited.  I am guessing my nerves will kick in when I start to pack.

On a fun note, my family and I watched the NYC Marathon today.  What made it special is that my great friend, virtual running buddy and running partner for Philly, Barb, was on line at the same time. We instant messaged each other during the marathon and it was nice to share the excitement with someone who felt the same way as I did watching.  Can't wait to see you Barb!

Two weeks to the Philadelphia Marathon!

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole


  1. Enjoy your family time! It is precious! You are going to rock your marathon - don't worry!

  2. You're going to kick tail... Deep breaths. We can always run, but we cant always get the family time that we will one day see is truly so fleeting. <3