Monday, November 25, 2013

I Run 4 Wyatt

Some time ago, I learned about the I Run 4 Michael program. It was posted about in one of the running groups I am part of on FB.  I looked at it, but wasn't sure it was for me.

You see, you get matched with a child or adult that has special needs.  I have been known to get upset for a child with just a cold, so I wasn't sure I could handle something serious.  I moved on from the post and then a few weeks later I saw this.

Deb's post inspired me to look a little closer into the program. I signed up after just a few minutes.
Then you wait.

I was six weeks out from my marathon and thought it would be so cool to have someone to run for.  Right before I left for Philly, I found out I was in the top 300 to be matched.  I would not have a buddy for my marathon, but there were plenty of children I could dedicate my miles to and that is what I did.

This brings me to Sunday. I got an email saying I have been matched with Wyatt.  I immediately sent an email to his mom telling her a little about me and how excited I was to be able to run for her son. While I was waiting to hear back from her, I googled the name and found this.

I just read and watched the video in tears, but happy and sad.  I was sad because I can't even imagine what this family had and is going through. I was happy, because look at Wyatt go! This kid is a fighter and nothing will stop him.

He is adorable with a contagious smile.
Seriously cute!

Love that face!

Proud big brother and sister with Wyatt!

Later that night, I IM'ed back and forth with Wyatt's mom, Abby.  She told me a little about her family and that Wyatt is such a happy baby.  You can clearly see it in all the photos she has posted.  He has Transverse Myelitis.  I am still trying to wrap my head around it.

He has permanent damage to his spinal cord.  His doctors have not put a limit to Wyatt's recovery but they can't say for sure how much function he will regain. Wyatt is just one year's old but his young age is an asset.  He is in physical therapy and his parents make sure to move and stretch his legs to remind his brain that they are still there.

Abby has made a FB page that I hope you all check out and follow.

So, starting today, every mile, I run, walk or bike is for Wyatt.

I gathered up 3 of my running friends today and headed out for my first run since my marathon. We met in our usual spot and the only reason we all showed up in the 19 degree temps was that we didn't want to let each other down. It was hard to not run at the gym. My running buddies are the only thing that makes sense sometimes.  Besides, it's only cold if you are not moving, right?

Since it was my first run, I thought I could do 3 maybe 5 miles. The girls were on board with anything. I forgot my Garmin.

No worries, that is not what this run is about anyway.

I started talking right away. So much to tell everyone plus I wanted to hear what was new with them. I also told them all about Wyatt and how this was my first run for him.  At one point, Steph said we were at 2.9 miles. Oh no, better turn around!  We ran 6 miles and with the four of us running our miles equaled 24 for my new buddy. Not a bad first run back!

Jenn snapped this pic of me so that I could share it on the I Run 4 page with Wyatt.
Cold and happy. Not a usual combination.

I posted when I got home and I think we are off to a good start!

Doubt I will have another post before Thanksgiving, so have a wonderful holiday! Enjoy your family and friends.

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole


  1. Very cool! What a happy little guy too!!

  2. This is so beautiful, Nicole... through lots of tears I am cheering for Wyatt and you and your miles and miles and forever miles. I would love to have someone to dedicate my miles to and will look into the program. It's interesting that I've been running for just over 5 years and just today I wrote a note on my 2014 calendar to track my miles in 2014. Now I hope I'll have someone to track them for. Thank you for this. xo

    1. So happy you are looking into it! I think it is such a great thing and you will be a great runner for someone!

  3. I am going to have to look into this ... what a wonderful program!!

    1. Thank you, it sure is! Glad you are going to look into it!

  4. I watched the video of Wyatt, he's awesome! And what a great program, he'll keep you motivated for sure!

  5. I am sobbing... and think you are amazing. Thank you for logging such meaningful miles.

    1. Thank you Chelly! They will be some of my best miles ever, I am sure!

  6. What a great cause!!! So great of you!

  7. Hooray!!! I'm so happy to meet Wyatt :) What an absolutely adorable kiddo! And a great inspiration. And can I just say how JEALOUS I am that you ran 6 miles?!?! Happy Thanksgiving - oh and I love the give-away and LOVE Skirt Sports - I've gotten a few skirts from them. Fingers crossed :)

    1. Thanks Debra! I am excited to have him to run for.

      I had a good six miles, but my foot is hurting. Not sure what to make of it. Might take a few days during Thanksgiving and see how it feels.

      Good luck with the contest. I would love if one of my readers won!

  8. That's so wonderful of you to join the cause. What a sweet, strong boy. Go Wyatt!