Monday, June 24, 2013

Glow Bash 5k Recap

On Saturday night, I participated in the Glowbash 5k and scavenger hunt.  I was pretty certain that these fun type runs were not my thing, but this one was awesome!
Leaving the house before I had my team shirt.

It started when my friend Sally sent me the link to the groupon with a pretty sizable discount.  Before the day was done, we had a team of 6 and we called ourselves, The Glow Babes.

Before I go on, I would like to say thank you to Sally.  She has been following RWM from the very beginning and, in fact, she was one of the first to like my FB page that wasn't a friend or family member.  It thrills me that we have become friends.
Sally and I

The race took place in Bristol, RI.  I have spent very little time in this beautiful city and the same goes for most of my team.  I knew that would be a disadvantage for the scavenger hunt.

Beth, KB and I drove together and Sally, Steve and Chelsea met us there.  We all met at Agave Restaurant which is right next to the water.  It was also the start and finish.  We picked a spot on the grass and pulled out all of the cool glow stuff that Beth and Sally had bought.  Thanks guys!  We had brackets, necklaces, earrings, glasses and headbands. Where ever we could attached a glow stick we did.  It was fun and I loved the finished product.

At 8:45 they called for team captains and handed out a sheet with the clues.  That part seemed a little disorganized to me, but I guess it worked.  When they blew the horn, we were allowed to start reading the clues.
A little blurry but you get the idea.

The start

The first couple were easy to figure out.  A police station, fire house and post office but actually finding them was the tough part.  We were allowed to use our iPhones and that really saved us.  Our first stop was a historic building that was a jail.  In front of that we had to act out a scene from the Sopranos and take a pic.

I had just watched the last scene of the Sopranos on YouTube and I thought that would be easy.  Four of us pretended to sit at a booth and held up pretend menus.  First clue checked off.

From there we had to find Town Hall and take our picture in front of a statue that was in front of the building.

Most of the challenges were fun and easy, like find a ship or fire house and take your picture.  Others were a little harder.  At one we thought it was going to be a 3 legged race. Easy for us, there are 6 of us, so 3 teams, no problem right?  Wrong.  The challenge had us tie our legs together for a 7 legged race.  I had it easy, I was on the end.  Once we figured it out and made it to the orange cone, we untied ourselves and got our stamp.

We had to play air guitar in front of a music academy and write a letter to the editor by spelling out glow bash outside the newspaper office.
Playing air guitar.
In front of Destination America Cup Boat

One of the clues had us either buying and drinking a round in any pub in Bristol and proof would of been our receipt, or taking a picture in front of a judges house.  It was a fluke that we found the judges house, which saved us some time.

It was fun seeing all the other people running past us glowing.  There was tons of excitement on the streets of Bristol on Saturday.

We did not run as much as I thought we would.  I was carrying a back pack that was just a little burdensome but I was happy I had it.

The race description said you would run anywhere between 3 and 5 miles, depending on which way you went.  We backtracked just a bit and went a total distance of 3.45 miles. It took us 1:14:10.  I say not too bad for running around an unfamiliar town.
The finish!

Once we proved we figured out and accomplished all 10 clues we got our medals.  Inside Agave there was an after party where we had a few drinks and danced.  Honestly, I only recognized a handful of songs and I hated most of them.  I haven't evolved much since 1986 when it comes to music, LOL.  Despite that, I danced and had a fantastic time.
Beth and I
And then there was this.

Awards were given out to the top 3 teams and we left shortly after that.

It really was fun.  We had a great team and we looked cool all lit up. The race was well run and the course was very nice.  It would of helped if we were more familiar with the town, but the clues they gave were not too difficult to figure out.  I would most likely do this race again.

Tuesday, my son is finally finished with school.  This year went on a couple weeks too long and we are all more than ready for it to be over.  I have a few fun things planned for us that I had to jam pack into just two months of summer.  It is a crying shame if you ask me.  Poor kids!

Have you ever done a Glow run?  What did you think?  Any exciting plans for the summer?

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole


  1. Looked like a fun time. Loved the outfits. Have a wonderful summer.

  2. Looks like such fun!!! I definitely want to do one of these races next time. Plus anything that involves neon and a throwback to the 80sis pretty freaking awesome ;)

  3. Amazing race. I wish I had done it and saw that Groupon, but am glad I didn't becsuse there was no one here for Addie! Looks like a great time!!!

  4. It sounds like it was fabulous... will definitely do next year if it comes around again! I must say that our granddaughter's recital was wonderful. Maddie was in 7 dances and was absolutely magnificent. Great re-cap, Nicole!

  5. I agree with you. Paying money to run in an event that does not have timers, winners, or prizes. Does.Not.Compute.

    This one does look like it was pretty awesome though. And it did have awards! Type -A's rejoice, lol. Glad it was a fun experience.