Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Run With Connie

I met my friend Connie on FaceBook. That's right, isn't that how we all make new friends now?

She had commented on the C25K FB page about it raining in Rhode Island and not getting a run in.  I commented back, "Hello fellow Rhode Islander".  And that was that.

We do not see each other much but we talk frequently.  I met her for the first time here and then we also met for dinner once.  Yesterday, she came to my town for a run.

Connie is training for her first 10k.  She is not running in an official race, it is just a personal goal that she has.  Her training for todays run called for 5 miles.

I really wanted to do this run earlier in the day but the kids and I had a conflict which meant Connie did not arrive until a little before 1 in the afternoon.  It was 80.

We hugged and I introduced her to my family.  She gave me a wonderful gift and I can't wait to wear it!
Awesome, right?

This is the bottom of the shirt. It says, Anything is Possible.

We stretched, chatted about our route and headed out a little after 1.  Right away, the conversation began.  The more I run with people, the more I dislike running alone.  I was so happy to have someone for these five hot miles with.

Before our run, I told Connie that this was her run and I am just along for the ride. Whatever pace she wanted to run was fine with me. Just do what you do and I will follow suit.  I was a little afraid I would hold her back, but I usually feel that way with everyone I run with.

Mile one was good.  We found our pace easily.  We ran on a road that I almost always run on which is very pleasant.  Normally, very little traffic.  At 1:15 in the afternoon, on a hot day, running on a road that leads to the beach, there was a lot of traffic.  This threw me off a little. It was loud when cars passed us and it was hard to hear.  I will have to remember this when I want to head out in the afternoons during the summer.

In mile two, I was still feeling good but both of us started to feel the heat.  In mile three, I wasn't sure I would make it but Connie was running strong.  My left calf was very tight and I needed to stop and stretch it. I hated that Connie stopped too.  Once I was ready to go, she suggested we walk a bit, and we did, but I still felt horrible for that.  It was hot and I am sure the walk was good for both of us, but I couldn't help but think if she wasn't with me, she would not of stopped.

From the beginning, Connie said time was not an issue, she just wanted to finish.  On a hot day like this, that was the best I could do.

Mile three, for me, was my worst mile but according to my GPS, mile four was my slowest.  I actually remember starting to feel better in this mile and thought that was strange.

Mile five was great!  I was thrilled that we were almost finished and proud that we did not quit.  We survived a very tough run and part of that is the fact that our bodies are just not used to the heat yet.  It will get better and, I am sure, we will run mostly in the mornings.

We cooled down with a quick walk and then headed back to my house. It was heaven walking into the air condition.  We stretched and I grab us an iced tea and we sat on the deck with Mr. RWM while the kids played.  It was wonderful.
Hot and sweaty, but done!

Once Connie left, we had a little snack and then the four of us went for a bike ride. Gracie got this very cool gift for her birthday and we just had to try it out.  The kids took turns using it and it worked really well.
Chalk that attaches to your bike and draws while you ride.


Avg Pace

As you can see, it took me 6 seconds to hit stop on my Garmin.  No big deal though. Just happy to run with my friend.  We got each other to the finish by encouraging each other and by the great conversation.  That works every time!  I have no doubt that Connie could of made the full 6.2 today.

It really was a great day!  Connie's 10k is in another two weeks and I know she will have no trouble finishing it.  I only wish I could be there with her.  I look forward to our next run together but we will head out on a cooler day for sure!

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole


  1. Awesome run! The mid day, right at the brink of the hottest part of the day when your bodies just aren't accustomed to the higher temps are tough and the first run with a friend adds just a little pressure!!! Great job ladies!! I LOVE the shirt!!!!

  2. Sounds like a great run for those temps, great job you two!! The shirt is awesome!!