Friday, July 5, 2013

Firecracker 4 Miler Recap

Well, friends, my race was not pretty.

When I got into the car, the temp read 80 degrees.  It was 7:40am.

Let me go back a bit.  Last nights dinner put me into salt overload.  And on top of that, Mr. RWM and I shared a Volcano at the Chinese restaurant.  Not my best choice.  I did not sleep well, but that is not too unusual before a race.
Looks good right?  Who could resist and yes, that is fire!  So fun!

OK, back to the race.

I was pre-registered so I just had to pick up my number and shirt.  I ran my shirt back to the car and then straight to the nearest port-a-potty.  Not a good sign.

Beth found me while I was standing in line and I saw Elaine parking from where I was. Yay, friends are all accounted for.

Before the race, there was a kids fun run and that is always very cute to watch.  Then it was time to line up.  Beth and I stayed together.  We usually run on Thursday night anyway, so this was good.

The sun was not out, yet, but it was HOT!  We chatted and I also had another friend come up along side us to say hello.  It is always so nice to see people you know.  I walked through the water stop and then we ran again.  In the turn around my stomach started to rumble and I was really feeling the heat. Don't think that was a good combination.

Right around the start of mile 3, I told Beth to go on without me.  I needed to slow down. Honestly, I started casing bushes just in case...  Luckily, I didn't need one.  Slowing down helped a lot.

I was running again and I had Beth in my sights but I was pretty sure I couldn't catch her.  I got mad.  I may have yelled in frustration.  It also may have been in my head.  I can't say for sure but it was here that an older gentleman came up along side of me.  When I say older, I mean 75.

He said hello and mentioned how tough the course was and the heat.  I couldn't help but agree.  He asked why I started running and I told him a little about myself.  I told him about my marathon and training coming up and that I have only been running for two years.

He on the other hand, has been running a long time and has run almost 900 races!  His name was Wayne and he came up to me in the moment when I needed someone the most.  Thanks Wayne!

Wayne knew one of the volunteers and stopped to talk with them.  I keep on going.  I knew any chance of even coming close to my PR, 43:01, was gone.  I decided to just go with the flow and do what felt right.  I chatted with a women for a minute who was also struggling.  I wished her luck and moved on.

In front of me at this point, was a girl in a yellow shirt and she also was having a hard time.  I ran up next to her and said hello and told her to hang on, you can do it.  I needed to hear it to.

I turned right and a volunteer told me less than half a mile. Yes!  The girl in yellow was behind me and I heard her say it was her first race.  She picked a doozie!

I remember hating this last half mile last year and this year proved no different.  I sped up a bit because I just wanted to be done! However, I thought about the girl behind me and I turned back to see her walking. I stopped and yelled to her, "Come on, let's run in together!'  I knew the finish was the next turn but she didn't.  She caught up and we went.  When she saw the finish, she took off and I loved watching her cross her first finish line.

After she was gone, I saw Beth who was cheering me on and then I saw Mr. RWM.  I thought he might be there but there was on definite plan so I was so psyched to see him! Elaine was closer to the finish cheering me on, and I was just so happy to be done. 46:14 is my official time.
So happy to see the finish and Mr. RWM!

Beth and Elaine had great races.  Beth finished in 42:xx and Elaine, 34:xx!  Nice job ladies!
This does not look like 3 ladies who just finished the race from hell, does it?  LOL

So yeah, not my best race.  It was hot, full of hills, stomach issues for a short time, and my head was just not there.  I was bummed that I had told Beth to go on without me, but happy that I spoke with Wayne and New Runner Girl which may or may not of happened if I stayed with Beth.  I truly believe that things happen for a reason and I was meant to talk with the people I did yesterday.

We got water and fruit and waited for the official times to be posted.  New Runner Girl found me and thanked me for getting her to the finish.  I told her this is a tough race and the next one she chooses won't be so bad, most likely. I also told her that she did a great job!  I hope she continues to run.

Beth, Elaine and I headed out for a lovely breakfast.  And yes, I love this part.  Hanging with my friends and talking and laughing.  The bad run vanished into a happy memory of running with friends.  I finished and did more than I ever did two years ago.  That is what really matters. It's all good.

I hope you had a great 4th!  Remember, if you are running and dressing in Red, While and Blue to post you picture to my FB page.  The pic with the most likes will win a Believe Shubeez.  The winner will be announce on Monday.

We spent the rest of the day with friends and finished it off with fireworks.

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole


  1. Sounds much like my 4th of July race, ugh! Hanging with friends post race/run is the best part :)

  2. Very good. It does help when you are struggling and someone comes along and says a few words that gets you going again. It also helps when you see someone struggling and you give them encouraging words. Helps them and you.
    I think we have all had the tummy issues at least once and did the "bush scoping", but glad you didn't have to use any bushes. LOL
    Again, good job and a good time.

  3. Congrats on what sounded like a tough race! Love your skirt...I wore that one yesterday too! :-)

  4. Great race ladies! You guys look so happy post-race :)

  5. I felt every single step in your words! As you wrote, it's interesting that people come along when you need them, especially while racing. It's kind of a metaphor for life, I guess. Thanks for sharing. I love it!

  6. Great recap, and great to meet you at the race! That was a tough 4 miles, for sure :)

  7. That sounds so tough! 80 degrees is awful- you know it's gonna be rough. Great job despite the circumstances, and I love that last photo of your kids!