Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What's In Your Gym Bag?

So, I am going to be spending more time at the gym then usual with my running less while I get my hip and back straightened out.  Usually, I get there, workout and then head home for a shower and continue on with my day.

It occurred to me yesterday, when I had finished working out and had 40 minutes before I had to pick up my daughter, that I could of showered and picked her up without stinking and offending the other moms.  That would not of been enough time to get home, shower an head to her school, but it is plenty of time without the drive home.

So, I am going to start packing a gym bag.  This got me thinking about what goes in a gym bag.  Silly? Maybe.  I know I need soap, shampoo, clothes and a towel, but what am I missing?  Anything you can add?
Is this yours?

Share your ideas with me here or on my FB page.  And for fun, take a pic of yourself during your workout and then after you are showered and dressed.  I know I look like a completely different person after I clean up.  LOL  I will post pics too.

Run Strong,Think Big!

My Christmas present and new gym bag.  Love it!


  1. #1 tip, bring flip flops for the shower:) There can be some yucky things lurking around on the floor of the gym shower and locker room.

  2. Cute new gym bag! I need new one mines falling apart - why is it after the holidays I find more things that need to be fixed or replaced - ha!

    1. Thanks!

      Yes, I know happens to me too!

  3. Is everything an answer?!?!?

    I always shower at the gym, so for me, it was easier to buy extras of things to have them in my bag.

    Always in it are a blow dryer, flat iron, shampoo/conditioner, lotion, deodorant, flip flops (no bare feet in gym showers!!!) and towels. I always keep extra socks and underwear and a bra because for some reason when I pack clothes, I sometimes forget those things!

    The other odd thing I keep in my gym bag is medicine. If I am going right from work to the gym and have a headache it is reason enough to skip the gym. But if I have some advil, I know I can take it when I leave work and be fine by gym time.

    1. Love the idea of extra underwear and socks. And yes, I don't think I could go on without my ibuprofen!

  4. I actually cant afford a gym pass, these days. But, when I did have one I packed everything mentioned above plus my make up, body lotion, and perfume LOL. And a razor just in case My underarms were prickly haha. (For those crazy busy days you forgot to shave?don't judge me lol)

  5. Yay for a new bag! I agree with the flip flop tip. Otherwise, I keep it simple.