Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fun Facts

Since my first time running is July 2011 and following the C25K Facebook Page, I have read a lot of posts about not being fast or a "real" runner.  I have read, "Oh, I just hope I am not last."  People have thought they were doing something wrong because they couldn't run 3 miles in 30 minutes.  So, I thought I would share my stats from the Narrow River 5k, which by the way, I PR'ed in.

In my age group, 40-49, I finished 8th.  Now before you say congrats, there were only 8 women in my age group.  Yes, it was a small race.

I finished in 35:04 which is a 31 seconds faster than my previous best time.  The 7th place women finished in 34:26 and the 1st place women in my age group finished in 24:05 and she came in 4th among all the women.

There were walkers in this race and a couple of them started in the front.  I never caught up to them.  They were fast and I actually wanted to yell at them, " just run for crying out loud!"

In the last half mile, an older gentleman passed me with a stroller.  Fifteen plus years on me and a stroller!  Are you freaking kidding me!?  I never caught up to him either, but I really didn't try and looking back I wish I did.

There wasn't much crowd support till the end, which is fine, but I did love how everyone cheered for you when you were in the last .10.  They made me feel like I could do another 3 and, I think, I actually wanted to.

Why am I telling you this.  Well, because I am a runner who may never be first in my age group, let alone first overall.  I want to finish and if that means I am the last to come in, well, I am good with that.  I run because it makes me happy and healthy.

I am focusing mainly on distance and not so much speed right now, but I do think I can be faster at my my next 5k.

I like that I can have goals for my race that are completely different from yours.  I love that about running.   Our races are just that, ours.

Now, I am not saying I won't ever run a race that I won't want to win, I mean, I am the same person who said that I would never run, but for now, I am happy just running my own race and finishing at whatever goals I set for myself, or somewhere in the ballpark.  LOL

Be happy my friends, and do what you love.  Be honest with yourself and make your goals realistic, especially if you are new to running.

And of course, if you want to run a race with no official time clock and still get an awesome medal, then I highly suggest you check out the Run Strong, Think Big Virtual 5k.  You can run and help others with this race, which is another thing I love about running.

I hope you find my stats funny but inspiring.   If you run at a 7 minute pace you are a runner.  If you run a 12 minute pace, you are a runner.  If you are running and a walker and old dude pass you, you are still a runner.  If you run, you are a runner, simple as that!

Run strong, think big!


  1. Love this!!! So true - such a great post! Thanks for sharing this =)

  2. Great post and so true:) A runner is a runner no matter how fast!

  3. I WAS and STILL am that runner who LOVES JUST being out there! When I first started running, I couldn't make it up the street, let alone ever DREAMING of placing in a race! I was leaning against a trash can in CLE 2 yrs ago-May 2010, when they announced I placed 2nd in age grp, FIRST placement ever! And, didn't try AT ALL to place! It just happened because I was out there enjoying great run! Same thing with last few, and they usually happen when I am relaxed and loving the run! It COULD happen and there are women out there in much more sr. age grps. as first time runners or getting great placements in races! IT IS POSSIBLE, W/O trying too hard! Keep dreaming, keep believing! I am floored any time I look at my placements! I JUST LOVE TO RUN, be with everyone! I agree!! Starting, finishing. There will always be a first, last, no matter how fast the field of runners!! Ask the Olympians, even! PROUD of every last runner out there! Keep going! Ya did GREAT!!

  4. You are absolutely right! Wonderful reminder, Nicole!