Monday, July 23, 2012

Run Strong, Think Big Virtual Race Recap

Well, the Run Strong, Think Big Virtual Race is done!  Everyone did a fantastic job and the pics I got have all been awesome!

I said this before, that it is hard for me to put into words how thankful I am for all the love and support I have gotten, but it's true.  I have been sitting here for 40 minutes and this is only my fourth sentence.

So lets start with the stats.  We had 58 runners in 4 countries participating.  Together, we raised $1385! I was hoping for a minimum of 50 racers which would of been $1000.  You have exceeded my expectations and for that I am grateful.

Your donation for the race is going towards the research for a cure for Blood Cancers.  Just so you know, every dollar you gave went straight to LLS, which is why I had you sign up via my fundraising page.  The cost of the medals and shipping is mine and Mr. RWM's way of saying thank you for your support.

By running this past weekend, you supported me and my friend Shawna.  But most importantly, you ran to remember Haley.  She is the reason I am here writing this.

On to Saturday!  This was race day for me.  I was thrilled to have 6 of my friends come and run with me.  On friday night, Elaine and I went out with sidewalk chalk and made a start and finish line along with mile markers and a few encouraging words along the route she had mapped out for us.  Thanks Elaine!
Before the race.

We were a mixed group of runners.  We had a couple who have run marathons and we had one who never completed a 5k and everything in between.  We ran together for the first 2 miles and let me tell you, there is nothing better than running with a group of your friends.  We talked and laughed and it was everything I hoped it would be.  After mile two,  we spread out a bit, but not by much.

My driveway was the finish line and there we were greeted by two husbands and 4 kids holding signs, ringing a cow bell, taking pictures and handing us our medals.  This to date has been my favorite finish line.  It may not be an official one, but all my favorite people were there and I can think of nothing better than that.
After with our medals!
Me and my babies!

I have spent a lot of time this weekend on the computer waiting to hear how everyones race went and see the pics.  I have not been disappointed.  You all did a fantastic job and I love every picture I got so far.

Please feel free to add pics to my FB page and don't forget to let me know if you write a blog about it.  I really look forward to reading each of them.  Here are a few of my favs so far:
Happy mommies and kids running in Flordia!

Mrs. Run, Find Your Happy Pace

Big Andy

My friend and rockstar runner, Barb!

Pictures and stories are still coming in and I promise to comment on all of them.  I started addressing and stuffing envelopes last night with your medals and hope to have them all in the mail by this Friday.

Thanks again for participating my friends!

Run Strong, Think Big!


  1. Yay! Sounds like the race was a success:) I ran the 5k on Saturday and it was a nice slow one with my husband. I felt great and wanted to go forever:) Sorry, no pics:( Congrats on a great virtual and lots of funds raised! I might have to steal your idea next time I raise $$ for LLS:)

    1. So nice that you got to run with your husband. Mine does not like to run but we ride bikes together so I guess that is better than nothing. Glad it was such a nice run for you and yes it was very successful. You should totally do it if you are going to need to raise money. It was easy to do and people seem to really like these virtual races.

  2. I love your idea of doing a start/finish line and chalk inspiration! And someday I hope to have a finish line like yours! That's awesome, great job kids and hubby!

    1. It was really fun getting out there with the chalk, but I am disappointed that that is the one thing I don't have pictures of. Oh well.

      I hope you have a finish like that someday too. I will remember it forever!

  3. Had fun! Yes, ran in memory of Haley and all fundraising and everyone doing great things in her honor! It helped me so much too! To forget my minor health issues and walk because I CAN! Thanks for putting together this great 5k! Nice job! Congrats to all!

    1. I wouldn't call your issue minor, but I so appreciate you getting out there and supporting me. You are one of my best cheerleaders and I look forward to the day we can run together again!

  4. Hi Nicole,

    I ran my 5km on the treadmill and thought of Haley the whole time. I did a PB time on the treadie too for that distance. I ran hard and couldn't wait to get inside and give my little guy a cuddle. Our children are so precious. Thank you for organising the race and congratulations on achieving such a great result. But mostly thank you for the reminder of just how special each moment with our children is. I feel privileged to have been a part of it.

    1. Nice job! Thank you for being part of it. Every moment with our children is special which we all know, but sometimes we need a little reminder. It means the world to me that you thought of Haley while you ran. I know the funds I raise can help a child like Haley and their family, or at least I hope it does. Medals are going out by the end of this week. Hope you enjoy it!

  5. I was thinking of you this weekend, Nicole! Unfortunately, the timing didn't work as I decided to give my shin a solid 2 weeks off... but I'll do a 5k when I'm back and consider it yours. :) So glad it was such a success!

    1. No worries, take care of that shin! Medals are going out today and yours will be included. I know you will run, plus you have been a big supporter for me. Thank you!