Monday, August 19, 2013

Run With All Your Hart Recap

I feel like I am still playing a little catch up here but things are starting to calm down and the RWM household is getting back on track.

School for us starts on August 28th.  Don't even get me going on it starting before Labor Day.  We were all jipped out of some summer this year.  I am not one for routine, as a parent, I know that sounds crazy.  I hate having to wake my kids up and do the same thing everyday.

It took a long time for George to adjust to kindergarten and I am curious to see how Gracie does.  Well, I am curious to see how I do.  I am getting teary every time I think about her getting on that bus and being gone from me all day.

She seems excited and eager to go.  However, yesterday she asked George to find out who will be in her class and to ask them to "be good to her".  This broke my heart.  Why does she think someone wouldn't be good to her.  And even worse, what if someone IS mean to her.  I am teary writing this.  I don't want her to go!  Please tell me I am not the only crazy mommy here.

OK, well, one of the things I wanted to tell you about was my Run With All Your Hart virtual race.  I ran this while visiting my parents in New Jersey.

Sarah Roberts Hart, wife, mother of three and one on the way, was taken form her family after a morning run last year.  The story is just horrible and has never left me.  Not a run goes by that I don't think of her.

After her death, her family and friends started to organize a four mile road race in her honor.  From what I understand a runner who could not be in Kentucky for the actual race asked if they could still run for Sarah and that is how it also became a virtual race.  I joined right away!

Once they advertised this years race, there was no doubt in my mind that I would run again for Sarah and her family.

I registered early and forgot about it for a while. Once we started planning our vacation, I realized I would be gone for the race.  I also realized, that I wasn't going to have my shirt and bib in time.  This bummed me out, but I knew I would still run with or without my shirt.

I got a email that said the shirts were being mailed two days before we were leaving.  I was sure I would not have it.  I don't know if a couple went out early or what, but the afternoon before we left, my shirt and bib were in my mailbox!  Dumb luck, divine intervention, I don't know and I don't care.  I had it and it was put in my suitcase right away.

The morning of August 10th, I woke up in a hotel room, got dressed, ate and headed to the hotel gym.  One treadmill and someone was on it.  No big deal usually, except we had to check out by 11am and it was 10am.  I rode the bike a bit waiting patiently for my turn.  It did not come quickly.  Once I was on, I was only able to bang out 2 miles before we had to leave.

We were only going to my parents house, so my plan was to finish my run there.  It actually was a nice day and I was pleasantly surprised.

It was these last two miles that Sarah and her family were really on my mind.  I thought about her and running and realized, I don't know too much about her. Was she a runner to maintain good health and fitness?  Had she run a marathon or more?  Did she like triathlons?  How long had she been a runner?

Then I thought about her girls and little boy.  I will never understand what the last year was like for them.  How many tears they must have shed.  I am sure they know how much their mother loved them and I hope from that they can find the strength and courage to live happy lives for their mom.

My thoughts then went to Mr. RWM and how our family works.  We have a system, its not perfect, but it works for us.  When he is away, things do not always run smoothly, but we get it done.  I am the first one the kids come to when they are hurt or scared or just need a snack.  But no matter what the situation is, we are a team and we work the best when we are together.  I wondered how Sarah's husband has handled the last year.  I am sure it wasn't easy.

It sounds like from some of the articles and FB posts that I have read, that the Hart and Roberts family are close.  It looks like they were there to support and help each other and continue to do so everyday.  From that I think they will find hope and strength, hugs when they are needed and a shoulder to cry on.

I hit four miles just as one of my favorite running songs came one.  Metallica's, Enter Sandman.  I kept running.  I started to feel a little angry and then teary.  I ran because I could and nothing was going to stop me.  I hit five miles then felt a strong urge to hug my kids, so I went back to my parents home.
In my moms kitchen in NJ.  

Even though I was a registered Rhode Island runner, I ran in New Jersey.  It was a very emotional but nice run.  It also sounds like the race in Kentucky was a huge success.  Great job to everyone who had a hand in organizing this annual event.  I know it's not an easy job.  I look forward to joining you all virtually next year as well.

Anyone else run this race, either officially or virtually?  I would love to hear about your experience.

Stay safe my friends.

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole


  1. I'm all misty and haven't clicked the link with the details. I have Metallica "Enter Sandman" on my iPod as a recommendation from a friend, I've always like it for a variety of reasons. I now have a new one to push harder through that song! Thank you!!

    1. I know I am sorry. I didn't want to make people cry, and maybe someone else could of put the words together in a better way. I just finished reading last years post and think it was better. I just hope that people remember her and learn from it. You can never be too careful!

      I loved that song for a long time now, but yes, it has a new meaning now. It is a good one when you need to push hard. It always gets me going!

  2. I live in KY, and ran this race in person last year, a few months after it happened. I think I cried through the whole 4 miles. It was tough. I still pray a lot for her family. I can't imagine what they are still going through. I am so glad they do this race in her honor.