Monday, August 4, 2014

Jamestown Half Marathon, Recap

So first, sorry about the delay with new blogs.  For those of you who don't follow me on FB, I was without a computer for three weeks.  Blogging on my phone would of made me crazy!

I ran three races in that time. The Jamestown Half Marathon, The Blessing 10 Miler and The Crabman Sprint Triathlon.  I am feeling like I forgot so much about Jamestown but hope it comes back as I start to write. So here we go.

The Jamestown Half is part of the United Healthcare Triple Crown.  It is the second race, the one I was dreading.  Hot and hilly is how it was described to me.

I slept fine, had a very early wake up and was in the car at 5am.  No traffic at all and I was parked by 5:15 and on a bus 5 minutes later.  I was told that the buses would stop running at 6 so the earlier the better.

Got to the race and had a long wait. Had my banana, some water, used the bathroom and found a couple friends that I had planned to run with.

We were in line on time for a 6:30 start, but were waiting and waiting and waiting. It was hard to hear the announcements but it was along the lines of waiting for the last couple buses to arrive.  The problem was I had to use the bathroom again.  I think waiting the extra 15 minutes or so got me nervous.  I hesitated getting out of line for fear of losing my friends and missing the gun.  It got bad though and just as I was about to run to a PP, the gun went off.
Start line

I knew I would have to stop at the first water stop at mile 2. I was really struggling and did not think I would make it.  Two miles seemed like ten.  I finally made it and there was a line.  Of course there was, with such a delayed start, I think that really messed with people.  I waited in line and my friends went on.  They were doing a run walk and I said I would catch up.

I am sure I wasted five minutes here.  I was not happy.  Once out and on my way again, I was determined to find the girls I was running with.  I was passed by a girl who is in my running club.  She is not a back of the packer and I thought it was really weird to see her where I was. She looked good and past me rather quickly.

My focus was finding the girls and/or my friend Jim.  For two miles I ran and ran, up hill, down hill, at a rather fast pace.  I did that for two miles before I realized that I am using too much energy so early in the race.  At mile 4, I grabbed some water and fell into my "normal" pace.  I felt happy again, but wished I had some music or a podcast.  I only run with my iPod on the treadmill but I was feeling bored and could of used a distraction.

Luckily, that ended at mile six when I found Allison and Jen again!  I decided to stay with them and try their run/walk method.  They were doing four minutes of running and one minute of walking.  It was ok for a while, but honestly, I just really wanted to run at the end.

I was so behind my normal time.  I am guessing it was a combination of the hills, heat and the walking.  I was on target for my second worst half marathon time and there was very little I could do at this point to change it.

Crossing the finish line was just so awesome. I was so relieved to be able to stop running.  This was not a good race for me.  I did not stay long at the finish. I grabbed some watermelon and a drink and headed to the bus.  The food selection was awful.  The line for the bus was about a quarter mile long.  Seriously!  This was not the first year for this race.  Something like having the right amount of buses should be a priority.

I found out later people made it to the lot in the morning on time, but it was the lack of buses that caused the delay. This is why I saw the girl from my running group so close to the end of the pack. Apparently, when they finally made it to the start, they were actually taking the timing mat away!  That is just terrible!

So good things.  The course, although difficult, was gorgeous.  The support was great. Water and PP every two miles.  And the medal is beautiful.  I did this race because it was part of the Triple Crown and I really wanted to be a part of that.  I will have to think long and hard before choosing to do this one again.

So the official time, 2:46:35.  It is, in fact, my second worst time for a half marathon. But since I don't  count the first one because I ran it for fun and stood in line to take pictures at various points, this will have to become my worst time for a half ever!

I know I am usually a, "time doesn't matter person", but for some reason, this one got to me.  I know I could of done better, and the choices I made worked for me at the time.  I am happy I finished and I am happy I was with friends.  What more do I really need?  There will be more races.

The Newport Half Marathon is the last in the series and that is coming up in October.  Just have to survive this little 70.3 that is just three weeks away!  Oh boy, it's coming up quick!

Have you had a bad race? How do you move on?

Oh, one more happy note. I got to meet two long time internet friends and fellow runners. I was so close to the bus after waiting for so long when I finally saw them.  I do regret not getting out of line so that I could chat with them a little longer, but we did get a great picture.  So nice to meet you Gigi and Danielle!
I am hurting in this picture, but it came out nice.  

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole


  1. Bad races and bad runs happen, and it seems like that was the theme for this race! Congrats on finishing - that is the big win here.

  2. Oh boy! I don't think that race will ever be on my to do list! Sounds like you did the best with what you were given. I think poor race planning would make me so mad. Luckily, I haven't been there yet. As a back of the race girl, I am expecting to see it at some point. I am proud of you for getting it done, Nicole! You are awesome! I can't wait to read the Rhode Warrior recap!!!

  3. Congrats, Nicole- that sounds like one intense course! I know what you mean about being disappointed with a race, but they can't all be good ones. Take what you can learn from it and know there will be more!