Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thanksgiving and a Turkey Trot

The last several years, I have had Thanksgiving at my house.  This year, my mom wanted to host it at her place so we headed to New Jersey early Thanksgiving morning.

When we knew we would be traveling for the holiday, I started to look for different races in the area since I would be missing the one I usually do here in Newport, RI.

The race I had my eye on was in Philadelphia's Fairmont Park.  The original plan was to drive the night before Thanksgiving and that would get us in about midnight or later.  I was pretty sure I would feel terrible having to get up so early and run a five mile race.

My friend Diane said she was running a 5k Turkey Trot on Saturday and invited me to run that one with her.  I jumped on it.  I was so happy to have found a race but most of all, I was going to run with Diane again.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. The food was delicious but most importantly, we were all together.  I ate so much, I didn't even have room for pie. No lie. I skipped the pie.  The next day, I had two pieces for lunch. Sorry, I am not sorry!
My sister and I.

My beautiful mom.

Mom and sis cooking.

Mr. RWM carving the turkey.


Me, Uncle Jerry and Mr. RWM.

Mom, kids, sister and Arrow the dog.

Pop-pop and kids.

After my pie, we took the kids to see the Penguins of Madagascar and there I ate way too much popcorn.  The movie was very funny.

That evening, Mr. RWM and I went out with my sister and her boyfriend.  I had beer, beef fries and Hawaiian nachos. Do you see where I am going yet?

I knew my stomach would give me problems once I started running.

Getting to the race was easy.  I was so happy to see Diane.  This was a very small race put on by her daughters school.  Very kid friendly.  I was sorry mine were not with me.  We stayed in the church hall as long as possible to stay warm.  It was a bit cooler than I thought it would be.  I was happy to have my hat, gloves and jacket.

Diane and I with the NESQUIK Bunny.

Us and the school mascot.

Ready to run.

I knew nothing about this course. Turns out it was full of hills and turns.  However, we ran though a neighborhood with some very beautiful homes.  It wasn't the hardest course I have run, but it wasn't the easiest either.  I think it was the perfect challenge for me.

We went out a little fast and ended up with a 9:50 mile.  I had no real goal for this race but figured I would finish at about 32:00.

By the end of mile one, my stomach was laughing at me.  My legs felt really good though. Diane was running great and I knew I was holding her back.  Miles two 10:39.

I pulled myself together in mile three.  Not feeling my best, but better. Diane started to pull ahead of me.  I stayed just a few seconds behind her.  She looked great! 10:08 for mile three.

Last turn and you can see the finish.  It ends on an uphill.  Not a huge hill but enough that I just had to laugh out loud.  Hill or not,  I knew I wanted to finish strong.  Final stretch, 9:59.

Not a PR for me.  The official time was 31:22 and I am happy with that.  Diane did have a PR and I was thrilled for her.
Diane finishing strong!

I am in the pink hat.


Mr. RWM and I stayed and watched the awards and enjoyed a little extra time with Diane and her family.  I would do this race again if I am able.  Nice course, well run, Philly pretzels at the end.  What more can you ask for?  Thanks for inviting me Diane!

This 5K is officially my last race of the year.  I ran seventeen races this year.  Still planning on running less races next year, but some are just so easy to say yes too.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Did you run a Turkey Day race?

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole

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