Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Penguin and a Blizzard

The aquarium called.

Here is the last post in case you missed it.

The woman I spoke to couldn't apologize enough.  She said it should of never happened but there have been some changes and shifting of people in the office.

First mistake, they never give out names. The fact that they wrote Blue-Pink on the adoption papers was never supposed to happen.

She said they do sometimes send penguins to other aquariums for breeding purposes and that is why they do not give out names.

Also, Blue-Pink had passed away before we even adopted him.  She had no real explanation for that. I know she was finding it hard to believe that it even happened in the first place.

I was nice about everything and the only thing I asked for was new adoption papers. I am still waiting for those.

She did tell me to call before we come the next time. Her words, "We will make George feel like a king."  I have to admit, I feel funny about calling but Mr. RWM has no issue with that.  We totally balance each other out.

The good thing is we know who Blue-Pink's parents are. Since they are partners and have been together for quite some time, they will most likely not be leaving Mystic Aquarium.  That makes George happy and we plan to seek them out every time we visit.

As sad as this all was, George is fine.  He hasn't really mentioned it, but did asked when will we go back. I am planning a visit for February vacation. Hoping it is not bitter cold that day!

On the running front.  I am just running. The one and only race I am registered for so far is the Philadelphia Broad Street Run on May 3.  I am still trying to reach my fundraising goal, but don't have any worries.

I am trying to work out some other races but still on the fence about which ones.  I have never had any trouble picking races before but now that I am being a little more picky, I want them all to be good ones. That's not to much to ask, is it?

BRF#1 and #2 were brave enough to join me for our Monday run knowing a blizzard was on it's way.  It was cold when we headed out and about a mile in, it started to flurry.  By the time we were in the fifth mile, the wind was killer and it was more than a flurry.  Conversations stopped and we just ran.  My neck and checks were killing me as I forgot my Balaclava.  BRF#2 stopped when we hit our cars, but BRF#1 and I wanted to make it six so we forged on.  The way back had less wind and I was very relieved when we were finished.

I don't really think what we got here was "Blizzard" worthy, but we did get a foot of snow and two days off from school for the kids.  Too much panic if you ask me.

I did recently buy Yaktrax and tomorrow I will be taking them out on their first run.  Looking forward to trying out my new running toy.

How did you brave the Blizzard of 2015? Do you still run outside or did you hit the treadmill?  How do you pick your races?

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole

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