Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Middletown Half Marathon Recap

The Middletown Half Marathon is the first race in the HMF Triple Challenge. It was also my first race of the year.

BRF#1 and I trained all through the winter, outside, and I felt ready for this race. One of the highlights was that Middletown is where Sarah, aka Professor Badass lives and I was going to spend the day with her.

My last run before the race the temperature hit 40.  The day of my race it was going to be 70. I knew this would bother me, but it is what it is.

The race was at 11:30, so no super early wake up which is nice.  I didn't have to leave my house until 8:00 and I was at Sarah's by 9:30 am.

We were just a few minutes away from the race and we got primo parking.  We got our numbers and shirts and watched the kids races.  It was very cool to see the littles have such a good time. They were given capes instead of shirts and a good bit of the kids raced in them. It was super cute.

Sarah was running the four miler and her friend Snarky Girl, (Sarah's name for her) was running the half and said she would run with me.  Both races started at the same time and I was thrilled to hear that because it meant I would run those first few miles with Sarah.
Sarah and I with a picture of our good friend Chris.

Both, Sarah and Snarky Girl are speedy runners but are coming off an injury. I wanted to maintain a 10:30 pace and they said they were good with that.  I know they both could of gone faster but appreciate the company.

The race start was crowded but spaced out quickly and nicely.  We hit a hill right away.  The beauty of running with locals is they know every inch of the road. They told me what was coming up and I also saw their town with two lovely tour guides.

My first six miles I felt ok but was a little over my goal pace.  Mile seven I hit a 12:07 pace, not good.

Snarky Girl and I are running and chatting when just before mile eight she saw a friend standing on the side of the road and then realized another one of her friends was sitting down.  She was crying and in pain complaining of stomach cramps.  We stayed with her until her husband came to pick her up.  She is ok and we got to see her later that day.

The break of standing was good and bad.  It was nice to have a break but hard to get going again.  Mile eight was 12:09.

Most of mile ten was a dirt road that was very rocky. Little rocks that you felt with every step. I couldn't wait to get off that stretch and feel the ground again.

My pace stayed in the low 11's here until I picked it up in the final mile.  It was hot and the sun was beating down on us.  My only goal was keep going forward. I was happy to have Snarky Girl with me. She kept talking and kept me focused. I was not my normal talkative self and I feel bad about that.

When we turned onto Main Street, it wasn't long until Snarky Girl saw her husband and kids. Her kids ran out to run in with her and I gave them space.  Right before the finish line, I saw Sarah and she snapped a picture.  I was so very happy to stop running.  My official time was 2:32:32 but my Garmin time was 2:27. I was hoping for a 2:25 or better so I guess I was not too far off. And, of course, we stopped for 5 minutes to help a friend.
I am in the purple waving coming into the finish.  SG is right behind with her two cuties.

The post race food was fantastic, and the medal was really nice.  We hung out just a bit to eat and then we went back to Sarah's house for a little get together.

It was nice to just sit and talk with Sarah's friends who were all so very nice.  I had a great time and would do it again.

I love, love this shirt! Which is better than just one love.

BRF#1 also ran a half on Sunday.  She had a fantastic race with a new PR, 2:00:43. There is a sub 2 half marathon in her future for sure. Way to go Jenn!

I have a  pretty exciting weekend coming up. I will be running the #261Fearless Virtual race and also working the Skirt Sports booth at the Boston Marathon Expo.

The virtual race is inspired by Katherine Switzer who was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon.  I am thrilled that on Sunday, I will get to meet her at the Skirt Sports booth.

Are you running Boston?  I will be working the expo on Sunday from 9 to 2.  Please come on by and say hello!

So there we go. First race of the year and half marathon number nine complete.  And still, so much cool stuff to come.  Glad you are here with me.

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole


  1. Congratulations!! That was a BRUTAL course with starting out on a hill and the two in the middle. I've never run it but was following you, professor badass and a couple other girls and gave the course elevation profile a peek. You did amazing!!! Congratulations!! I'm planning to marshall on the Mystic course!

    1. Thanks! The hills didn't bother me as much as the heat did. So happy I will see you at Mystic.

  2. Great job! So cool you are working the Boston expo! What a great experience:)

    1. Thanks! Can't wait to tell you all about it.

  3. So incredibly fun to have you visit for our hometown race! I loved running with you and can't wait to see you again at Mystic! Sorry about the hills - can't do anything about that!

    1. Loved it! The hills didn't bother me as much as the heat did.