Saturday, July 25, 2015

Week One

The first week of marathon training is in the books!

Honestly, it flew by.

 Day one started off with a few friends and a five mile run. I did 5.1 to be exact.  I felt great after and was happy and excited to have started training.

As most of you know, I Run 4 Wyatt.  His mom posted picture of him in a Be Kind shirt. I have one and knew I just had to wear it for my first training run. Love that kid and his family. He is doing so well in therapy and is a true rock star!

My second day of running called for four easy miles with four to five strides.  This was going to be the first time I was doing strides.

I made my usual phone calls to the usual suspects, but no one was able to run with me.  I was bummed.  It got in my head a bit.

One of the things I have to get straight with is BRF#1, who I run almost every run with, has different goals than I have for Philly.  Our goal paces are different. Really, not even in the same ball park.  So even if we meet up to run, once our warm up is done, she will be ahead of me.

Now, yes, I know she is not the only person I run with, but I miss her on my runs.  She knows me the best and I think, knows exactly how I feel just by the way I run.  We work well together.  I am excited to be doing this with her, even if we can't do most of our training runs together.

Back to the strides. My alarm went off and I forced myself out of bed.  I got dressed and went right to the beach to do my run. I figured if I was going to be alone, might as well go to where I knew I would be around people.

It was warm, but not very humid.  I wasn't exactly sure when to do my strides. I should of called Michelle and talked to her about it.  I did chat with BRF#1 and she told me what she usually does so that helped a bit.

I ran one mile to warm up and then just thought, "Do one. See how it goes". So I did. It felt pretty good actually.  I caught my breath and did another.

I was enjoying the scenery but honestly, I couldn't wait to be done.  I did complete five strides and four miles exactly in 46:46.  I hit paces of, 7:46, 7:50 and 7:41.  Not sure how long I held it but I think it went well.

Michelle has me running three days a week, with cross training in between.  If I am being honest, there was no cross training this week. I can list all my excuses as to why I didn't even do a push up, but no one likes to hear excuses.  I will do better this week.

My third day running was actually a race.  I ran my fourth Blessing 10 Miler on Friday.  I will do a separate post for the race, but after a rocky start, I finished well and hit my goal.

Week two, kicks off tomorrow with twelve miles.  Organizing my crew as I type.

Hope you are all having a good weekend and great training runs.  Thanks for reading!

Seventeen weeks to Philly.

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole

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