Friday, May 13, 2016

Broad Street Run: Pre-Race Shenanigans

The Philadelphia Broad Street Run has easily become my favorite race.  You hear about races that are giant parties down such and such road or such and such city, but this race is the best definition of what that truly means.

I joined Team Low and Slow again this year and we have, to date, raised over $43,000.  A big thanks to all of you who have helped by donating to our cause.

Andy started this team with just three people a few years ago.  This year we had sixty four running down Broad Street!
Our team captains, Andy, Stephanie and Larry.

When I was deciding on what my goals were going to be for Broad Street, Andy mentioned that he and William would be running with the Sub 30 flag and support and encourage our back of the pack runners. They were going to do a run/walk, which is not something I am used too.  Knowing I get very little time with Andy and that I was really interested in getting to know William better, I said I would run with them.  Also, I love helping others reach their goals. We had a lot of new to Broad Street runners and some of them running their first ten mile race.  I would have been happy to help them.

As the weekend got closer, the weather changed to 100% chance of rain and 50 degrees.  I know for some, this is bad news. For me, I was happy about it. I knew I could run well in those conditions.  And it didn't hurt when BRF#1 said if I wanted to PR, I could and she could see me running a 10:22 pace.

My PR was 1:45:58, my new goal became 1:44:00. (Side note: I thought my PR was 1:48:58. I did not catch my mistake before the race) We had a spreadsheet of our teammates and the paces they would be running. I hooked up with Therese and Brandi and we planned on running together.  With a plan in place, I finished packing and headed to the train to Philly.

About an hour into the ride, we picked up Sarah and it was so nice to have the company.

We look a little tired.

Getting to the hotel was easy and when we arrived, a lot of our team were already in the lobby waiting to head to lunch and the expo.  We dropped our bags and were on our way.

Nice care package that Stephanie put together for all the out of towners.

Lunch was at the Reading Terminal, of course. And yes, I did stand in line forty five minutes for a doughnut.  I had excellent company though.

Beilers Doughnuts

The expo was fun. Lots of cool things to see, but I didn't buy anything! I did leave with a few cool giveaways.

From there, we headed back to the hotel to unwind a bit and get ready for the team dinner.  I was sharing the room with some great friends who spoiled me with some awesome snacks.

Pretty sure there are a few things missing from this picture. 

This year, we were able to walk to the team dinner and I just love these pictures of us.

There was a cocktail hour first which made it nice to mingle with everyone.

Dinner was very good and also very emotional, once again.  Hearing the stories and seeing the pictures just tugs at your heart strings. Knowing I was running for such an amazing cause made me want to PR even more.

Back at the hotel room, we laid out everything we would need in the morning. We headed back out quickly to sign the Sub 30 Flag and Emily and I were in bed early.  Therese and Sarah followed shortly. Alarm set and lights out...

Flat Nicole, Flat Emily, Flat Therese and Flat Sarah
Part two soon!

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole

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