Friday, April 27, 2012

The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful

Tuesday, I headed to the gym for 3 miles.  I was not that excited about it because it was on the treadmill.  Thanks to your responses and ideas for how not to be bored, I downloaded some new things onto my iPod and remembered that I had all the podcasts from Another Mother Radio.  I got on the treadmill that I liked and started up the podcasts.

Dimity and Sarah are just wonderful ladies who have numerous marathons, half marathons and smaller races under their belts.  They are a wealth of running information and my go to people for help and advice.  Their Train Like A Mother book, is now attached to my hip.

I started my run and felt really good.  I was surprised when I looked and saw that I was just under 3 miles.    Time was flying by and I was loving it.  The second podcast started and I knew I could go further than 3 miles.  I did!  I finished the run at 4 fabulous miles and was smiling when I was done.  This was my longest run since last year and I felt great!  This was the Good.

This brings me to Thursday.  The gym was more crowded than usual.  Is is not the people that bother me, in fact I like to people watch, see how they are doing different stretches/exercises and socialize.  When I walked up to the treadmills, I had a choice of 1.  This treadmill, IMO, is in the worst spot in the the gym.  Which, I am sure, is why no one was on it.  It is the first one in the line up and in your line of view is a pillar with two machines on either side of it.  I was to the left of the first TV, which had the Today Show on, and frankly, you can keep that show.

I got on anyway and put on my music.  It usually takes me about 10 minutes to find my groove, but 10 minutes came and went.  So did 20.  No groove.  How can Tuesday be so awesome and today suck.    When I hit 2 miles I paused the machine and emptied my water bottle.  Three miles is what is on the schedule today, and I am going to finish it.  I started back up and I did finish but I couldn't wait to get out of there.  That is the Bad.

Now, I know you are all dying to know what the beautiful is.  No, I didn't get a fabulous new hair cut, or a gorgeous new dress.  No one has gifted me diamonds.  Which makes me realize, Mr. Running While Mommy, I think I am due.  Hee Hee 

I got new running shoes!  I know, I know you are jumping up and down with me.  I knew I needed them, just my injuries alone, told me I did.  So, after having such a bad run, I went to Camire's, to cheer me up.  
( shop local friends)

After trying on a bunch of different shoes, and running up and down outside the mini strip mall, I chose Mizuno's. They felt the best on my feet but to be sure, I ran 2 miles with them today on the 'mill.  At first, I thought, uh oh, they are too big.  I went a half size bigger than usual, which was recommended.  It didn't take long to realize that that was a good decision.  These shoes feel great, I am so keeping them.
These are my new shoes and I love them!

When you first decide to run, you read all kinds of things for beginners about what to do and not do and how to stay healthy and injury free.  When you get to the what do you need to be a runner, every article and book I read said "all you need is good running shoes."  I didn't' exactly ignore this but I didn't research what a good shoe is.  I failed myself in this respect and spent the last 4 months in PT.

Now don't get me wrong, I know people get hurt all the time, with good and bad shoes.  Injuries are different and for me, I think I could of avoided my knee issue if I just started out with a good running shoe.  My back is a different story and I am not sure shoes would of made much of a difference there.

So what did Running While Mommy learn?  Well, there are good runs and there are bad ones.  If you really think about it though, they are all good because you are running and not sitting.  I paused the machine at 2 miles and if I walked away, well, I still did two miles which is more than a lot of people.  Somewhere I found the strength to do just one more mile, so yes, as sucky as it was, it was still a good run.

The other thing I learned is that beautiful new running shoes make you a better runner.  OK, not exactly, but I sure felt good and I liked it!  Don't sell yourself short, if you want to run, take the time and find the shoe that works for you.  When you look at the price and think, " oh my, that's a lot of money!", think about this-everytime I saw a doctor my co-pay was $40 and every time I went to PT it was $20.  I could of owned 4 pair of running shoes and a few new running skirts for that kind of moolah!

So tell me, what kind of running shoe do you wear?  What do you do if you can't find your groove?

Run strong, think big!


  1. Terrific message. Good advice. One day at a time. Take care and stay well.

  2. I totally know the crappy 'mill run. Glad you stuck with it.
    I'm in Puma FAAS 500s. Was always an Asics girl before. Need to shop again, looking at Brooks Pure Connect line!

    1. I was an Ascis girl before this too. My last 3 pair as a matter of fact. Let me know what your think about the Brooks. I do love there slogan Run Happy. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. This happens to everyone. One day a great run and the next time, you feel horrible. That's why I so treasure the good ones. Good job sticking with your runs! Love the new shoes:) I wear Brooks Adrenaline and I think I need a new pair too.

  4. Ugh- some of those treadmills are positioned in the worst places! Those bad runs come- no big deal. So glad you had an awesome 4 miler, and congrats on the new shoes!! It makes such a difference to get advice from someone in a "real" running shoe store and find what is best for you. I've run in a lot of Brooks, and have Sauconys currently.