Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm Back!

Well, friends, it is official!

Today, was my last doctor's visit and I have been cleared to run.

I was 99% sure that was gonna happen, but that 1% of doubt haunted me a little.  Boy, was I relieved when she said how happy she was I felt better and glad that I had a few good runs.  Yeah!

So, here we are, this chapter of my life is over.  Well, over for now.  You see, disc disease does not go away.  I am going to continue focusing on and strengthening my core and hope for the best.  I am determined to be healthy and the more I move the better I feel.

I would like to give a big thanks to all of my readers who have given me motivation, support and advice during these past few months.  It has meant the world to me.  I started this blog so that I can motivate my readers but I wanted to be motivated too, and you did not let me down.  Thank you!!!

As I said before, I am still on the treadmill and running at a slower pace.  I plan to have my first run outside this weekend.  Anyone want to join me for a slow and steady couple miles?

Today, I ran 2.5 miles and I have a 3 mile run planned for tomorrow.  I am registered for the Narrow River 5k, May 19, and I am so looking forward to it!

My fundraising has hit a stand still, but I expect to have some ups and downs with that.  I know it will all come together and I will reach my goal.

Now, on to Weight Watchers.  I am down 3 pounds!  I finally "get it" and like how it all works.  And boy, you get a lot of points for running.   A 40 minute run is 10 activity points, I like that.

Run strong, think big!


  1. WOW, so happy to hear the good news. Had no clue regarding WW but good for you. You never cease to amaze me. Remember, one day at a time. Again, congratulations.

    1. Thanks Mom, I mean Anonymous. LOL

  2. Woohoo! Congrats! Good job on upping your mileage and being down 3 lbs. Hope the fundraising picks back up:)

  3. I love your posts! Great job on your recovery! :D