Friday, February 1, 2013


It is February.  I love February.  It is the month I was born and if you know me or have been following my blog for the past year, you know how much I enjoy my birthday.

I was born February 2, 1972.  I love saying it, 2272.  Go ahead, say it out loud.  It's fun right.

Not only is it my birthday, but it is also my moms.  I was born on her 24th birthday and I think that is really cool.  This year, I will be 41.

My mom and I have been together for almost every birthday.  This year, sadly, we will not be together, but it is only a couple weeks before I see her.  It will still be February.

Now, I am not big on receiving presents, I much rather give.  It bothers me to know that people have spent money on me.  All I really want is to be together with my family and friends and, of course, eat cake.  I love birthday cake and/or cupcakes!

What I really love about my birthday is celebrating my accomplishments of the past year, learning from my mistakes, and looking forward to what the new year is going to bring.

This past year was big.  I ran my first and second half marathons.  I trained hard, lost 19 pounds and got a new outlook on life.

This year, I plan to run my first full marathon, which will require me to still train hard and I suspect I may drop a couple more pounds.  Not sure if my outlook on life can get any better, but you never know.

I don't really fear getting older like I think most people do.  If you think about it the alternative is not good.  I say embrace your birthday and enjoy being alive, besides, no one said you have to act your age.  Very few people get my age right when they meet me.  Not exactly sure why, could be the way I look or my attitude, maybe a little of both.

Kids keep you young too.  Mr. RWM and I started a little late.  In fact, I had my son at 33.  I was nine when my mom was 33.  I am lucky to be able to run around and play with them, it makes me feel like a kid again and it helps me remember to have fun and live in that moment.  Not that I need that much reminding.
Amen to that!

I am a true believer that calories do not count on your birthday and that every moment of the day should be spent with the people you love most.  No presents necessary, just conversation, laughs, hugs and kisses.  Oh and cake, did I mention the cake?

Do you love your birthday or do you ignore it?  How do you usually celebrate?  Do you love cake?  Do you fear getting older?  Do you lie about your age?

Run Strong, Think Big ~ Nicole


  1. You are amazing! Happy Birthday to you!!

    And when I celebrate, I typically like to keep it low key with family and friends... and cupcakes :) I don't typically lie about my age. Maybe that will change as I get older though!

    1. Thank you Lisa! Yes, I so love cupcakes and I know you do too!

  2. I love my birthday and like you, I reflect alot on what the last year was all about. The year I turned 30 (3179 is my bdate) I was 285 pounds, miserable and so unhappy with myself. The year I turned 32, I ran 4 miles that morning and finished in tears, so thankful that I could even DO that! So I'm right there with ya sister. Not sure what 34 will bring in a few weeks but thinking it will bring some good perspective. Oh - and my daughter is 9, but we want to eventually have more...I have a feeling it will be harder at 35 than it was at 25 so I might seek you out for advice! lol

    1. Great comment ClaraB! It truly is amazing how we can change for the better when we set out minds to it! I would be more than happy to give you advice, it many just be drink wine or go for a run, LOL In all seriousness, if I can help you in anyway, I am here. I always say this works better if we are able to cheer each other on
      it's kids, running, husbands, etc.

  3. Happy early birthday!! I love cake, best part of the b'day:) I met a woman who's tradition is "birthday week", I have taken on that tradition myself:)

    1. Great tradition! This will be a very long birthday weekend and then in two weeks I get to celebrate again with my mom. Guess I will be celebrating for most of the month and I am good with that!

  4. Happy early birthday! I love groundhog day - winter is 1/2 way off. Time to party!

    I agree about the kids keeping you young. My parents were 32 when they had me, 27 when they had my brother and I always thought they were so old because I was the only one of my friends who was a younger sibling. But I didn't have my kids until I was almost 36 and 38.5, so when I turned 40 I had 4 year old and 18 month old. When my parents turned 40 they had a 13 year year old and 8 year old. Big difference!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

    I love my birthday and I celebrate my birthday MONTH...all of October is just for me :) It has my 2 favorite holidays my birthday and halloween!!! Ok I do like February too as I got married on 2/29/08 <3

    I will be honest I am getting a little freaked out about getting older....not how old I am now (i will be 40 this year) but that I am closer to "old" and my fear is not being able to take care of myself. I do not however lie about my age, I don't look or act 40 so it is OK :)


    1. Ohh, October is my other favorite month! I love, love Halloween and it is the month my son was born! It is also perfect running conditions here, nothing not to love!