Thursday, November 5, 2015

Where Has RWM Been?

Well, I have been right here. The struggle was getting the thoughts and words that were in my head to paper. I looked at this blank screen a bunch of times and just couldn't form a sentence.  Marathon training has dominated my time and thoughts. The start of a new school year always comes with new challenges and a busier schedule. Not to mention, Mr. RWM travels a little extra this time of year and, well, we just function better as a foursome then a threesome.

So what has happened the last two months? I ran two great races.  October 10, I ran the Hartford Half Marathon. It was my first time at this race and it also completed the CT Triple Challenge.  The first two in the series, Middletown and Mystic, did not go as planned. Hartford, however, was a completely different story. I loved this race! My plan was to stick as close to marathon pace as possible with a finish goal time of 2:24.

I ran well. I had fun. I felt so good that about mile eight, I even had a shot of beer!  I finished in 2:22:43 which is an 11:13 pace. I was very happy with this finish.  BRF#1 ran the full at Hartford. She also had a fantastic race with a 4:07 finish. For her, this was a twenty minute PR!  I was just so happy for her!  I am hoping for a similar PR at Philly and hope she has rubbed off on me a little.

Love this one!

Yes, Sarah was there too and she also had a fantastic race!

How cool is this! They had golf carts to take you to gear check so you didn't have to walk.  

Jenn was more happy to see the golf carts than Sarah and I were. She deserved that ride!

Proud finishers!

Our traditional brunch with mimosas.  A highlight of the day!

On October 25, I ran the Citizen's Bank Pell Bridge Run. This was the fifth year for this race and it is the race that really started it all for me. When I first saw this race advertised, I just knew I had to run it and started to take my running a little more seriously.  I am happy to say that year number five did not disappoint.  I ran with my friend KB. We lined up with the ten minute pace group and did not slow down on the hill.  Once we got to the top, we took our traditional picture.  Then it is down hill and pretty much straight into the finish.  I knew I was headed for a PR but what I didn't know is it was going to be a sub 40 race.  I finished in 39:49 which is a 9:57 pace.  I also finished 53 out of 205 women in my age group.  Wonder what would have happened if I didn't stop for a picture?
Early start. Still dark.
Beautiful sky.
At the start and ready to go! 
At the top of the bridge. The wind was something fierce and I had to hold on to my hat for a good chunk of the race.

As you can see from these races, my training is paying off.  Michelle designed a plan for me that had me a little nervous but now, I can see it all coming together and think I can get my Sub 5 marathon in Philadelphia.

My run last weekend was eighteen miles. I ran it in 3:15 which is a 10:51 pace. If I can pull that off in Philly, I will be so stinking happy.  I am hoping the weather cooperates with a nice, cool day.  At this point, I am excited but also feeling a little panicked. I put the work in. My last two "long" runs will be a thirteen and an eight.  We are pretty much there my friends and I think I am ready.

Thanks for all the messages and comments on my FB page.  I am sorry it has been so long since I blogged but you can always see what is happening there if I am slacking here.  Hopefully, my writing drought is over.

Tell me how have you been? Did you already run your fall marathon or is it still coming up? Will I see you in Philly on the 22nd?

One last thing. In all my craziness of marathon training, the kids, and just life in general, I got frustrated with my hair and decided I needed a change.  I did this:
After and before. About eight inches gone. I think I am ok with it.

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole


  1. Good to see you back.
    You are a running beast!

    The new "do" is beautiful, as are you.
    Miss you, my friend.

    I look forward to reading about your Philly exploits. If you run (yeah, pun intended) into Andy and Diane, give them hugs for me!

    1. Connie, I am having dinner with Andy and hopefully will see Diane on the course.

  2. :) I sure hope I get to see RWM running by me! I will be at a wedding in the city on Saturday night and we are staying over-the hotel is only a block or two from the marathon course, so I'm going to be looking for her!! :)

    1. Which hotel are you staying at? Do you know where you will be on the course?

  3. Whooop! You are going to do great in Philly!!! I am so frigging impressed running with you, chatting the whole way never catching your breath, you are in tip top shape!!! Once you are done marathon training will there still be Saturday runs? I have LOVE LOVE LOVED running with you again, it is like coming home!!!

    Can't wait to virtually watch you run Philly!!!

    1. Yes, I hope we can continue the Saturday runs. I love running with you! Thanks for being there for me.