Monday, September 17, 2012


Ok so here it is,  I have a bunch of stuff going on.

My right leg is shorter than my left, this is causing me to go out of alignment and also contributing to the hip pain.  

I have bursitis and planter fasciitis.  And to finish it out, sacroiliac joint pain.  Wow, can you say that three times fast.

What does this all mean?  Well, for starters, on Thursday I will see a chiropractor for the first time.  The following week, I will see a podiatrist for orthotics and, of course, one month of PT.  

Can I run?  Yes.  Will I?  You betcha!  On Sunday, the Ocean's Run Half Marathon will be taking place and although I am not registered yet, I am planning on running it.  

This has been on my mind for some time, but I have been putting if off until I knew what was causing the pain.  My plan was, no matter what, I will be at Nike and I didn't want to push myself and make things worse to the point that I would not be able it run in October.  

Now that I know all will be good, I wanted to experience 13.1 before I got to a strange city with 40,000 plus other runners.  Do you think that is crazy?  Everyone I asked so far, have all said go for it.  I mean I am up to 12 miles plus .93 so why not, right?

I have heard all good things about the race and as of right now, it should be a beautiful day to run.  The other motivating factor, is that Mr. RWM and the kids will be able to see me cross the finish of my first half marathon.  I have been disappointed thinking that they would miss me doing something that is so important to me, and now my best cheering squad can be with me.

So now, I need to know, what do you bring with you for your half marathons?  I know I will need a GU or two, so I will bring that, but do you rely on water stops on bring your own too?

 If you ran 13 miles on Saturday and plan to do a half the next Sunday, how many miles would you run this week?

 (haha, if a train leaves Boston going 80 miles an hour...) 
I know I should take it easy, but I am guessing a couple 3-4 mile runs, maybe today, Wednesday and Thursday? Your thoughts?

Now that it is in black and white and more people know besides just Mr. RWM and a few friends, I am getting nervous.  How do you handle pre race nerves?  

One last question.  Have you been to chiropractor?  Have they helped you?  A few of you have told me you love your chiropractor but I am little leery.  Does it hurt, feel good or what?

And for my Rhode Island friends, do you want to run a half marathon on Sunday?  No really, I am serious, who's with me?!  I know a few of you are doing the 5k so I will see you there.  

Ok, that about covers it.  Can't wait to hear form you.  Thanks everyone!

Run Strong, Think Big!


  1. Glad you got good news! I have sacroiliac joint issues occasionally, too - mostly when I ramp up my mileage (I am 100% certain it's a result of having three children - my hips will never be the same again). The chiro should help tremendously with that. It doesn't hurt at all. I was nervous at first, too, but a good chiro will be very gentle. Everything I've heard about the Ocean's half is that the water stops are very, very well stocked, so I don't think you need to bring your own water. I think they have Gu, also, but I always bring my own Gu, just so that I'm sure I have the same flavors I've used in training. Great idea to have your first half be local, so the family can be there - it'll be so awesome to have them see you cross that finish line : ) Good luck, and have fun!!!! Oh, and yes - I'd just do a couple of short, easy runs this week. If the race is on Sunday, I wouldn't run after Thursday. Two days of pre-race rest will feel really great!

    1. Thank you so much Michelle! And I am seeing the chiropractor and podiatrist you recommended. I just was reading about the race and it does sound like they really cover the water stops well and starting at mile 6 they have Gu's and pretzels, etc. Yeah!

    2. So glad you're seeing Dr. Pelton - he's super nice, and I've never felt the least bit of pain during or after seeing him. And Dr. Sardella's great, too. If he says you need orthotics, his are definitely the best to get - they're different from most other orthotics - softer and way more comfortable. Good luck with all your appointments, and with the race this weekend!!!

    3. Once again, thank you! Good luck to you this weekend also. I would of loved to do the Zooma, but I couldn't justify another weekend away so close to my other getaways. I love that you will meet SBS and Dimity and just think it will be a fabulous weekend altogether. Maybe next year...

  2. I have been to a chiro years ago for an ITB issue when training for a marathon. Depends on what they do whether it's painful or not. Sorry:( I do not carry my own water, I rely on the water stops. I do bring Sharkies energy chews and they are amazing!! Love them! Good luck at the chiro, I definitely think it will be good for you:)

    1. Thanks Hiker Mom! It looks like they have some well stocked water stops. I will let you know what I think of the chiro. Hope it works for me.

  3. I go to a chiro for ITB and hip issues that are related to my lower back and it helps if I can go consistently which is not always the case. Good luck with your injuries and glad you will still be able to run your race!!!

  4. I'll be honest... What the chiro does won't hurt... But I am almost always in pain for the rest of the day. I guess it takes time for my body to get back in synch or something. I don't work out intensely within 24 hours of seeing the chiro. I try and walk or do yoga instead.

    Good luck to you!

    1. Good to know Abbey. I see him on Thursday and race on Sunday. I wasn't' planning on doing too much anyway between Thursday and Sunday. Hope it make me feel better before Sunday.

  5. I love a good chiro adjustment, and need one now! I have a tilted pelvis which caused my right leg to be shorter than the other. Once adjusted, my legs were 100% the same. My hip injury is a result of the tilted pelvis, and I'm working on getting back into my shoes and on the road. Good luck, I know you'll do great in the race!!

  6. Hoping the Chiro helps. I had hip bursitis a few years back and did PT, it helped. Can I suggest cross-training and Yoga? I as you know also had PF. To tell you the honest truth, it can take a long while to get rid of that. Mine lasted 6 months, sorry, I hope yours doesn't last as long. Plus my doc did nothing to help me at least you will have PT! Stretch, Stretch, Stretch your calves all the way up to your hips (including your IT band). Also get in a love/hate relationship with a foam roller. Kick butt Sunday I cannot wait to hear about it and see a pic!

    I do not bring my own water if it is a bigger or known to be well run race. As far as fuel bring whatever you have been using on your long runs. A race is not time to try anything new.

    1. I do cross train and yoga started up again last night. Love it! I hope it doesn't last 6 months either, but however long it is, I will do whatever they say to get better.

      Doing my last run this morning before Sunday. I think I will feel really good by then, I hope anyway.

      I do have a foam roller, but don't use it as much as I should. I have it out now and plant to get to know it really well, LOL.

      After looking at the race and info. I plan to bring my own GU's even though they will have some, just incase they don't have my flavor. They have a water stop at every mile, so I will leave my handheld at home. Happy about that.