Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Virtual 10 Miler

Yesterday I set out to do Mommy, Run Fast's Virtual Labor Day race.  I needed to get a long run in, so I decided on 10 miles.  With her race you were able to do five or ten or both.  Kudos to those of you who did both!

I woke up at 6, hoping to get out by 6:30.  At 6:45 I was out the door but I felt like, (TMI coming up), I  would need to use the restroom in the near future.

I decided to do the first mile in the neighborhood so that I was close to home.  Glad I did that!

When I was about to walk out the door, again, I checked my app, Endomondo, to see how far I went.  I had gone .76 miles but it was set for walking.  What, who did that?  LOL

I stopped it and started it again, and decided to just add 10 to that so I would have an accurate time.

On my long runs, I have been worried about running out of water, so I mapped out a new route that would take me past a few places that I could run into if I needed something.  This was a good route and I think I will do it more often for my longer runs.

I have been worried about my hip, but was feeling pretty good.  There were a few other runners out there, but mostly people who were on bikes and one walker.  It was a beautiful morning and I wish I had taken a pic of the view I had of the Newport Bridge.

I recently purchased a Spibelt and this was my first long run using it.  I had put my fuel in it and honestly, I didn't even know I had it on while running.  Love it!

In mile six, I was passing a D and D and I made a pit stop.  Got some H2O and back to running I went.  At mile 7,  I was beginning to really feel tired.  I had a Uber Larabar that I picked up at an expo recently, Banana Foster.  Yum so good! It helped a little but my hip and my legs were yelling at me.

Mile 8 was not good.  The very top of my street, which I thought was going to be 9.5 miles was only 9.  I was disappointed and considered just finishing there because technically, I had hit 10.

I knew though, that when I got back home, I would feel disappointed in myself.  I also knew that I could do it.  I continued on until I hit 10 miles.  The last mile was my slowest to date, 15:08.

This was not my first time running 10 miles, but it was my worst time for that distance, 2:09:59.
Me after 10 miles.  Yeah, I can't believe I am smiling either.

When I got home, the smell of coffee was awesome!  Thank you Mr. RWM.  I iced my hip and wore my compression socks and felt great later when we had to head out to a Labor Day Bar-B-Que at Ethel's home.

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend for the RWM family and I am sorry it is over.

I would like to thank Mommy, Run Fast for hosting this race.  I had fun!

Did you participate?  How was it?  What else did you do this holiday weekend?

Run Strong, Think Big!


  1. Great job! I ran the 10 miler on Friday and hope to do 5 today or tomorrow. Way to push through:)

  2. You are such a trooper! Totally earned that BBQ :)

  3. Awesome job, Nicole! I'm impressed that you pushed through when you didn't want to- that mental toughness will come in handy on long runs. :) If you'd like to link up your post, you can do so here: Hope you had a great 3 day weekend!