Monday, December 31, 2012

My Goal for 2013

I have a post all ready to go about my goals for 2013.  I am not posting it.

It is a long post with only 3 goals but none the less, they are big ones.

As most of you know, I have been seeing a PT for my back and for hip bursitis.  She has suggested that I stop running for a bit.  She knows my plans to run the Philly Marathon, which will take place November 2013.  Just under a year away now.  She says that will not be a problem if I listen to her.  She has a plan to get me healthy and hopefully pain free.

I need to strengthen my core.  Basically, I am a weakling and have been for a long time.  This needs to change.

I ran two miles just the other day, and my hips immediately hurt.  Not the kind of hurt that stops you, just an annoying kind of hurt.  I had not run in 20 days and apparently that wasn't long enough.  I am mad an frustrated but I will listen to the doc and step up my cross training.

So here we go, 2013.  First and most importantly.  Get healthy and strong.

Do this so I can run for many more years to come.

Do this so I can run the Philadelphia Marathon.

Now, I did sign up for 13 in 2013.  I still feel this can be done, but most of the races I do will be in conjunction with my marathon training.  Did you sign up for this challenge?  Let me know so we can cheer each other on.

Ok, now on to New Year's Eve!  This is my favorite night of the year.  New Years in Philadelphia is a really big deal, especially if your father is a mummer.  There is nothing like it and I am sorry, you can read about it, but words won't give you the true feeling of what the New Year's Day Mummers Parade is all about.

When I moved from Philly, (sniff, sniff) I was so surprised that the rest of the country did not have something big for New Years Day.  I have always been so disappointed about this.

Since having kids, Mr. RWM and I have had a party on New Year's Eve.  This will be year number 7 for us.  I have food and drinks, and kids are welcome.  This way we still get to ring in the New Year without having to worry about sitters or driving.  Our kids get to party till they pass out and we get to enjoy the company of our friends.  I love it and can't wait till everyone gets here.

Last year, on New Years Day, I did a Polar Bear Plunge for the first time.  It was really cool but boy was it cold.  I may or may not do it again this year.  I am still on the fence, but this may have to be my new New Years Day tradition.  What do you all think?
2012, coming out of the ocean and yes, I am smiling!

Ok, so tell me how you ring in the New Year.  Have you ever done a Polar Bear Plunge?  What are some of your 2013 goals?  Have you run the Philly Marathon?  Any suggestions for a hotel?

Bring it on 2013!  We are ready for you!

Happy New Year everyone!

Run Strong, Think Big!

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  1. You're so smart to get the core/hip strength figured out now, and I definitely think you can still handle the marathon. That distance has a way of drawing out any little issues-- I've gotten injured several times trying to train for it, so I'm glad you're taking it seriously. As for the Polar Bear Plunge, um, nope. Not me! But feel free to go for it! :)