Saturday, April 27, 2013

Training Done, Now Let's Race

Well, this is it!  Ten weeks of training and now all that is left is to race on Sunday.  I am psyched!

This week did not go as planned.  Partly because I had family staying with us for 10 days and it was a little crazy.  I ran twice for a total of 8 miles and I also had PT.  I walked just a little and stretched a lot!

On Thursday, I ran with the Narragansett Running Association again.  Or should I say, I said hello to them and then Beth and I ran together.  This group is fast!  If Beth wasn't there, I doubt I would go back.  They are all really nice and I do enjoy talking with them before and after the run.  They said as it gets warmer, the group gets bigger.  I am hoping to be joined by one or two more "slower" runners.

I love running with Beth.  She is good for me.  I ran the whole five miles even though there were a couple times I wanted to walk.  We were about a minute and half slower than last week, and that was my fault.  I had a bit of trouble getting my breathing under control for the first two miles.  I had a weird tightness in my chest that I usually feel in really cold weather.  It was in the low 60's and I can't really explain why it happened.  I suggested she go on ahead, but she stayed with me, probably to make sure I didn't have a heart attack.  Just kidding!  Sort of.

The conversation was great and we talked the whole time.  So happy to have met her. She will be at the race on Sunday.  Her goal is about 10 minutes faster than mine.  More on that later.

Now, when I was leaving to go run, George got mad at me for not taking him.  I tried to tell him that we were running to far for him and there would be no walking if he got tired. He was not buying it.  I promised him that I would be in my running clothes when he got home form school and we would run.

It was a beautiful day and just before his bus arrived I went up to get changed.  I saw a running skirt that was really cute and I bought three of them in different colors.  I put one one to test it out.  It was an impulse buy and I wanted to make sure I liked it.  It seemed short but cute.

As soon as George got off the bus, he said he didn't want to go.  What, I waited all day for you!  I don't want to make him run, I have always just taken his lead.  I want him to like it and not feel like he has to do it.  So I just said, OK, and headed out on my own.

I told Mr. RWM, I was just going to try out this skirt and do about 2 miles.  Quick but easy.  I felt good right away and was happy to be out in the sun and enjoying my run.  As for the skirt, it is cute but the shorts did not stay in place.  They didn't really bother me on the short run but I think they would on a long one.  I think I may keep them and just use them for short races.  Or not.  We will see.

As I was approaching my house to end my run, my Garmin read 2.71.  Well you just can't stop there especially feeling so good, so I finished at 3 miles in 30:53.

Ok, so my goals for Sunday.  Well, I have an A, B, and C goal.

A. Based on my really good training runs, I should be able to finish in 1:45.  That is what I am aiming for.

B.  Based on my not so good runs, I should be able to finish in 1:50.  This would still give me a PR and I think I would still be happy with that.

C.  Just come in under 1:58 which is the time to beat based on my last 10 mile race.  That race I struggled with stomach issues for the first 4 miles, so I think that no matter what happens, I will beat this time and leave with a PR.

I had a few local people ask if they can meet me at the race.  I would love to meet some of my readers in person so if you will be there, I will be wearing a running skirt with pink and orange flowers and an orange shirt that reads Finishing = Winning.

In other news, I picked up Run Less, Run Faster and am pretty sure this will be my training plan for the Philadelphia Marathon.  I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole

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