Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week Nine and A Couple Fast MIles

Week nine done!

Monday, I had PT and biked with the kids.  Yes, I am calling that cross training.

On Tuesday, my plan called for 5 miles.  I was fueled by what happened on Monday and I ran 6 very emotional miles.  They were what I needed.  It was good for my mind and spirit.

Wednesday, nothing.

Thursday I ran 5 miles and I did that with the local running group.  Beth of Beth Runs RI, asked if I wanted to check them out. I have wanted to for quite some time, but never had the guts.  I have been told they are fast runners.

Their Thursday night runs are classified as fun runs.  All levels welcome and they run anywhere from 5 to 8 miles.

As I was driving down 1A to meet them, I saw a group of runners all wearing Boston Marathon shirts.   I was pretty sure this was the group I was meeting.  (those shirts were not intimidating at all, LOL)  I parked and Beth was parking behind me when I was getting out.

Soon after that, the group arrived.  Introductions were made and everyone was very nice. Beth and I were even offered Boston shirts.  The shirts were from one of the runners who has run Boston a number of times.  She brought the shirts with her to share and I thought that was really cool.  I also was pretty amazed that she had that many shirts for everyone to wear!

Beth and I decided on five miles and everyone else was going further.  We all started together but that did not last long.  I was soon trailing behind with a man named Jim, who I am sure was just being polite. He was only going out for two as he had just run the earlier miles.  He was very nice and it was nice to have him with me for a mile.

When he turned to go back, I was able to see Beth running with a man named Dave. The rest of the group was not in sight.  I ran just a bit on my own before they saw me and waited for me to catch up.  Dave showed us where to turn for 5 miles and he went on to do 6.

Beth and I had a really nice run. It was great to get to know her better and I am happy to add her to my running buddy list.

I knew we were running at a pretty good pace, or at least a good pace for me.  We finished in 52:27 and I was really happy about that.  Running with Beth, sped me up but I sadly slowed her down a bit.  She told me she enjoyed the run though and I think we will both do it again this week.

Friday, nothing.

Saturday, nothing.

Sunday, 8 miles.

Now, first I need to tell you that I am still learning all the in's and out's of my Garmin.  If you know me, you are not surprised.  After my Thursday night run, I asked Mr. RWM to see if he can change my screens so that I can see how long I am running.  He did what he did and I thought I was all set.

I headed out today and half way up the hill, I looked at my watch and it was tracking my time but nothing else.  Where it said pace and distance it read 0.  I messed with it a bit but I could not get it to work.  Back down the hill...

Mr. RWM was laying mulch in our yard but looked at it and told me my GPS was not on. I turned it on but then every time I hit a button it turned the GPS off.  Is it me?  Probably. Since he wasn't really able to help, I threw my Garmin on the table and pulled up my Endomondo app.  Finally, I was on my way.

Heading up the hill and out of my neighborhood, I was a little mad at the wasted time.  I was dwelling on it when I hit my first mile, 10:25.  Nice, I instantly felt better.

Today was beautiful and for me, the perfect running weather.  It was one of those days that I felt like I could run forever.  And when I hit the three mile mark at 30:43, I couldn't believe it!  Mile four, 40:01! I was cruising, well cruising for me anyway.  I ran six miles in 59:41. Honestly, I was in shock.  All I could think about at that moment is how big a PR I may have at Newport on Sunday.  The time I am trying to beat is 1:58 and a few seconds.

It wasn't long after that, that the wind picked up.  And I mean, crazy wind!  I did the best I could for the next two miles but sadly, they were 11:16 and 11:36.  I finished eight miles in 1:22:53.  Obviously, not an official PR but it is to date, my fastest 8 miles.

To make it just a little better, my back and hips feel great!  I am more ready for next Sunday than I have ever been for a race and I can't wait to walk up to that start line.

I am not happy with my lack of cross training this week and I will step it up as my miles decrease this week according to my training plan.

I hope you all had a great weekend.  I loved seeing all the pictures of you in your race shirts and reading about your miles for Boston.   I think with every mile we heal just a little.  Keep it up my friends.

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole


  1. Sounds like a great week to me. Keep up the good work.

  2. Sounds like a great week of running. Good luck in Newport this weekend! I hope to run this one of these years :) Best, Lisa