Friday, May 24, 2013


Last night I ran with the Narragansett Running Association for the third time.  I have joined on with this group because of Beth.  I was hesitant at first but so happy that I gave it a try.

This group is fast!  I am not.

Their Thursday night runs are described as their "fun runs".  That sounded perfect to Beth and I.  The first week, two gentlemen stuck with us for about 2 miles to show us where to go.  The second week, we were on our own but had such a great run.

Then Beth went away and we missed two weeks.  I did not run with the group for a couple reasons.  First, 6pm is not that convenient with two little kids.  And second, I knew I would be alone and I can run by myself anywhere at my connivence.  Third, they are fun runs and what fun is it without a friend!

My back has not been feeling so good this week and I wasn't sure if I would be up for five miles.  I woke up feeling a little better and was really looking forward to my evening run.  I messaged Beth to tell her I was a go and asked if she wanted to grab a drink after.  She was on board.

We met at our spot and there were a few new faces.  At 6 we were off.  It was dark and windy, but looking at the radar, the rain was going to miss us.

We fell into conversation right away and this is what I really love about these runs.  The friendship.

I am blessed to have some wonderful friends in my life and running only made that better.

My oldest friends are Dawn, Elizabeth and Deserie.  I hardly ever see them but I met them all in high school!  When we talk or get together, it is like time never passed.  I love and miss each of them every day.

Then there is Barb, who I met in 1994 in training to become Flight Attendants.  We worked together and even lived together for a while.  She is an Badass Mother Runner who has been one of my biggest cheerleaders.  She will be running with me in my first marathon.  It will be her 5th.  There is distance between us but that just makes the friendship even stronger.

Some of my newer friends I made when I had my son.  I joined a Moms Club and met some of the funniest women ever.  Not only have they made me laugh but they got me to a good place.  I was clueless when I had George, as a lot of us new moms are, and they helped me figure it out.  I have learned so much from them and continue to each and every day.  It was one of those moms who asked me to run with her and I laughed at her request.  That was in 2011.  I have come a long way since then and shared some miles with these fellow running moms.

And now, through my blog and FB page, I continue to meet women runners who amaze and motivate me.  Connie a wonderful women who ran her first 5k at 60!  She is now training for her first 10k.  So proud to call her my friend.  Michelle and Deb, who I drove with to the Another Mother Runner party. I had so much fun with them and look forward to the next time we will see each other.  And of course, Beth, who with each run, I love more and more.  There are a few others who I have not met yet, but continue to share stories and laughs with through email and FB.  Some of them, I can't wait to meet.

And I can't forget my Running While Daddy friends, especially Andy.  His story is truly amazing!  He is funny and smart and an incredible father.  He has been a great supporter of mine for a long time now and I have loved following him with every step he has run and every word that he has written.

I guess what I am trying to say, there is nothing like a good friend.  I don't care if you have 1 on 100, it doesn't matter.  My friends are all different, yet we all get along.  I can laugh with them and cry on their shoulder.  I can run with them, drink with them and sometimes both at the same time.  My kids can play with their kids and they are making lasting friendships also.  That's pretty cool!

Do you have a best friend?  Any crazy stories you want to share?  What are you teaching your kids about friendship?  

I am running in my very first 10k tomorrow.  I am pretty excited except for the rain.  I will be running with my friend Elaine and that makes it all better.

Any races for this long weekend?  How will you celebrate Memorial Day?  Will it be with friends?

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole


  1. I wouldn't have joined the runs without you Nicole!! Thank you for encouraging me and being my friend. It is fun to get to know you more and more and being able to run AND talk our heads off about every imaginable subject is pretty amazing!!

    Remember, Dave used to be in the back of the pack like us and he BQ at Sugar Loaf this weekend. He credits the encouragement of the NRA runners. I think we will get pretty close to not loosing sight of the leaders of the pack on the 'fun runs' by the time fall rolls around!

    Looking forward to our next run (and beer!) and maybe we can find some other local runners at our pace to join in?? I really did miss our runs the two weeks I was gone.

    1. I am going to invite my friend that I will be running with tomorrow. I think she will enjoy it.

  2. No races but I'm looking forward to my B2B runs this weekend 8 and 28 miles!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. You are truly blessed to have so many friends in your life.
    I guess it makes not living near family much easier.

  4. Embarking on the journey to 5K last year has brought so many gifts. Learning that I am stronger and have more stamina than I thought was good. Succeeded at something I did not think I could was good. But the best gift of all, my dear friend, has been the wonderful people I've met from all over the country, all over the world. This running community is awesome.

    I am so, so happy that we met, not only as internet friends, but as real life friends. Who would have imagined that we meet on the Cto5K page and ended up both being from right here in the same state? I treasure our friendship and look forward soon to meeting in person some of these other amazing women who, to date, are my "virtual" friends.

    Bless you for you constant kind words and your incredibly big heart.

  5. Ok, now, response,it won't let me on mobile. Read this last nt. GREAT topic to touch on. I have friends and running friends, who live close or further away, but couldn't do any of my running, or be stronger, anyway, w/o any of my fantastic friends. I have awesome, helpful running grp, Canton Peeps, just kinda came together, stayed in grp for about 2 yrs.-fun grp of friends. I have friends, who run, like Running while Mommmy, Holly,etc. and LOVE it that we all share this! I have so much fun out there!! Don't think that for one min. you, my friends, even thru FB, or these blogs,chat etc. don't help! Everything helped me! Take care and Happy Running/Walking! Enjoy Memorial Day weekend!