Friday, May 31, 2013


Yesterday, I headed out for a five mile run.

If I was smart, I would of got up early and ran before everyone was awake.  Instead, I woke up at my regular time and waited until George was on the bus and off to school.  I stepped out my door at 9:10.

It was already warm, but not unbearable.  My first mile was mostly shaded and I felt good.  Mile two the sun was starting to really hit me and there was no breeze.  It was here I thought that I would just do three and call it good.

This is where two voices in my head started to argue.  Does that happen to you?  Part of me said you can do it and just go and the other part was all, turn around what's the big deal!

Positive voice won and then I hit three miles.  It was here, I had to make another decision.  My goal was five miles and I was running toward the beach and even though there was little shade, a breeze had just started to hit me.  I liked it.  If I turned around, I would be running again with the sun beating down on me and no breeze.  I chose to go forward and planned to call for a ride home.

Mile four and five were really good.  The breeze was on and off and there were two hills to contend with.  The first hill was open road and really hot.  I made it to the top and than gave myself permission to take a quick walk while I drank some water.  Why do I feel like I need to have "permission" to do this.  What rule am I really breaking?  I am not officially training yet.  I am running for the enjoyment of it, right?  I hate being so hard on myself but I think we all do that.  The walk was just what I needed.  The water was just what I needed.  I was ready to finish my run, which was ending on an uphill.

I am still going back and forth with training plans for my marathon and I am considering one that involves a walk/run method.  I will admit it, is on the bottom of the list but I do have a hard time seeing myself run for 26.2 miles.  I am guessing we have all doubted ourselves at some point or another but this doubt has been with me from the moment I decided to run a marathon.

For my first half, I walked up to each water stop, drank my water and then ran again. This worked well for me and maybe that is what I just need to do in November.

Are you as hard on yourself as I am?  Do you feel you need to have "permission" to walk or stop?  Have you used a run/walk method for a marathon?

Like I said, I finished up mile five on an uphill.  I stretched my calves and called home. Trust me, I considered running home, but I was not prepared.  I was out of water and did not have fuel with me.  I would of never made it.

My parents are here for a visit.  Gracie had her preschool graduation last night and they were here to see that.  My dad answered the phone.  I told him where I was and started to walk in the direction he would be coming.  Once I crossed the street and walked about a minute, my Garmin beeped to tell me it was shutting down.  No way, I am going to run till I see the car!  I hit go and off I went.
Gracie and her Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop

The sun was hot but I felt good.  I ran until I saw my dad and got in the very nice air-conditioned car.  He had a nice bottle of water for me too.  Thanks Dad!

When I looked down at my Garmin it read 5.95 miles.  Oh, man so very close to six! That made me laugh.  If I was not getting a ride, I would of finished it up at six miles but I couldn't do that today.  Oh well, just need to move on.

Are you a stickler for the numbers?  Even or odd?

I had a nice run, and so happy I got out when I did.  I am heading to Boston for the weekend with my church and our schedule is jammed packed with our mornings starting at 6am.  I am not sure if I will get a run in, but I am packed for one.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  We are staying in Cambridge and I would love to run along the Charles.

I hope you all have a nice weekend.  Don't forget to enter the Shubeez giveaway which is ending next week!

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole


  1. You can and you will run 26.2 miles. And walking water stops is completely acceptable. I would look forward to the few seconds of walking while gulping some water. I've run races with people doing the run walk method. I remember one gal a mile or so from the finish line started walking. I said, Oh come on we are almost there, you can run this. She said I'm doing a run walk, thanks for the encouragement. Which ever plan you choose or combo of a plan you choose remember you have a buddy for long runs! Your marathon is a few weeks after mine but I imagine something can synch up! I hope you do get to run along the Charles, just sounds so dreamy!

    And you ran 6, I round up, when it is that close. After experimenting with the GPS and Strava and Map My Run nothing is exactly exact to a measured course.... I stop the watch when I'm done, mostly.

  2. Thanks Beth! I am pretty sure I will run and walk through the water stops without beating myself up. I am going to be happy to finish and that is what matters most! See you soon!