Friday, March 6, 2015

Finally! A Plan!

I think, after much back and forth, I finally have my plan for the year.

The last two years, I tackled two big races and while doing that, I planned my training around races.  Nineteen races in 2013 and seventeen in 2014.  I still want to run, but run less races this year.  There are so many good ones, especially local, so organizing this calendar was not easy.  Keeping myself and my family sane was the number one goal.  Not sure how sane this is but it is better than the last two years.

To kick the year off, I am volunteering at The Ocean's Run.  I have run this race the last three years but did not feel as ready this year, even with all the running I have been doing.  I have friends running it, so this gives me an opportunity to cheer them on and still be involved with this cool race.  It also gives me a free entry to any one of TriMom's races. I will most likely use it for one of her triathlons.

Road Races

The Middletown Half Marathon on April 12, will be my first race of the year.  This race is part of the HMF Triple Challenge.  I chose this series for a couple reasons. First, it mixes things up a bit. I have not run in Connecticut yet. That is a new state to cross off my list.  I have only heard good things about HMF and their races.  But secondly, and most important, this race is run in the home town of Sarah, aka, Professor Badass.  I will get to run with her, meet her friends and enjoy some time at her home after.  I am going into this race with a have fun attitude and just enjoy the day. (registered)

The Philadelphia Broad Street Run on May 3. This race just looks like a fantastic time!  I have signed up to run it with The American Cancer Society and Team DetermiNation.  I have worked hard to raise money to secure my spot.  My team is made up of fifty amazing people with all different skill levels.  Some I have met and some I will meet that weekend.  I go back and forth with a goal for this race. Not sure if I will shoot for a PR or not. Either way, it will be a hell of a good time! (registered)

Narrow River 5k, May 9.  I love this race and have had a course PR every year.  This year I am shooting not only for a course PR but an all time 5K PR.  (not registered)

The Mystic Half Marathon, May 31.  This is the second race in the HMF series. We love Mystic and I am hoping we can make this a family weekend so we can enjoy the seaport and the aquarium, as well as the race.  This is the first year for this race and I know nothing about the course.  Not sure what my plan will be for this one, but think I will be in good shape and can come close to my PR. (registered)

The Blessing, July 24.  This is a fantastic ten mile race in my hometown.  I get to run this with all my running buddies and our families are there to cheer us on.  This race tends to be hot and humid but lots of fun.  I will have a goal for this one but want to see how my summer running is going before I put it in writing. (not registered)

Hartford Half Marathon, October 10.  Last race in the HMF series.  I will be training for my "big" race of the year so not sure what my goals for this race will be. Might need to just use it as a training run and add a couple miles. Either way, I should be in pretty good shape leading up to this race and will enjoy it. (registered)

Citizens Bank Pell Bridge Run, October 25. I have run this race since it's first year and plan to be there this year for the fifth time.  This has always been a fun run for me and each year I have improved on that uphill.  Maybe I might even try for a PR this year.  We will see...  (not registered)

The Philadelphia Marathon, November 22. This is my big race of the year.  My finishing time never sat well with me in 2013 and I feel like I can do better.  Like, 24 minutes better.  Still working out the details on how to get that PR and I will share them with you when they are finalized.  (not registered)

Maybe Mr. RWM can help with my training?


This year I am looking at The Crabman and maybe one other triathlon.  Still working that out.  Not registerd for any yet.

Virtual Races

The Kiss My Shamrocks Virtual Race, anytime between March 14-17.  This is one of Andy's races and it will help with our fundraising for Broad Street. There is still time to sign up and you can do so here.  This race has a great medal and some fantastic prizes.  (not registered, but just reminded myself to do so)

Skirt Sports has three virtual races this year that coincide with their IRL races. All fun, all with great swag.  I will be doing all three.

261 Fearless, April 18.  (not registered)
The 13er, June 14. (registered)
The Boobie Run, September 12 (not registered)

You can find info for the Skirt Sport race series here.

As we all know, anything can change, but with smart training I think I can make this happen without any crazy race burnout.

One thing I didn't mention yet.  I may be able to work the Skirt Sport booth at the Boston Marathon. I really want to do this but have to wait and see what Mr. RWM's flight schedule brings for April.  I may have to bring mom in to stay with the kids if he can't be here. I missed it last year and really want to try and make it work for me this year.

So there you have it! Nine to ten real life races which is really all I count. The virutals will be fun or used as training.  I am pretty sure this is doable and look forward to many happy miles.

Is your year planned? What is your "big" race for the year?  Will I see you at any of these races?

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole


  1. Sounds like a smart plan! I'm going to look into those skirt sports virtual races since I hadn't heard of those yet :) My plan for the year is 2 half marathons as my big races (one in the Spring and one in the Fall) and then some smaller, local races throughout the year.

    1. Sounds like you have a good plan! Let me know how your races go.