Wednesday, March 11, 2015

In Black and White

When I started running in 2011,  I was clueless.  As we all know now, there is a little bit more to it then just putting on the sneakers that have been sitting in your closet.  I started reading everything I could on the internet and then discovered people actually wrote books about the sport.

The first one I picked up was about a women who went from her couch to a full marathon. It was good but a little too much for me.  I was not even finished with the Couch to 5K plan yet. Plus, she was  a little too serious for me.

Then I found a pretty little yellow book called, Run Like a Mother.  The title alone got my attention but when I stared to read it, I was hooked. This book made me laugh and cry and realize everything I was experiencing was normal.

The authors, Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea made me feel like I was their friend and running buddy with every word.  I started every morning by first, looking at their FaceBook page.  I started to get friendly with some of the other mother runners that posted there. I found a community and a home all about running.

Book number two, Train Like a Mother, came out and it did not disappoint.  Training plans galore and advice with the same witty dialogue that hooked me in the first book.

Along the way, I continued to post on their page and talk with the other women.  After my first ten mile run, they made my comment their status update to start their Pile Of Miles for that weekend.  Some time after that, I was invited to fill out a quick questionnaire and became one of their, Follow This Mother posts.  Man, that just thrilled me.

When they announced their house party tour for 2013,  I immediately signed up to join them in Connecticut.  

This past summer, I joined Michelle and our friend Erica in Cape Cod to help man their booth at the Zooma Expo.

When they announced that a third book was in the works and posted an online survey to fill out, I jumped on it.  It took some time to really put my thoughts together, but I was proud of the finished product that I sent them.  Tales From Another Mother Runner was in the works and along with thousands of other mother runners, I patiently waited.

Well friends, Tales From Another Mother Runner is here and SBS and Dimity are currently on a book tour.  I was able to go to their party in Boston and what a good time it was.

BRF#1 and Connie joined me.  The party was at the Greater Boston Running Company, about two hours away.  Once inside, we found Michelle, Deb, Erica and Jessica.  There was wine and cookies.  The place was packed!  Dimity, SBS and Adrienne Martini all read from the book and in between readings they gave some pretty awesome stuff away.  I did not win anything.

After the readings, I purchased a book and a shirt and then got in line to talk and have them sign my book.  In line I perused the book looking to see if they used anything from the survey I filled out.  There were so many great stories in the book, but I didn't see my name.

I was chatting with Connie and BRF#1 was reading from the book when all of a sudden she says, "Nicole, this is you!  5:23. I know that number."  And there it was, in black and white, page 139 in the, "What's The Hardest You Pushed Yourself in a Race" section.  My words.

Shocked, I opened my book, read it and tears formed in my eyes.  I texted Mr. RWM who wrote back,  "Your 15 minutes."  Ha, whatever, I will take it!

Connie got to Dimity first and then it was my turn. I thanked her for putting me in the book and we talked about tackling Philly again this year. She signed my page!  Yes, my page.  We talked a little about bike training for tri's and she generally was interested in my questions and what I had to say.

When I got to SBS, we also chatted about Philly and how great a race it is. She signed my book and told me she loved my boots.  Then we snapped a few pictures.  My heart was full and my smile was wide.

We were all pretty excited getting in the car for our two hour trek home.  But it was worth it!

The girls checked out the swag bag which included socks, GU and NUUN among other things.

It was a great night!  Thank you SBS and Dimity for leading this tribe of BAMR's!

Have you picked up Tales From Another Mother Runner yet?  Are you getting to one of their party/book signings?  I highly recommend both!

Run Strong, Think Big! ~ Nicole


  1. I am so mad I wasn't able to go - A last minute sick kid prevented me. But I downloaded their latest book last night and stayed up way too late reading it!

    1. So sorry you missed it! Not sure where you are but they will be in CT tomorrow night.

      Love the book so far! Enjoy reading and hope your little guy feels bester soon.