Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Enter Tinker Bell?

I had a great workout today.  Nothing out of the ordinary, 10 miles on the bike, 1 mile walking and tons of stretching.  I can't pinpoint exactly why it was so good but it was.  I started out listening to an Another Mother Radio podcast about how to dress up for a race.  I really found this to be fun and just so you know, I now know exactly how to attach Tinker bell wings to my tank for when I run Disney.  Oh, yeah, I am the type of runner who will look like Sleeping Beauty or Tinker bell when I do one of those races.  The more fun the better.  
Not me, but someday, maybe!

After that, I switched to music.  This was at mile 8 on the bike.  The first song that came on was Metallica's Enter Sandman.  Now, I love this song, but for some reason when it came on today I became Super Woman.  I like a lot of power behind my music when I work out and that song certainly had it.  I finished strong and felt happy.  I was glad I got my workout done early, because my day continued to be great.

My iPod is new and I haven't gotten all the songs/albums that I like put on it yet.  I started a search and realized, that Enter Sandman was the only Metallica song on it.  So after I write this blog, I will be adding more.  Any suggestions?

Another cool thing that happened today is I hit 100 likes on my FB page.  Actually, I hit 104.  I promised that I would do 100 squats when this happened, so that is how I am going to kick off my morning.  I am hoping DH is home early enough to snap a photo of me doing this.  Thanks everyone!

That is it, short and sweet.  Hope you had a great day!

Run strong, think big and rock on!


  1. Oh how I miss the podcasts! I was listening to them on solo runs on the weekends, but since I've been running with groups, and am now on injured reserve, I haven't fired up the iPod in ages! Thanks for the reminder! Congrats on the 104 likes! I'll have to hop over there.
    I have to go check my iTunes to get any recommendations, it's been so long since I've seen my play lists!! Hope the squats didn't leave you paralyzed (as they would have done to me)!

  2. wow! good luck with those squats! i love dressing up for races as well so if i ever run a disney i will be decked out for sure!

    1. Thanks! I survived the squats. Do you know who you would dress up as?

  3. Congrats on 100 facebook fans!!