Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mornings Are Beautiful

Yesterday, I took part in a multifamily yard sale.  I had plenty of things to get rid of, especially baby stuff. I was up bright and early to set up my table and people were already trying to buy things. I guess they didn't want to miss out on the good stuff.

The purpose for me, was to not only clean out my basement, it was to raise money for LLS.   I am to the half way mark with my fundraising and pretty excited about that.  Every penny, I made is being mailed tomorrow to get added on to my total.

In addition to the money I made, my very good friend JD also donated her money to me to give to LLS.  Wow, what a wonderful friend I am so blessed to have.  Thank you so much JD!  Our combined total is $145.50.  Not to shabby.

I had made a sign saying that all proceeds were going to charity and I also put Haley's picture on it.  I got a lot of good response to it and heard a couple stories about how Leukemia and Lymphoma had played a part is some of my shoppers lives.

One lady in particular, really touched my heart.  She had come in the middle of the morning and she told me about her granddaughter who was diagnosed at age 1 with Leukemia.  We talk just a little bit and she left without buying anything.

Right after Mr. RWM and I got the last unsold item in the truck and were about to drive away, she pulled in behind us.  This took us by surprise but we got out and asked what she was looking for.  She wanted a Rocking Horse that I was selling.

This Rocking Horse, my parents bought for our son when he was born.  It was soft and if you pushed a button in his ear, he made a galloping noise.  Both of my kids had plenty of fun with this toy and they named him Blondie.  We were sad to be selling it but hoping it would go to a good home.

This made us so happy, because I knew just by talking to her for a few minutes, Blondie was going to love his new home.  She told my her granddaughter with Leukemia was now 9 years old and doing great!  I wished her and her family well and if that would of been my only sale, it would of been worth it.

Now on to Sunday.  Every Sunday, since signing on with Team in Training, I have driven to Brown University for our long training run.  I have enjoyed this and was looking forward to today for the support while I ran 5 miles.

I remembered late yesterday afternoon, that I have tickets to see Motherhood, the Musical in Providence at 1.  Glad I remembered, but knew it would not be possible to do that drive twice, run and take a shower.  I would miss the whole morning with my family and spend way too much time in the car.

So, I slept in just a little bit later than I would of if I was going to Brown and got ready for 5 miles.  Out the door I went, and right away, I was so happy to see how beautiful the morning was.

I took off from my driveway and tried to tackle the hill going up my street.  I HATE this hill and it almost got the best of me.  OK, it did get the best of me, but I am coming back for you, stupid hill!  Hills are something I really need to work on, if I plan to run the whole race in San Fran.  However, my reasons for being at the NWM are so much bigger than any hill and I will survive!

There is nothing too exciting about this run, other than I did it.  Five miles alone, on the street and I did it in an hour exactly.  This is encouraging, because I think a 2:30 half marathon is possible.

I did, late last night, sign up for my first Anywhere 5k, which I did today.  My first three miles were dedicated to Sarah Garcia who is a wife, mother, and teacher who is battling cancer.   My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Sarah.  Fight hard!

All in all, it has been a nice weekend with two beautiful mornings.  Hope you are enjoying some nice weather wherever you are too!

Run Strong, Think Big!


  1. Glad you are having a great weekend and way to get out there and tackle that hill!

    1. Thanks! Need so much more hill work though. Need to get over my hate for the hills and just do it!

  2. What a great idea to spread the word and raise funds through the garage sale- it's always meaningful to have those face-to-face interactions about it. Great job on your 5 miles!

  3. Glad you got to participate in the sale to fundraise! The other lady's grandaughter will also be in my prayers. Also, great job on the running! I used to hate hills, but now, not so bad, even though I am so very slow on them, yet. They can be "your friend". Challenge, but gets the blood flowin'. circulation, then I start to feel better on a run! Also, congrats on the 5k, great cause! And, better yet, on "marathon" of life! Getting everywhere ya need to be, getting it done! Have a GREAT week! Keep believing!