Monday, June 18, 2012

My New Running Buddy

When I wrote this post, I was thinking it would be about running partners, but I didn't have too much experience with that, so I wrote about life partners.  It got a lot of great response but I still wanted to have someone to run with on a regular basis.

There were a few times, that I ran with friends.  Like my graduation run form the c25k program and my first two races.  All great times, but still, as my miles get higher, the more I wanted company.

I don't just want good conversation, I want motivation and someone to hold me accountable.  Now that I am in serious training, skipping a run is not an option.  I have a plan and I am sticking to it!  Or going to do my best to stick to it.  LOL

When I started training at Brown on the weekends with Team in Training, this became even more apparent.  I was running with strangers and I loved it!  I knew it would be even better with a friend.

As of last week, I have a regular running buddy!  We have been meeting at 6 am, UGH!, and it has been awesome!  She has been my friend for the last 6 years.  She ran the local Mom's club that I joined when my son was 4 months old.  We talk, we run and we have fun.  She holds me accountable and also motivates me and on Thursday, I made it up a stupid hill and did not walk, thanks to her.  I am pretty sure I do the same for her and that makes us both happy.

This year, the Providence Rock and Roll Half, opened it up to relay teams.  The first runner does 5 miles and the second one, eight.  She thinks she may want to do this and I think we would make a great team.  It is in August and I may run into a child care problem, but we have plenty of time to work it out.  I will let you know if we register.

Now on to some training.  Last week sucked!  I only ran ten miles in three day.  I missed a whole day of running!  This week, I will be making up for it.

I ran an easy two miles today and have five miles on the schedule for Tuesday.  This week, Wednesday will be my day off, and I will run Thursday and Friday.   Of course, with some cross training on those days.  Sunday, with Team In Training, the plan is 6 miles.  Wish me luck.

The Run Strong, Think Big Virtual 5k is picking up.  I now have 26 runners registered.  I would love to see 50 so get out there with your friends and family and support an excellent cause.

Please keep in mind that you DO NOT have to run.  Walkers are welcome and if I really think about it, I don't care if you skip as long as you have fun while doing what you love to do.

I am down total of 10 pounds doing Weight Watchers and my clothes are getting too big.  I have ten more to go, so I hesitate to spend too much money on new stuff now, so I will just get a belt.  OK, I lied, I did do a little shopping and got two outfits in a smaller size, I just couldn't' resist.  Oh, and new shoes too.

I think I will be blogging less in the summer, sorry.  I am finding it harder to keep up with everything now that the kids are out of school, especially the weeks Mr. RWM is away.  Fitting in a run is hard enough and then they still want me to feed them and play with them and make sure they have clean clothes...   I think I will cut it down to once a week, sometimes more.

How are you handling training with the kids being out of school?  Do you have a running buddy?  What race are you training for?  Have you ever done a relay race?

Run strong, think big!


  1. Love that you and H are running buddies and I know she loves running with you too. Keep it up! Wish I could join you some day but I would need some motivation to be on the road at 6AM. So proud of you! Excellent blog entry

    1. Kathy, we would love to have you join us anytime! We may be able to go a little later now that we don't have to get kids on the bus. Although, it is going to get hot and that may keep us around 6-6:30. We will see.