Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So I do not have a running buddy, but I do have people who will run with me if I asked.  I am slow and most of my running friends are faster.  I don't want anyone to feel like they have to keep up with me.  But the races I have done with friends were awesome.  Just knowing someone is there to celebrate with you is enough.

This brings me to yesterday at the gym.  I was watching a couple who were working out together.  Husband and wife.  They looked like they were having fun together and I got a little jealous.  My DH is not a runner and doesn't like the gym at all.  He does love to bike though.  We have biked as a family but that's not really a workout with the kids.  

I worry that he is not taking care of himself.  Eating right will only go so far.  You have to move a little too.  I am sure I will never get him to run with me and that is ok.  It's not his thing. I'm not even sure I want a running partner, yet.  But I am happy to have  a partner in life.

DH and I have been married for 8 years.   And I haven't looked back.  He is smart, funny and handsome. He has a really cool job that allows me to stay home with our two kids.  I feel so lucky to be able to do that.  He works hard for us and we appreciate all that he does.  He is retired from the Air National Guard too.  He served our country for 25 years and no one is more proud of him then his family.  

What makes a marriage work?  Honesty, forgiveness, faith, compassion, laughter, praise, love and hope.  I think you need all of these things and not just sometimes, but all the time.  Both our parents have been together for 40 + years.  Wow, that is amazing and it makes our 8 years seem so small.  I think we are lucky that we have them to look to for guidence.  They are great examples of what a happy marriage is all about.  I hope our kids feel the same way about us when they are older and find their life partners.  I hope and pray that they are as lucky in love and their parents and grandparents were.  

Life is not easy and neither is marriage.  It takes work, a lot of work.  DH and I are different in a lot of ways but somehow that works for us.  We know what makes each of us happy and support each other in those things. He is not going to run a half marathon with me, but I know he will be at the finish line with the kids.  That is all I need.  

So, tell me, do you have running partners?  Is it a friend or spouse?  How do they support you and keep you motivated?  

I think the hardest things in life are the best!  My marriage, raising kids, training to run a half marathon, to name a few.  I was never sure if I would have any of those things, but I do and they have only made me a better person.  

I hope you all have love and support in your life, especially during this holiday season.  

Run strong, think big!

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