Sunday, December 18, 2011

Virtual 5K Update

So last night I ran for TNT Lousy Medal Virtual 5K Run/Walk hosted by Hope Epton, Heather Gannoe | Event Information.  I had a few things working against me but I finished in 37:53.

What was working against me you ask?  Well, myself.  The night before, I had only 3 hours of sleep.  That does not work for me, and I usually always sleep well.  My knee was hurting and my mind was spinning.
The second thing is that I ran at an odd time, 4pm.  I usually run earlier and I have to say that if I had someone to stay with the kids and got to run outside (we had a beautiful day) I think my run would of been better.
And thirdly, I did not eat and drink well.  I had a late breakfast and no lunch and only one glass of water. Now even the non-runners out there, know that was not the best thing I could of done.

I got on the treadmill a little after 4 and decided to start out with a walk to warmup.  Then I ran.  Almost immediately I was thirsty.  I ran for 20 minutes and then had to walk for two while I drank almost all my water.  Felt better and ran some more.  I did take a walk break again and all in all I walked about 6 minutes.

I am sure my time would of been better if I was better prepared.  Lesson learned.  I have always said time doesn't really matter to me and I stick to that.  I am slow and steady and finishing is winning.

I have to say, this was fun.  It was a race for a great cause and I am happy that I was able to donate to it.  I was alone, but it is a neat way to raise money and do something good for yourself. Plus, I am getting a medal.  It will be my first.  There is no picture of me crossing the finish line, but I can live with that.
I would like to thank my friend Rob from across the pond who also ran this.  He did great and got himself a PR.  Yeah Rob!

So a little on why my head was spinning.  Well, so far there are only two entries into the Cox Rhode Race contest.  Me, who would like to run the half marathon and another woman who would like to run the full.  She wrote a great blog.  They were looking to award up to 5 winners.  My blog has gotten a lot of positive feedback and I was freaked out because I can actually win a slot and have to do the race.  I know, I did this and want this, but I thought that it was a long shot, I am not a great runner let alone a great writer.  But things happen for a reason, this I truly believe, so if I win, I was meant to be there and I will do my best.

So I thought I would do a little recap on my races so far.  My first race was not a running race but there was running. It was a mini Amazing Race that we did around town.  We had two hours to compete various tasks that including eating a hot pepper while singing Hot, Hot, Hot, doing a mini boot camp, putting up a tent, shopping for a family of four and biking to name a few. There were 20 tasks involved and we did 18 or 19.  So close.  This was super fun and a lot of work.  My team came in fourth and I was so proud to have such great team mates.  

My second race was the Amica 5K and I completed that in 35:35.

My third was the Newport Bridge Race which was 4.2 miles and that took me 50 minutes, but it was beautiful and we had to stop and take pictures at the top of the bridge.

My fourth was the Pie Run on Thanksgiving morning.  This one I walked to help push a friend who was in a wheelchair.  It was three miles and I don't have an official time, but it was a blast and next year we will run it.

And of course last night TNT 37:53.

So again, thanks for reading and supporting me.

Run strong, think big.


  1. Nice job for being tired and lacking nourishment!! Glad you decided to start running, it is amazing how it can be so refreshing to hit the pavement and sweat! Hope you get the half entry if not you need to do one anyway, it is awesome! I'm hooked after just doing one, found out I was prego shortly after (that was is May 2010), have a beautiful baby girl now and I'm training now for a 5k and will do the same half I did the first time in May 2012 :)

  2. Thank you for the kind words Kris. I will be doing a half even if I don't get this one. Congrats on your beautiful baby girl. There is nothing else like being a mommy.

  3. GREAT job nicole!! YOU CAN do it! Stay positive. Keep enjoying each run/race! It will come to you (IF, you want to improve time or you will keep improving on strength!). Doing great, so far! I look back on my first races, first time out there running-you are doing better than I did! Take care. Make sure to take care of injuries this winter too!