Thursday, December 29, 2011

Life's An Adventure

That is what I think anyway.  There is so much to learn and do out there, not sure if one lifetime is enough. As I said before, I am hoping to motivate and be motivated by all of you.  You don't have to be a runner or a mommy to read my blog or like my FB page, you just have to want to get out there and experience life.

So this is what I would love.  I want to hear all about your adventures.  The ones you already had and the ones you are working towards.  Post them here or like my FB page and tell me all about them, pictures would be awesome too.  Tell me why you did what you did, how it made you feel, would you do it again and what is next on your list.  We all know that my big goal at the moment is to complete a half marathon, but what you didn't know is I am thinking about doing the Pier Plunge on January 1st.

Now, don't hold me to it, I am still thinking, but it sure does sound like a crazy, fun way to say hello to 2012.  Most of you don't know that I am afraid of the water and I don't' know how to swim.  This is something I would love to change about me.  Nothing like running into your fears in 40 degree temperatures.  LOL  Like I said, still thinking, but have any of you done this?  If you have, please tell me all about it.  

So here we go.  Scroll down and like my Face Book page and tell me about your past and future adventures.  And please, if you have a picture post them.  It can be anything.  Maybe you already finished a marathon or jumped into the ocean in freezing temperatures.   Maybe you rocked your favorite song at Karaoke.  Did you climb Mt. Everest, do you want to?  Have you learned another language or traveled to far away lands?  Did you give birth without drugs?  Have you jumped out of a plane, or swam with sharks?  Maybe, just finishing War and Peace is on your list.  I don't know, but I would love to hear about it.  Don't be shy.

So get out there everyone and Live Your Life!  Share it with us.  And for those of us with goals that we still need to reach, lets share them here so we can motivate each other to do it.  

Ok, get out there and bring in the New Year with a bang!

Run strong, think big!


  1. I'm a really shy person! But I sang karoke at a bar & I was horrible!
    After my mom at 57 years old was diagnosed & died of cancer less than 2 months later I realized life is too short. Had to try something I've never thought I'd do. Next is a 5K. Though the pier plunge sounds fun too except I can't swim & wouldn't want to jump :)

  2. Good for you Sally for getting up there and doing it! What song did you sing? Sorry to hear about your mom, 57 is way to young. You are gonna rock that 5k and she is going to be looking down on you smiling!