Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rhode Scholar

So today, while checking FB, my other favorite pastime, I saw a post from the Cox Providence Rhode Races.  They are running a contest for runners/bloggers to win a free entry into the race in May, either the half or full.

Now you all know I said I was gonna do a half in 2012, but May!  That is only 5 months away!  Can I be ready?  Do I want to be ready?   Hell Yeah!!!

To enter, I have to send a sample blog and starting in January or before, post about my training at least once a week.  I can do that, it is one of the reason I started blogging to begin with, so we will consider this the first one.  They asked me a few questions that I will answer here.  My age:  well writing this I am 39, but by May I will be 40.  Yes, yes.  I did say that out loud and I am more ready for 40 then I was 30.  My location is Saunderstown, Rhode Island.  Which race do I want to run? Well, I would like to run the half.  Last question they asked is why do I want this opportunity?

If you follow my blog, you know I am new to running but love it.  But you also know, I started to challenge myself by doing something I said I would never do.  Running is that thing.  I thought I would be done after my first 5K was completed, but once I ran through that finish line, I knew I had to do it again, and again.  I also knew that a longer race is just what I need.  Something that is hard work, but the result would be worth it.

The funny thing is that yesterday, I almost signed up for a half but chickened out.   I just wanted one more night to think about it.   But when I saw the post today, I felt it was a sign.  A sign to make due on my promise.   I am going to run a half marathon!  I want to do something great, something that few people do.  
Something that says to my kids, "Look what you can accomplish if you work hard and do something you love."  I want to tell other moms that you can have your time and still be a good mom.  After all, when you get your "mommy time" you know you feel better.  And it doesn't have to be running, it can be art, singing, dancing, knitting whatever makes you feel good, makes you feel like this is your life too.  We only get one and I want to live it not just have it pass me by.

So I guess I want to win an entry into the race because even thought I didn't know it, this is what I have been working towards for a long time.  I would be happy to write about it because it motivates me, as well as others.  I hope anyway.  I will not be the fastest person out there and, well, I may even be the last to finish, but I will finish.  When it is all said and done and I see my family waiting for me at the finish line, I will know that the time I spent away from them training will have been worth it.

Thank you Cox Providence Rhode Races for taking at look and considering me for this chance to race with you.  I am pretty sure I will be there either way, but winning an entry would make it just a little sweeter.

As always, run strong and think big!

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