Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wow, Ironman!

Well, my nephew and I just finished watching the Ironman form Hawaii on NBC.  Those athletes are amazing.  If you can't be motivated by that, then you can't be motivated.  I am sure I will never be an Ironman, one because of my fear of water and two, just not that comfortable on a bike, going that fast.  Now I know, never say never, and that is true.  I did say I would never run and here I am.  Funny how that happens.

I find myself a little mad at myself.  I can't seen to make 5 miles without walking and I just watched a man, minus legs complete the race.  Again I say amazing.

Tomorrow will be my first run in 10 days.  My knee feels great and I have made an appointment to see a sports doc.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  My plan is for 3 miles and I think I can do it.  When I start to doubt myself, I will keep in mind the men and women I saw today.  They all ran for different reasons, as we all do, but they have done something that so few people have and I thank them for the motivation to get out there and run.

Hope those of you who watched were just as inspired as me.  Let me know your thoughts and what you took away from watching it.

Run strong, think Big!

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