Thursday, December 22, 2011


I have not run since Saturday.  Since Saturday!  Not for lack of trying but it is single mommy week and with all the shopping, baking, running around and not wanting my little girl to have to sit in the stroller in the rain and cold, I didn't want to bother my friends who were all just as busy as me.  I did have help on Wednesday for a little while, (thank you Katie!), but there was shopping to get finished.  What makes it all worse is today was the day I was gonna get my run in, no excuses!

I was up early and got M on the bus and the little one and I were off to the grocery store.  I had my list and was in and out of there in just under an hour.  From there to the liquor store, and we got it all in 10 minutes.  Great I thought, lets get home and have lunch.  Just as we were finishing eating the phone rang and, Oh No!, it's the school.  My son threw up in the school yard and then again in the Nurse's office.  Great.  In the car again to pick up my sick boy.  He has since stopped the gross stuff but has not gotten off the couch.  Both kids are enjoying Christmas movies while I got busy too.

Today I baked 8 dozen cookies, peanut brittle and some fudge.  Now I am sure you are thinking, "Oh, that is so nice, cookies as gifts."  No, I have no idea what to do with all these cookies but I am sure we will think of something.  LOL

What makes it worse about the run is it was 60 here today.  My kind of running weather and I missed it.  Single mommy week is about over, Thank God, and I will run, fingers crossed, tomorrow.

I am really feeling horrible for the lack of exercise, but thankfully, it is only temporary.  As for my knee, tomorrow was supposed to be my doctors appt. to see what the MRI found.  I had to cancel until the 30th.  Didn't want to drag a sick kid around.  You moms out there know too, that as soon as he is better, my little one will be sick.  Ugh!

There is a Virtual 10K that looks fun this weekend with great prizes.  Registration closes tonight at 11:59 so hurry up.  You know I haven't broken 5 miles yet, so this is not for me...this year.  If you do it, let me know how it goes.

Well here is to a healthy Christmas and Happy New Year!

Run strong, think big.

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  1. I am so impressed that you do the single mom thing so often... I don't think I could do it! Way to go balancing all of your kids needs, and getting some baking in... be patient with the knee, maybe there's some cross training you could do? Or home dvd's? Have a great weekend!