Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Resolution

Today is going to be my busy, run around day.  I am getting number one son on the bus and then loading up the car with toys and clothes that we are donating to people who need it.  We have a lot of stuff and it surprised me when I was pulling out clothes that didn't fit my daughter but still had tags. I felt sad about it, one because they were gifts that didn't get used, and two, because they sat in her closet and there was a little girl out there who could of used it.
I don't think this happened with my son.   I think people get a little nuts when a baby girl comes along and they just want to dress her up.  When I was still in the hospital after having my daughter, my mother walked in with 10 outfits on each arm for her.  She looked like a walking closet. The nurses said they never seen anyone do that before and they got a kick out of it.  I loved every outfit and I am sure she wore them all.  We didn't' find out what we were having, so they were her first 20 things that were girl specific.
I am just as guilty, she is more fun to dress then my son, but when is too much, well, too much?  This next year, I am going to work hard on finding the balance between what we need and what we want.  I guess that will be my resolution.  I haven't had one of those in a long time. (oh and a little extra training for a half marathon)
After, that, I have to pick up a few things for the teachers and then drop them off at the school.  I have to get some food in the house too.  One of my least favorite jobs, but it comes with the territory.  I have a nice dinner planned with friends tonight and I am going to try and fit a run in somewhere.  That may be the hardest part of the day.  I hate to say that there is always tomorrow, but there is always tomorrow.  If I can get number one daughter to take a nap, then I will just have to run first thing in the morning.  I am ok with that because I will feel satisfied if I can get this get-ready-for-Christmas thing done today.  After, today, I just want to sit back, relax and enjoy the holiday.
So, do you usually commit to a resolution?  What is it this year?  Are you usually able to stick to it?  Do you involve your whole family or is just something that you do?

I hope you are all done with your shopping and baking.  I wish I was.  Funny how Christmas comes the same time every year, but somehow, it sneaks up on me.  Hate that.

I will let you how my run goes, whether its today or tomorrow.  Had an MRI of my knee yesterday and will get the results Friday.  Feeling ok and hoping it stays that way.

Run strong, think big!

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